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  1. hi any info regarding onboard wifi packages please?
  2. msc pizza pasta and sweet items are to die for !
  3. agree the refundable options are not worth it in my opinion as too pricey
  4. thank you for your feedback the thing is currently there is a good price for this sailing.... and I don't want to miss out 😊
  5. hi I never sailed on a royal Caribbean ship however will be sailing on symphony of the seas this September. how does royal compare to msc? in the meantime I am debating if i should book another royal cruise before trying in September. I was looking for Anthem of the seas from Southampton September 2024. Any help please as I am confused.
  6. I have the same on my app.. It is confusing as i am understanding it one diamond and one not diamond dinner per diamond member!
  7. oh ok not one dinner per member ☺️ must have misunderstood thanks
  8. Hi would like to check me and my husband are both diamond members are we entitled to two dinners? one dinner each with diamond status with a free to a gold member? since our daughter is Gold? and obviously we pay for the other meal?
  9. yes that flyer is for Uk but I have seen same flyer for Italians and Spanish too.
  10. Anyone booked directly from the royal website? we are in Europe (Malta)however they are saying that this package is not available to us! I have seen this package available also for the Spanish and Italian.
  11. Good afternoon I am looking to book my very first royal Caribbean cruise and I have some questions please 1. if i book for 2023 and for some reason we have to cancel will I loose my deposit? 2. Is it too early to book for September 2023? Mediterranean cruise, prices tend to go down? or go up? thanks who replies
  12. thanks for your message we will be staying one night in Bari centre before our cruise in September and we need a transfer the next day to the cruise port i wanted to know if it is an easy task to catch a taxi to port.
  13. hi we will hopefully arrive in September in Kotor and would like to have a stroll on our own is it doable any suggestions please? not interested in churches.
  14. How can we reach port of Bari from Bari center is taxi service available? any reliable contact?
  15. Hi will be sailing on Msc sinfonia in September does she has speciality restaurant on board?
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