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  1. We've taken an excursion three times prior to our upcoming cruise. There was a mix up due to weather the last time we were in GC and Sharon offered us a discount on our next booking. We will be there next week so I reached out to them the first of August, it took weeks for a reply. I never received a confirmation and have emailed her three times trying to get it. In the past they were very quick to reply and very professional. I don't know what is going on but they obviously don't want my business any longer. We are still on the fence about what to do.
  2. Thanks for the info, as long as he has a place to chill until a wheelchair is available we are good to go.
  3. After hubby's recent spine surgery I have a question regarding embarkation with a wheelchair. He will be fine on the ship without one just needs extra help getting up the ramp. We are cruising out of New Orleans in a couple of weeks and I am wondering what the process is to obtain a wheelchair. We are platinum and I'm only mentioning because we go into a different door than general boarding. I have notified special needs that he will require a wheelchair and received an email back but it was not Port specific. Are the wheelchairs available right inside of the door and if not is there a place to sit while we wait for one? What I really would like to hear is your experience with boarding earlier or boarding later. Are there more wheelchairs available earlier or later? I'm thinking earlier as they are just finishing with getting passengers off the ship but I'm not sure having never experienced it. Would love to hear your input on what you do to make boarding easier for hubby as well as not getting in the way of other passengers anxious to board. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  4. We had the 1st cove balcony on the starboard side and while I loved being close to the water the spray kept the balcony wet a good part of the time. My kids had the 3rd and 4th on the port side and had the same issue but somewhat lesser degree. The area was very quiet by the front elevators and we loved that. BUT the best thing was coming back onboard we just walked up one flight of stairs to our cabin, no jamming in the elevators with 15 sweaty strangers :). If I were to book another cove I'd try one 10 cabins back.
  5. Curbside can print your boarding passes for you when you check in.
  6. Love that they waived the nonrefundable. I booked this yesterday under the same offer! Can't go wrong with a $250 balcony!!!:D :D
  7. Yes we received two but both are Premiers (regular and getaway). Our other offers are all lower cabin rates plus casino cash.
  8. Hi - Did you use the contact form on the Ocean Players website? I was told they were doing away with the regular email address I used to use.
  9. The Captain said the river is being closed tomorrow at noon so perhaps the port itself will remain open for a bit. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  10. On the Dream right now in Cozumel. We are due to depart at 7 p.m. Looking at the path of Nate and considering the ship needs to go both up and down the river safely I'm thinking we are going to follow in behind it and may have a little bit of a late arrival in New Orleans. Purely speculation on my part just makes sense to me. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  11. Vista's YTD is different from the rest of the fleet. On the Breeze you'll just go up to the desk at the entrance to the restaurant. We found Vista's process a bit of a pain. Also, ask for a table around the edges not in the middle on deck 3. In the very middle reminded me of being in a school cafeteria...loud and chaotic. It wasn't until we were seated around the outside on night 5 that we had a nice relaxed dinner. Have a great trip!
  12. We were in 8475 a couple of years ago. I love being on the back but wish I'd figured out ahead of time there was no shade on this balcony. Deck 9 is the only deck with an overhang providing shade. At times it was just too hot to be out there...nights were awesome!
  13. Yes they do, UTH is hubs favorite game :-). They have 2 tables.
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