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  1. We sailed on the Divina in March 2016 when she was pretty new. We loved the Divina and stayed in room 11224. This is a big angled balcony. We could have fit 15 people on it at one time. It was huge. This was back when a balcony was a balcony and they were all the same price regardless of deck and size of balcony. All the same price😀 The good old days!!
  2. April 5 sailing? We are on that one. I think we will be renting a golf cart.
  3. Thanks. I do get a bottle of water and a drink on our last day😀
  4. I am only lowly Gold so I guess I will forget about it. Thanks everybody for the information.
  5. I haven't sailed Carnival in many years. Do they have a welcome back party (or something like that) for VIFP members? Do they give you free drinks? The last NCL cruise I went on they had one and not many people went, I think because many had the drink package. They were giving you drinks as fast as you could take them off the trays. I took the equivalence of 2 bottles of wine back to my state room (that is all I could carry). Staff was trying to give me more as I was leaving the venue. I am not getting the Cheers drink package on my CCL cruise and just thought this would be a way to get a few "free" drinks if they have such a gathering.
  6. Not loving hearing this. Heading there 4/5. I am hoping for the best. Any suggestions for making things less chaotic? Best time to arrive?
  7. Thanks for the info. I wonder if one new person could be switched and the one name remaining could be a no show. Hence 1 new person goes in place of the 2. I hope none of this happens but I guess it is good to know if anything can be done.
  8. I will report back. I can't promise a review like you do but who knows. Maybe I will write something up. NCL seems like our go to lately but have been on many different lines including 2 MSC sailings. We have a RCI cruise scheduled in Nov 24.
  9. So you can change names (people) for a $250 fee up until sailing? I have a cruise paid in full for my in-laws and they could bail at anytime over health reasons. No insurance but it would be nice to know if I could sub 2 people in at last moment if there is a problem with them going.
  10. I switched up and booked the CCL Venezia out of Manhattan on 4/5/24. We booked parking there for 10 days at the lot at the port. They say $45 per day but they only charged us $315 (plus $9.95 fee) for the entire 10 day stay. I thought maybe they were doing the same thing in Brooklyn. We got a ridiculously cheap price on this sailing so we switched it up from the Mereviglia on MSC. If they were stopping at the private island we would have went MSC way. The Venezia looks like a very nice ship. Inside room all in for $1,300 for 2 people. First time back on Carnival in 10+ years.
  11. Just booked. I hope we survive the drive into Manhattan and get to the parking lot okay. It has been a while since I have driven into NYC. Really cheap price for an inside. Couldn't pass it up. It has been 10 years since we have sailed Carnival. Ship Looks great.
  12. Actually it looks like if you stay for longer than 7 days you get the 7 day rate. $315 max. You can make reservations and pay $315. That is better but still not cheap.
  13. And it seems like parking is $45 per day even though I have seen other rates posted in places. We are looking at an 11 day cruise in April which means 12 days parking or $540. Ouch. As much as the cruise price for 1 person😪 Airfare to Florida might be about the same.
  14. Advice on parking at the Brooklyn Port, are their many choices or only the port parking lot?
  15. Best wishes for your husband and your family.
  16. Senior discount? How do you get this? How old do you need to be?
  17. I do not believe he has never lost money in any session, if that is what he is saying. Or is he referring to his lifetime play and he is ahead?
  18. Interesting question: is it better to have a guest on board who removes the tips or have those guests not on board (do not cruise)? Which is better for both/either the cruise line and crew members. I am not taking any side in the tipping debate, just wondering what the thoughts are?
  19. I always tried to figure out why bringing me a $40 steak was worth an $8 tip while bringing me a $12 burger was worth a $2.40 tip. Same steps, same smile. Oh well.
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