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  1. I think I read that you will have to delete and start over in the Verifly app. But here is a Viking doc with customer support number for Verifly and their help center: https://docs.vikingcruises.com/pdf/VeriFLY_Instructions_For_MilestonesChecklist.pdf
  2. I’ve only seen one person (Tom) post that he was asked for it in FRA while transiting. We don’t travel for a few weeks and will just plan on monitoring regulations. Information here is pretty clear that as of July 31, 2021, PCR test not needed to transit Germany if vaccinated: https://www.germany.info/us-en/covid-19/2321562
  3. I suggest you double-check with United. From what I see on their entry requirements for Malta, they just quote the Maltese government requirements that if you’re vaccinated, no PCR test as of now.
  4. Ugh. We are flying Sept. 8 on Lufthansa SEA-FRA-MALTA. I will double check to see what Lufthansa is telling us but pretty sure the German govt. does not require PCR test for transit if you are vaccinated. I’ve seen others say United is giving them conflicting information. We are flying United home MALTA-FRA-SFO-SEA with a night in FRA in transit.
  5. Here’s the link about the order in which to fill out the form: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2781798-viking-venus-malta-adriatic-jewels-aug-23-sep-2-2021/?do=findComment&comment=61536692 As for the PCR test, Malta is not requiring one right now if you are vaccinated, so you should be able to fill out the form without test results.
  6. It’s required now to get into Malta (as of Aug. 1), so new arrivals will need to fill out Verifly for “Malta trip” & “Viking cruise.” Malta will want to see it on arrival, and the Viking info gets submitted directly to Viking by Verifly. https://docs.vikingcruises.com/pdf/14-210729-RestartPreCruiseRequirement-Malta-US-UK.pdf
  7. I will hazard a guess and say probably not for a US issued “do not travel.” It’s not the same for us insurance-wise as it is for the Brits. It’s more a matter of whether those countries will continue to let foreigners enter and under what conditions.
  8. It’s probably on a cruise-by-cruise basis, but Freddy reported from the cruise just finished on the Venus that they were given notice the night before their first Croatia stop (Dubrovnik, I think) that they could roam freely in Croatia and did not need to be on a Viking excursion. Still the bubble for Montenegro and Malta/Gozo, though.
  9. Thanks so much, Freddy! These have been enormously helpful—and have helped us live vicariously before our Sept. cruise. On my iPad, I’m just downloading these and saving to “Books” so I can easily check them before we go.
  10. If it were me, I wouldn’t worry at all about personal use prescription medication. Because, a.) I’m pretty sure countries allow personal use with prescription; b.) they generally are not going to check your luggage if you go through the green zone “nothing to declare”; c.) we were in Iceland in June and I have tons of vitamin/herb supplements in small pill pocket bags for daily consumption and had no troubles—and one of us has at least one of the meds you mention and had no trouble. When we went into Chile in Feb/March 2020, I checked the government website, worrying about being able to take my copious supplements but it was clear that personal use was no problem. You could check the Iceland government website to be sure but I think you will have no problem. You won’t want to take my word for it of course, but we’ve been traveling for 45 years and never had a problem with personal use prescription medications or vitamin/herbal supplements. Final thoughts: governments are looking for smugglers/dealers and if you have your prescription you’re clearly not that. I have also sometimes brought a prescription from my doctor in case I lose important medication while traveling and need to get a refill in the country where I’m traveling. Never had to use it, though, and of course some countries might not refill certain controlled substances unless you can see a doctor in that country.
  11. We’ve been on several just walking tours with Viking—though none that were strenuous. Our Malta/Adriatic cruise, however, has several included just walking tours and current cruisers have warned of extreme temps with no shade.
  12. That’s for DV closet. PV has a big credenza with several drawers—so even if no extra drawers in closet—there’s loads of drawer space.
  13. Since they aren’t requiring it, we don’t know if they might hypothetically accept a rapid antigen test. Generally, countries are going to give you at least a few days notice when they change requirements.
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