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  1. This is exactly what we planned, so I appreciate your detailed information. Once in Kawaguchiko we are thinking of taking the red line sightseeing bus around the lake. Did you possibility do this as well? If so, any advice you can give us on that?
  2. Thanks so much for the information. On Klook we can purchase 30 days in advance so that’s what we’ll do since we understand that the seats sell out fast.
  3. We will be visiting Tokyo for a few days in October before we fly to Singapore for our trans Pacific cruise. While in Tokyo we plan to take the Fuji Excursion train from Tokyo's Shinjuku district to see Mt. Fuji and the lakes. We want to purchase the tickets online in advance, but we cannot find how to do that on the Japan Rail website. It appears that only the JR Pass is available to purchase online. We don't want to purchase the JR Pass since we will only be in Tokyo a short time. In our search, we found that we can purchase the Fuji Excursion tickets in advance from the Klook website, but we thought there might be a savings if we purchased directly from Japan Rail. Do any of you well-traveled CC folks know if that is possible? Thanks!
  4. We are also taking a cruise out of Singapore, leaving in October. We have not been to Tokyo either, so we decided to do a layover there for three days as an opportunity to see the city. We booked our flight as a multi-city and the cost was not that much more than a direct to Singapore. I realize this doesn't answer your question, but you might want to consider it if you have enough time. I figured we would probably only be in the Asia once, so might as well see Tokyo!
  5. We were on a Princess cruise last April stopping in Honolulu. After researching alternatives, we found it easier and less expensive to reserve a car through Costco and pick it up at the airport rental car center. We took an Uber to the airport and it picked us up just across the street from where we were docked (near the Aloha Tower).
  6. Just got home after our trip on the Ruby. We spent time in the casino and the smoke was not an issue for us. There is a smoking section but the smoke stayed mainly in that area. We did not notice smoke at all in the non-smoking area, and there was just a slight smoke smell at the tables. I thought the casino was laid out pretty well and enjoyed playing there. It was very busy most of the time on our cruise.
  7. Yes the TV is wall mounted, but unfortunately the lamps don’t have the USB ports. The mattress is very comfortable and great pillows. I haven’t sailed the Ruby before so can’t really say what changes have been made.
  8. We’re scheduled to sail on her out of San Francisco on Oct 22, so they have a little over a week to get it done. I’m anxious to see how she looks, although I’ve never sailed the Ruby before so everything will be new to me!
  9. Thanks all for comments. It sounds like we may luck out and be able to text each other. Well, that is unless Princess reads this thread and closes the thingamajiggy!
  10. My sister and I will be doing a Panama Canal cruise in late October. I will have the internet package but she won't. Are we able to i-message each other while onboard if she doesn't have internet? I know there is a messaging system on the app but it's not very helpful because it doesn't alert when you have a message. Thanks in advance.
  11. We will be on the Panama Canal full transit cruise this October and were notified several months ago that Nicaragua would no longer be a stop. It's strange that they are still advertising it as a stop for future cruises since they know it won't happen.
  12. We will be on the Panama Canal cruise right after the ship finishes in drydock. Very excited to hear about some of the upgrades, especially the freshening of the cabins. Looking forward to hearing any additional information. Thanks, Belle!
  13. We were on the 29 day trans Pacific cruise in April and set up all of our utility and credit card bills to be auto pay. We made sure there was enough funds in our account so there wouldn't be any problems. Worked like a charm!
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