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  1. I am from the July canceled batch and also bought cruise cash. I went also went in to Cruise Manager and canceled manually. I received the credit to my card in about 3 weeks.
  2. We've used Chip and crew twice and they were wonderful. I love their respect for the rays!
  3. Hubby had spinal surgery a little over a year ago. Every cruise I email special needs and let them know he needs special needs muster. Once on board I check with guest services to see where it's held. 2Shoes2Go is correct with the location on Glory. The biggest thing for him, along with standing, is using stairs. They excuse special needs first so that they can use the elevator before the crowds hit. We usually go down when they summon the crew to ensure he has a chair. They are very nice and do not ask any questions about your disability. Have fun!
  4. We have embarked from Port of Los Angeles, Galveston, Long Beach, San Francisco, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, Gulfport (when there was a power line hanging over the Mississippi) and San Juan. New Orleans is my favorite followed by Ft. Lauderdale. San Francisco was cool (homeport at the time) but only because we ran Bay to Breakers and then got on the ship...fun experience. Our boarding picture was us with our race bibs .
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