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  1. Has anyone tried asking Viking these questions? E-mail them at TellUs@vikingcruises.com and ask them to connect you with the department that can best answer your questions.
  2. Good thing that Boston is just a port of call for Viking!
  3. Unless it is a sea day or a very late arrival in port, most people are off the ship at 11 am. So, Viking saves these events for late afternoon, after all of the tours have gotten back and folks have had a chance to freshen up. At 4 pm daily , it is tea-time in Wintergarden and unless you want to start a riot, you don't mess with tea-time. So, 6pm seems to be the chosen time for the M&M. For the most part, this seems to work very well for people.
  4. I don't know the prices of the Viking tours because I am not booked for that itinerary, so I can only comment on content. Palau de Musica is easily done on your own and even taking a cab from the ship will be cheaper than any thing offered by an organized tour --but you don't need a tourguide because the Palau has its own guides. It will not include the privileged access, though. https://www.palaumusica.cat/en/all-guided-tours_531011. Check out the concert schedule while you are at it.
  5. So, skip the church part and focus on the art collection, the communing with nature, the magnificent views, the ride through the countryside, the funicular ride. It is actually rather a relaxing day before you embark on your post-cruise. I just looked a the website. The Tour of the Palau de Musica plus one other building looks interesting, especially the privileged access. We did the tour of the Palau and loved it. Booked it on our own. Wish we could have gone to a concert there. And we have never done the interior of one of the Modernisme houses. If you want to strike out on your own, we loved the MNAC (art museum) up on Montjuic. It took us two days to see all that we wanted to see there. The boss may prefer to skip the first floor which has the older works and thus is full of church art --and even a huge collection of bits and pieces of the very, very old now abandoned churches from abandoned villages that dot the Catalonian countryside. Upstairs is the more modern stuff with lots of Art Nouveau, etc. Miro Foundation is also on Montjuic as well as Olympic venues. You can walk or take public transportation between them. But there is a lot to see OYO.
  6. Well, the ship was stuck there but we had the "best worst-vacation-ever" in a 5-star luxury seaside resort while the ship underwent repairs. Something different from Viking? Hmmm. what are your choices? We have done Picasso, Miro and Gaudi on our own but the tour is an interesting way to see a bit of all of them in a finite amount of time. Another choice might be Monserrat. We have done Montserrat twice now. Once on our own taking the train and then the cog railway and once with Viking. IMHO, as soon as you arrive, ask the guide what time you have to be back on the bus and then bolt. If you want to, get in line to see the Virgen del Montserrat up close and personal. For many, this is a pilgrimage, so the line can be long and slow. Then go see the art museum. Over the years, the monks have been the recipients of many gift of fine art. We spent about an hour in there. The entrance fee is not included in the tour. OR, if it is operating, you can take the funicular up to the summit for some spectacular views and a bit of communing with nature. Moreover, it gets you out of the city and into the countryside and gives you an entirely different view of the city.
  7. Did you try Trip Advisor for reviews or is this one offered by Viking? Viking contracts its tours through a third party company. I can't remember the name; maybe by the morning it will come to me. When we were stuck in BCN for 10 days, they did all of the tours that Viking arranged for us. One of those tours was of the Picasso Museum and the Miro Foundation and one other whose name escapes me. We did not take it but those who did enjoyed it-- or at least the people we talked to enjoyed it. The same company handles the shuttle buses from the ship to the World Trade Center esplanade.
  8. We only have one cruise terminal here -- Black Falcon. Somebody tried to tack the name of a former mayor onto the name but everyone still calls it Black Falcon. Lots of dock space but only one dedicated to the cruise ships. More info available on the cruise terminal website; just google Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.
  9. It is still on the website but probably only done for the itineraries that overnight in Rome because it does not return to the ship until late in the evening. Plus, the chapel is closed on Sundays. Since the page on the website is generic and used for all cruises that call at Civitavecchia, it remains on the page even if it can't be offered very often.
  10. What you see on the Viking website is a generic port page used for all itineraries and all seasons. Not all of the optional tours shown on that page will necessarily be offered on your cruise. BUT, that list of tours can change between now and 2021, as Viking is always tweaking these things. If tours aren't working out well, if they are very popular, if they find something new they can offer, if the destinations involved are closed on the day you will be in port, etc. etc. The final selection of tours for your sailing will be loaded into MyVikingJourney on or about the date that is showing on MVJ now, usually about 120 days prior to sailing.
  11. Still too open ended for me, especially since curling irons are listed as an exception. IMHO, this is one that should be spelled out in black and white. No guessing. No assuming.
  12. But isn't it strange that there is no mention one way or the other of the most often used heat producing hair appliance?
  13. I thought this thread was discussing Viking's policies.
  14. But note that hair dryers are conspicuously absent from this list one way or the other.
  15. However, if you are only cruising and not staying any nights in a hotel (or are willing to go au naturel for those nights), you don't need a special curling iron for travel; just bring your everyday device. There are 120 outlets in the cabin -- no power converter needed. BUT, do remember that you cannot plug it in the shaver plug in the bathroom. That particular outlet cannot handle the high wattage of dryers and curling irons and it will fry the outlet. Of if it doesn't fry the outlet, it won't provide enough wattage to heat the iron.
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