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  1. We are also taking a cruise out of Singapore, leaving in October. We have not been to Tokyo either, so we decided to do a layover there for three days as an opportunity to see the city. We booked our flight as a multi-city and the cost was not that much more than a direct to Singapore. I realize this doesn't answer your question, but you might want to consider it if you have enough time. I figured we would probably only be in the Asia once, so might as well see Tokyo!
  2. We were on a Princess cruise last April stopping in Honolulu. After researching alternatives, we found it easier and less expensive to reserve a car through Costco and pick it up at the airport rental car center. We took an Uber to the airport and it picked us up just across the street from where we were docked (near the Aloha Tower).
  3. Just got home after our trip on the Ruby. We spent time in the casino and the smoke was not an issue for us. There is a smoking section but the smoke stayed mainly in that area. We did not notice smoke at all in the non-smoking area, and there was just a slight smoke smell at the tables. I thought the casino was laid out pretty well and enjoyed playing there. It was very busy most of the time on our cruise.
  4. Yes the TV is wall mounted, but unfortunately the lamps don’t have the USB ports. The mattress is very comfortable and great pillows. I haven’t sailed the Ruby before so can’t really say what changes have been made.
  5. We’re scheduled to sail on her out of San Francisco on Oct 22, so they have a little over a week to get it done. I’m anxious to see how she looks, although I’ve never sailed the Ruby before so everything will be new to me!
  6. Thanks all for comments. It sounds like we may luck out and be able to text each other. Well, that is unless Princess reads this thread and closes the thingamajiggy!
  7. My sister and I will be doing a Panama Canal cruise in late October. I will have the internet package but she won't. Are we able to i-message each other while onboard if she doesn't have internet? I know there is a messaging system on the app but it's not very helpful because it doesn't alert when you have a message. Thanks in advance.
  8. We will be on the Panama Canal full transit cruise this October and were notified several months ago that Nicaragua would no longer be a stop. It's strange that they are still advertising it as a stop for future cruises since they know it won't happen.
  9. We will be on the Panama Canal cruise right after the ship finishes in drydock. Very excited to hear about some of the upgrades, especially the freshening of the cabins. Looking forward to hearing any additional information. Thanks, Belle!
  10. We were on the 29 day trans Pacific cruise in April and set up all of our utility and credit card bills to be auto pay. We made sure there was enough funds in our account so there wouldn't be any problems. Worked like a charm!
  11. We were directly across from the laundry on our 29 day trans Pacific cruise in April, and we didn't have any issues with noise. Yes, we could hear the door close occasionally, but it wasn't an issue at night. Also, it was very convenient to have the laundry so close.
  12. We were on the Grand this past April for the trans Pacific Sydney to San Francisco. We enjoyed the ship, but some of the furniture, especially in the Vista and Explorer Lounges really needs to be replaced. There were also occasions when buckets were out catching drips from the ceilings. We also had a major electrical issue that caused many of us to be moved to other cabins, but that was fixed once we arrived in Honolulu. Even with these issues, we really enjoyed the ship and the crew was fantastic, especially the Cruise Director Jayson and all of this staff.
  13. We were on the Grand in April for the trans Pacific Sydney to San Francisco. We were able to order the water package.
  14. I don't know about the Sapphire, but we were on the Grand for a 29 day trans Pacific cruise in April. There was Zumba daily on sea days as well as a pop choir and mob flash dance.
  15. We were on the Grand in April and had foot rests on our mini suite balcony. However, we had to be moved to a balcony cabin because of a major electrical issue, and that cabin did not have the foot rests. I guess they are now provided only in mini suites and above.
  16. When we were on the Grand in April, Smize was available to order on the app. I believe the price was $6 for a tiny container - ridiculous in my opinion! They also kept showing the Tyra Banks commercial during the daily Wake Show, which was pretty annoying.
  17. They were serving popcorn when we were on the Grand in April.
  18. We docked in Honolulu early this morning and I’m sure the engineers hopped on board as soon as they could to assess and begin repairs if possible. We haven’t received an update yet, but the captain has done a great job of keeping us informed. We are heading to Maui tomorrow and leaving for the final leg to San Francisco on Monday.
  19. We are on the Grand now heading to Hawaii and were in a mini suite that lost power. Although it’s been a hassle moving to a smaller cabin, we feel very fortunate that we were given a balcony room. I want to give a shout out to the fantastic crew. This situation has been difficult for them, especially since they are also dealing with a norovirus outbreak. They are continuing to provide superior service and we are grateful. As for the condition of the Grand, it is really showing it’s age and could do with some upgrades.
  20. If you use a higher voltage item like a flat iron or curling iron, you may need to also have a converter. Check to see if your appliance is listed as dual voltage. If not, you’ll need the converter.
  21. Our cruise is departing March 31 in Sydney, and we just received our medallions on Monday, March 20. I was worried that it was cutting it a little close since we actually fly out on the 26th. The return address was from New Jersey.
  22. We also plan to rent a car when we stop in Lahaina in April. We've reserved from Budget in Kaanapali and it looks like it's about 5 miles from the cruise port. We plan to take an Uber if available but not sure of the cost.
  23. I realize that deciding on surgery is a very personal decision, but count me as one who would be encouraging it for arthritis in the hip. My sister had both hips replaced in 2022, one in August and the other in November. She diligently followed her therapy routine and is now back playing pickleball and raring to go for our 29 day cruise in April.
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