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  1. It is confusing. The rental car companies will rent you the car with out one. If you are stopped you may be asked to produce it. If you do not have one you can get fined and it could be pricey. If you are stopped again you can be fined again.


    They cost $15 (in the USA) and you get them at AAA in one visit. It is worth the peace of mind to have one. All they are is a description of what your drivers license is good for spelled out in the language of the country you are visiting. This helps if the police man stopping you does not speak or read English. I have heard of occasions where your lack of having one is a fee generator.

  2. $136.... $11 dollar drinks comes to about 12 drinks for a 7 day cruise. Pretty cheap if you ask me. I'd have no problem paying that versus the couple hundred I'd have on my room bill.


    But you could get the 12 drinks for the same price without the "free" drink package. Unless you are a really big drinker (4 or more per day) this probably does not make good economical sense. Just buy the drinks as you go 1-2 per day and you are in the same place financially.

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