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  1. Think I figured it out. Here's the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2698249-onboard-sky/
  2. Viking uses a Swiss bank and even though we are charged in USD, some cards will consider this an international transaction. If you have a card that does not have any international transaction fees, then you avoid any surprises.
  3. Until I can convince DH that we should do this one, all I have are the live threads. Thank you for sharing your wonder-filled and amazing adventure with us.
  4. Also, there is no requirement to set up this information in advance. Why have your credit card information sitting on another server when it isn't absolutely necessary? It takes them less than a minute to swipe your card at embarkation.
  5. Whatever you choose, best to have a card that does not charge international transaction fees.
  6. Bud, I think the answer you are looking for might be here - follow the link -- #16 -- photos of shorex price list (with departure times) for 2019.This info is accurate for this sailing only and may very well change on subsequent sailings. .
  7. Asked Uncle Google: Sigma Octantis, officially named Polaris Australis, is the current South Star. Its position near the southern celestial pole makes it the southern hemisphere's pole star. This is a solitary star in the southern circumpolar constellation of Octans. Wikipedia
  8. I agree with molymoo that it does come down to what works for you. Still, here is something to think about in making your decision: A downside of purchasing insurance from the cruise line (any cruise line) is that it covers only what you buy from the cruise line. If you buy your own airfare, are pre-paying excursions and hotels, are extending your journey, the cruise line insurance does not cover these out of pocket expenses and, especially if pre-existing conditions are involved that may cause you to have to cancel, you will need to cover these expenses with another insurance policy of some sort or another.
  9. Ha! So I am not the only one who thinks that it is an awful place to fly from. The worst experience EVER!!!!! Worse than connecting through Paris or London.
  10. For the purpose of Cruise Critic, a roll call is a single thread/topic of conversation for people who are on the same sailing. A roll call has two purposes: 1) to meet people you will be sailing with for the purpose of pre-cruise chit-chat and 2) for organizing shared independent/private tours (and is the only place on the Cruise Critic boards where it is permitted). I gave you the links to a number of roll calls in the other thread. You can "join" the roll call for your sail date simply by posting in the thread/topic -- or you may choose to simply follow it without actually participating (this is called 'lurking'). Typically, in a first post you introduce yourself (first names only and no other personally identifiable information as this is a very public forum). You should read the entire roll call before you post to it. If you have any further questions about roll calls, please ask in the roll call for your sailing, so that we don't hijack this thread (i.e., take the conversation away from its stated topic).
  11. Considering that Viking wants everyone checked in 2 hours before departure and that they are dealing with departing passengers until 10 am, most people using Viking Air can expect to arrive at the ship between 10 am and 3pm. As you are already in Miami and trying to figure out the optimum time to arrive, you will want to know that food service will begin on board between 11:30 and Noon and end between 2 pm and 2:30 in the World Cafe and the Pool Grill. All cabins should be ready for occupancy by 2pm and regardless of the official time of availability for your cabin category, cabins are usually ready well in advance of the stated time.
  12. Here is the Viking Star docked in Cartagena. The photo was taken from nearby the Roman Theater. I penciled in a green arrow showing the walking route off the dock and into town. Between the dock and town follow the green line; yes the line runs off the page but in a few more feet, you will see where you have to turn right to get into town --and the Museum which is the entrance to the threater. Do not use the stairs market by the green X -- besides the fact that you have to climb the stairs, it is just harder to find the entrance to the Roman Theater if you go this way.
  13. You do not need to get a lawyer yet. There are steps you can take without a lawyer. You can file a consumer complaint with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You can either call Vantage and tell them that is what you are planning to do or you can file the complaint and then tell Vantage that you have done it. Your choice. The Attorney General of Massachusetts is Maura Healey. Here is the website. Scroll down the page to where it says "What do you want to do?" and click on "File a consumer complaint." Read what it says there and then decide if you wish to proceed in this direction. (I tried to see if Vantage is already on the list of business with registered complaints and got nowhere, but if you call, they might be able to tell you.) No business wants to see their name on this list.
  14. Why not bring your question to the threads that are already covering the topic area. You will find a bigger audience to answer your questions Try these threads, just as a start: Arrival at Bergen BGO Hello from Bergen (2019 Live thread/ lots of info about shorex taken) Independent Tour Options - Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland Live from Viking Sky Iceland majestic landscapes And these roll calls: Viking SKY - ICELAND Landscapes - MAY 27, 2019 June 8,2019 Iceland's Majestic Landscapes June 8,2019 August 1, 2019 Iceland's Majestic Landscapes - Bergen to Reykjavik August 13, 2019 - Iceland's Majestic Landscapes June 3, 2020 - Viking Sky - Iceland’s Majestic Landscapes Iceland July 17, 2020 (note: this is really the July 18 sailing on the Star) Viking Sky Bergen to Reykjavik Aug 8, 2020 August 20, 2020 Iceland's Majestic Landscapes
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