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  1. Thanks for the replies. We board at Fuerte Amador and get off at Colon. I am very unfamiliar with both of these. I have never been to Panama City. I did put in a fare estimator in one site and it showed $50 to Amador and $105 back from Colon. $155 total round trip for 2 so I guess NCL's $200 round trip for 2 is not too bad. Might be good for the piece of mind. We are getting the airfare through NCL as well. This is a first for us. We have always done all transportation on our own. It is always an adventure getting everything to go smoothly.
  2. The "Free" excursion line item is really false. It is $50 credit per room per port. $25 per person for a room with 2 will not cover any excursion and for most will be a drop in the bucket. I am not complaining, just saying it is totally false.
  3. We are booked on the Jewel in March 2022. We fly into Panama City and NCL is providing us with bus transfers for $100 each for round trip - airport to ship. This seems pretty pricy. Does anyone know what the best way to do the ride to the ship (and back) and what other prices might look like (Uber, taxi, shuttle etc.). The bus rides are not my favorite thing to do anyhow. Waiting in line, time consuming getting everyone in and off the bus, crowded. Private car is usually a lot better alternative. Just wondering how available and at what cost. Thanks for any advice
  4. I sailed on the Divina and the Seaside. I was scheduled on the Meraviglia in March but got cancelled. We were not in the Yacht club so I can not address the differences there. We liked the rooms better on the Divina. Bigger, more storage. Entertainment on both were top notch. Overall ship flow and public areas goes to Seaside. Food was great on both (again non Yacht Club). We had a great time on both ships and would not hesitate booking either again. If the price was the same I would chose the better itinerary. It seems like Divina stays overnight at OC so that has me lo
  5. Wow. And you are even considering cruising again? Too many risks.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I am not even sure what the Voyagers 5+5 promo is. I guess I will look periodically to see if anything is boldly advertised regarding deposits.
  7. This is why I am not interested in risking $396. It will not break me if it were to happen but I am still not interested in throwing away $396. I have actually gone through the booking process right up to where MSC asks for the down payment. I then stop and back out. I do not see any way to see what the deposit will be until you go through the whole booking process and get to the payment page. Of course most of what they appear to offer in perks really doesn't translate to the actual booking. Frustrating. I have gone on 2 MSC cruises and had my 3rd cancelled by MSC in March
  8. Please MSC can you go to low or no deposits to book a cruise during the next 9 months. There is too much unknown out there to tie up $396 and then try to get it back if the cruise doesn't go. If we didn't need to put down any cash I would book one. If I book one in February 2021 and there is no sailing I do not want the hassle of trying to get money back from MSC.
  9. I am not trying to be a wise guy but let me ask: If you are wearing a mask and you need to sneeze you recommend just keeping the mask on and sneezing into it? That sounds kind of gross. Do you then change your mask right away thus keeping a supply of mask on you at all times? Or if you feel a sneeze coming on do you remove your mask and sneeze into your arm or tissue. If you do the second thing you can do that while not wearing a mask thus limiting the amount of feet of traveling particles (which we have been instructed to do since we were children). If someone is not wearing
  10. I guess if what you are saying is accurate you can prevent yourself from getting it by wearing a mask. It really doesn't seem necessary for others to wear a mask. If you always have your mask on and social distance you can not breath in someone else's particles in the air. So maybe it is a matter of choice. Am I missing something? If you have a mask on you can not breath in the bad stuff. So if someone else is not wearing a mask how is that putting your life in danger? Seems like they may be risking their own health but not yours.
  11. This is the most current info from the WHO website: "To prevent infection and to slow transmission of COVID-19, do the following: Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or clean them with alcohol-based hand rub. Maintain at least 1 metre distance between you and people coughing or sneezing. Avoid touching your face. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Stay home if you feel unwell. Refrain from smoking and other activities that weaken the lungs. Practice physical distancing by avoiding unnecessary travel and staying
  12. Wow. Lots of opinions. Most about other people protecting you from them (mask wearing). Why not look out for yourself. Wash your hands often. If you are touching things wash you hands immediately after. Do not touch your face, mouth, eyes, etc. unless your hands are sanitized. If we all keep our hands clean that will be a huge help in stopping the spread and will help with a number of other illness's as well. People that don't wash their hands but wear a mask are not your allies. I am not going to live in fear. I am going to keep my hands clean and do my best at
  13. I see $300 also. Where is the typo? Please explain.
  14. All of this and CCL stock has doubled from their low in May. It has lost 50% since the spike in June. Still holding around $16 somehow.
  15. Interesting. I have been on 18 cruises and never has any of the staff discussed tips with me. Not how much they receive, how much they have been ripped off, how much they did or didn't make. I wonder how they pick guests that they share their details with?
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