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  1. Have you checked out the Ports of Call/Europe section of these boards and Trip Advisor for suggestions? I know that you are asking here because you trust our answers but those two places may give you some leads. Sometimes specific questions (Have you used thus and such company?) get you more answers than open-ended questions. Also, filed under food for thought: After having to deal with small tour companies (and the airlines) to get my money refunded when our June cruise was canceled, I decided that unless the tourist industry was in full swing before our April cruise, regardless of cost, I was booking everything through Viking. If my April cruise gets canceled, I will only have to deal with Viking. One of our tour companies went bankrupt and the other tour company was slow to pay. I'm still sitting on vouchers for my flights. I am not saying, "Don't!" That is not my business. I am merely saying, in these extraordinary times, to add these thoughts to the decision process.
  2. oops, I missed a few letter there. THAT'S the big one! Right. Pick it up on the plane, two weeks later you come down with something and the ship gets the blame. And not just Covid. I don't want to stop flying. There is still too much of the world that I want to see. So I am really hoping that they can figure this all out.
  3. Vouchers can be cashed in at the end of two years, I believe, but I am not clear if the two year wait is fixed or resets with each canceled cruise.
  4. On a couple of our recent cruises, they have been using the Pool Grill space for themed meals (probably that space instead of the Aquavit Terrace).
  5. Twelve years ago, we used our roll call to arrange a group of 12 with Alla and my only regret was that we should have bitten the bullet and paid the extra to make it a group of SIX.
  6. I moved to a different cruise date just hours before the official announcement cancelling our June cruise and DID NOT get future cruise vouchers worth 125% for the portion that was put into vouchers; I got a combination of cash and vouchers equal to the amount I had paid for the cruise I was cancelling. Not only that but when the cruise we moved to was cancelled and we accepted the 125% vouchers only the cash portion was eligible for the 125%.
  7. Unless any part of the payment is already in vouchers, which do not qualify for the 125%. The vouchers will be returned to your account and an additional voucher for 125% will be issued for the cash balance.
  8. HOWEVER, getting your visa through your tour company means that you may only go ashore for your tours and must remain with your guide at all times. If you want to leave the ship on your own in the evenings or you just want to walk around and explore on your own, you will need to apply for a visa. Note also that if you wish to attend an evening concert/ballet etc., you can usually do this through your tour company as one of the activities under the visa they provide; they will get tickets for you and provide transportation.
  9. I have the same challenge. I use a lingerie bag to help keep track of the small things -- and makes them easier to fetch out of the back of the dryer drum. A step stool would be helpful (but then again, a huge liability, so I can understand why V hasn't already supplied them).
  10. Or, it was the piece of laundry already in the tub when you threw your load in the washer and didn't realize it until you returned to your cabin with your dried load ready to fold.
  11. And there is a problem with this?
  12. Contact Viking at tellus@vikingcruises.com. Include your booking numbers and a phone number along with a brief explanation of your problem.
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