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  1. On the Jade last week. Saw plenty of people in Pacific Dining room wearing shorts in the evening. Lots of tees also. Didn't seem to raise an eyebrow with anyone.
  2. Yes. Just did the 7/25/21 cruise. They test either Friday or Saturday. They schedule a day and time but I am sure you can adjust if a bad time. It is free and they e-mail you results in 30 minutes and provide you with a printed form a little later delivered to room.
  3. I did just look at the review on the Seabourn link and it does seem like a ray of hope for us. Per the reviewer: "I believe there are fewer than 300 passengers this week and the crew is at full complement. They all wear mask and we are exempt! Greek regulations and our 100% vax compliance make this possible" It could be because of the small number (300)? Hopefully we will be in the same boat (no pun intended).
  4. What was the mask situation in Rhodes and Mykonos? Where were you required to wear them? Were the residents wearing them?
  5. That may make the most sense. If it is only one port I would rather skip it and go mask free for the time on the ship. If it is all Greece ports that may be what is going on. I still find it hard to believe that NCL just found out about this.
  6. I understand that things can change, but this is NCL and their ship on the high sea. This is what they have been sending out and continue to send out: NCL letter says "SailSafe Protocol Reminder Some noteworthy key points: Currently, we are full vaccination until 10/31/21. This means: Cruise Mask-free – Breathe freely and witness smiles everywhere you go! No Social Distancing Required – Get up close and personal with confidence, everyone on board is vaccinated. All Restaurants & Experiences Are Fully Open – Dine in any of our restaurants mask-free, including our self-service buffet. Plus enjoy all entertainment options. Peace of mind knowing all guests and crew on board are fully vaccinated." They sent this out 3 days ago. Now they change their tune after the refund period has passed. Having to comply with a certain countries protocols is certainly understandable but NCL does appear to have been deceitful regarding masking up on their ship. Maybe this was to entice people to book, maybe not. Either way it is not a good look. I have a cruise booked with NCL for March 2022. I really am not sure I can believe anything now. I am most likely going to cancel. Will try again when we have a year of cruises in the books. I will try to have a good time on the Jade. Who knows maybe it will be maskless as advertised.
  7. Big thing to us. We haven't worn a mask in over a month. Really not wanting to wear one now. This was a pretty big factor in booking the cruise. We are booked on another in March 2022. I could have waited until then to cruise and taken a land vacation this summer. Can't cancel now. Inside 15 days.
  8. After being told for months that there would be no mask wearing requirements on the Jade initial sailing leaving from Athens on July 25, we just were informed that we will need to wear masks indoors, and outdoors when social distancing cannot be achieved. This is a real bummer. very disappointing. They will not make us wear one when we are in our room though. Glad I don't need to wear one while I am sleeping and showering.
  9. I see the steam room on the Jade deck plan but how do you access it?
  10. I thought I remembered a thread with a spreadsheet that detailed upgrade bids that were accepted. Can anyone provide a link to that (If there was one)? Passengers reported their upgrade data and someone was accumulating the data in spreadsheet format. Thanks.
  11. I just completed ours. I wonder how strict they will be on the check in time. Hard to pick now. We want to explore Athens before we board but not sure when we will be done. We picked 4:00 - 4:30. We figured time to board, go to room, freshen up and then go eat dinner around 7:00.
  12. Really interested to know what the last 16% will entail. Should know in 2-3 days.
  13. You are right that August 22 sailing is the first one listed. Maybe because the first 4 are sold out? Do they just drop those?
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