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  1. dsrdsrdsr

    One Pile of Rocks vs. Another

    Not a lot. I had a couple of hours to kill while changing trains.
  2. dsrdsrdsr

    Cashless Sweden

    The one thing Sweden has not yet solved is how to receive money. Not normally a problem for tourists, but at present the only cashless way to receive money as opposed to spending it, is to buy a very expensive internet-enabled mobile phone.
  3. dsrdsrdsr

    One Pile of Rocks vs. Another

    Context is valuable. I've been to the oldest house in Los Angeles, and wouldn't say the experience was worthless just because my own house is bigger and older.
  4. dsrdsrdsr

    Norwegian fjords for 1st time

    On your first trip to Norway, you don't need to splash out on excursions. Especially now you can do internet research - first time I went, my mother had to write to all the tourist offices and get them to send things on paper! At Bergen you will either dock or be taken by bus to a place near the city centre; at Stavanger you will dock actually in the city centre. Geiranger, Flam, Olden and Andalsnes are all rural and you can just get off the ship and go for a walk to look at the scenery. No need to travel inland. The Flam railway, assuming you can get a ticket, starts 200 yards (if that) from the harbour. Other places in Norway are similar. There are few places where excursions are a must-do. As for cruise lines on a budget, Fred Olsen or Cruises and Maritime are the two relatively cheapest. Both have few frills but IMO do not miss out on anything that's worth the extra money. That's because essentially I go for the ports and scenery, and as long as the ship provides good food, comfortable beds, and a little bit in the way of entertainment, I'm happy. Look on their various boards on here for details.
  5. dsrdsrdsr

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Under UK law, at least, they can't make changes that completely change the holiday - eg. taking you to a different country. My Shearings/A-Rosa holiday has it in their terms and conditions that if they make a major change (which this is) then they will offer a full refund in advance.
  6. dsrdsrdsr

    Daily Mail

    No, no need to explain. That sort of post tells us a great deal about you without further explanation.
  7. A quick info for our American readers - in the UK it is illegal to have high powered electrics in the bathroom, because of the risk of electrocution. Even light switches have to be string-pull or else outside the bathroom door. But yes, I took a lot more out of your review than that! Maybe take in a performance at the Globe next time?
  8. My recommendation would be Hurtigruten in mid-March. I flew to Norway, took the train across to Bergen, and the full round trip. Mid-March gives almost 12 hours daylight so you see plenty of scenery, but also is still winter so the mountains are covered in snow. If you can do it our way, following a snowstorm all the way up and down the coast (or so it seemed), the snow is always pristine and fresh! You don't get long on shore at most places, but the ship does run special tours that leave at one port and meet up again at the next.
  9. dsrdsrdsr

    Tipping bartenders on 🚢

    Smacks of bribery to me. I tend to assume that people who are getting paid to do a job will do the job well anyway without further bribes; if they won't do a good job because they don't think basic salary is enough, then they ought to get a different job. Of course, American bar staff (they tell me) don't get paid a proper wage and rely on tips. That doesn't apply on cruise ships that sail out of the UK; I don't know about American ships. But if the 18% auto tip is a tip, then that is enough.
  10. dsrdsrdsr


    I know it's a year ago, but I doubt that any cruise line would be especially impressed with a claim that says the jewellery was stolen from my cabin in the first night but I didn't notice until I got home.
  11. dsrdsrdsr

    Worrying YouTube video - Ventura

    If they want people to watch the video, then it might help if they didn't waste the time with broken coat hangers and small spots on the carpet. I mean to say, how much compensation is reasonable if you find that one of the coat hangers is broken?
  12. dsrdsrdsr

    How safe is a safe

    I'd be more worried about being burgled at home than I would about my safe being robbed. What's the odds of a steward having sufficient contacts to handle a single stolen passport? Or alternatively, what's the odds of the ship's security staff thinking it's coincidence that one steward's passengers keep losing their passports?
  13. dsrdsrdsr

    Cruising Ireland and Iceland

    Summer's the best time to go. I went to Shetland and the Faroes this July, 8 days, and the biggest waves reported by the captain were 1.5m (5 feet). The only reason we could feel any movement at all was that the stabilisers weren't needed. I don't think the North Atlantic, in summer at least, is any rougher than the rest of the Atlantic, or for that matter the Mediterranean.
  14. dsrdsrdsr

    Leaving Children alone on Board

    Maybe. I don't see the relevance of the "thousands of strangers" because I doubt that the cruise line would let the child roam freely round the ship; they would be kept under supervision. And I doubt if a child is unable to get home from school because of whatever parental issue has kept the parents away, would be spending the night at school where it is familiar with the surroundings. But basically, if the child is comfortable being without parents for several hours on end, then the tiny risk of a ship's excursion not making it back to the ship (I've never known it happen myself) doesn't need to be something to inspire fear. If the child is likely to worry or panic, then I wouldn't leave it in the first place.
  15. dsrdsrdsr

    Leaving Children alone on Board

    No, and yes. If you are afraid to leave a child on board ship in case something happens to you and you can't get back, then why wouldn't you be afraid to leave a child in school in case something happens and you can't get back? In both cases there are trained professionals who will look after the child for as long as it takes.