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  1. Cost me about $3100 for both of us. If I booked the night before, it would have cost me around $2800. It would be cheaper for you to fly in the day before and stay in a hotel than to book with Viking.
  2. I checked a few minutes ago. Not yet. I didn't really expect them over the weekend. Hopefully, this coming week.
  3. Phil, join the roll calls -- all of them. Lots of info being shared. You better book today, right now. Seats are flying out the window and Viking is already assigning flights. On the Icelandair website. Also, try JetBlue for a codeshared flight on Icelandair. I booked first thing Wednesday morning and had no trouble getting the seats I wanted. I was among the first to book in Saga class. But that has changed very quickly. Which sailing are you on?
  4. There are four very active roll calls up and running. Suggest you check in with the one for your sail date and follow the rest of them. There is a lot of information sharing go on.
  5. Okay, let me fill in some details. The roster of excursions (with times and prices) typically loads into MVJ (MyVikingJourney) around 120 days prior to sailing. Once they load in, everyone can see them. As Heidi13 pointed out, occasionally there is a choice of included tours; we may choose one of them. Cabin mates do not have to choose the same tour or even the same time slot -- but if you are touring together, you have to select both names. When your time to book opens up, the screen will change to allow you to reserve your seats. Even though the included t
  6. I think that is just a general statement. In the past the Restaurant was not necessarily open for lunch every day. A lot of people are making dining reservations now with the idea that they can cancel them once make their specialty reservations. There will be shared tables but I think that we have to do the match making. On the reservations for the TR, we had a choice of table for 2 or Invite someone.
  7. The word on the street is 50% capacity. You may make your reservations for The Restaurant immediately on MVJ, the Viking guest interface https://viking.com/myjourney The World Cafe is open seating.
  8. Don't dawdle! Those time slots are filling up every quickly. Also note that the confirmation e-mails for each reservation are being sent to our TAs, not to us.
  9. Iceland excursions haven't loaded in either. I said this to you on another thread but will repeat it hear for others to hear. A number of people, including me, are reporting that the confirmation e-mails for dinner reservations are being sent to our TA and not to us. If you aren't working with a TA, I have not yet heard where those confirmations are being sent. If you are trying to invite someone to join you for dinner, the invitation has to be accepted -- impossible to do if the confirmations are going to your TA. Hopefully they will get this stra
  10. Note that the people -- including me -- are reporting that those reservation confirmation emails, one for each reservation, went to your TA. Don't know where they end up if you don't have a TA.
  11. Glad to be of help. And glad to to have a chance to review what I said because I realize that I wasn't clear. One of the problems with "cancel and re-book" is that it may cost you more that what you are paying for 6060 for a lower category cabin. If you have to re-book, it will be at today's prices and with today's discounts -- and not at the prices of your original booking (unless you just booked this month). You can't decide whether or not you want to move your cabin until you know what is is going to cost you, especially if it is going to cost you more. Note, I'm not
  12. Are you sure? Have you seen this in writing from a Viking source? I would hate to show up at the airport only to learn that I misunderstood something along the way and haven't done something that I needed to do. In fact, it is my one big fear in all of this.
  13. Yes, but a least everyone is in the same boat! I wouldn't want to be the only one who gets "Coming Soon" because that is a harder problem to solve. And just think of those Suite dwellers, for whom shorex booking has already opened!
  14. You are obviously worried about this and are going to spent the next 15 months thinking about it. Perhaps you should make the change now and get it off your plate. However, Viking is weird about these things and may consider the change to a cancellation and a new booking. I'm not sure and it is better not to have any surprises. Talk with your TA or Viking rep and ask point blank if changing cabin means cancel and rebook or simply a change of category and adjust price?
  15. Any idea which version of MVJ you are using? Do you get a navy blue splash screen while waiting for the login to complete? That's the new version. The ability to view the menus may be a new version feature only.
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