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  1. I do not believe he has never lost money in any session, if that is what he is saying. Or is he referring to his lifetime play and he is ahead?
  2. Interesting question: is it better to have a guest on board who removes the tips or have those guests not on board (do not cruise)? Which is better for both/either the cruise line and crew members. I am not taking any side in the tipping debate, just wondering what the thoughts are?
  3. I always tried to figure out why bringing me a $40 steak was worth an $8 tip while bringing me a $12 burger was worth a $2.40 tip. Same steps, same smile. Oh well.
  4. Many different situations being described, and many are contradicting one another. I do not cruise until November 2024 but booked several months ago. It seems like maybe I have until 24 hours before my cruise to prepay gratuities at old rate. I will go with that idea and deal with it 13 months from now. First world problems🙂 I can't wait to get back on the high seas. Happy cruising to all and thanks for all the replies and feedback.
  5. All was making so much sense and consistent until I read post #17 from cruiselovingal. This was inconstant with previous 4 posts. It is consistently posted that you must tell them to add it to your cruise balance prior to 11/11/23 to get old rate so at least that is clear. Most say payment is due at final payment but cruiselovingal was charged (had to pay?) a year in advance.
  6. Thanks, this makes sense. I will continue to beat this dead horse and ask though - can the prepaid gratuities be prepaid the week before sailing and entitle you to the lower (old) rate? Thanks for your replies.
  7. Now I am confused. Some say it is not added to final payment. I still am not clear on when you actually get charged.
  8. So they are collected when authorized and not part of your final payment. But you can prepay anytime prior to sailing and get the lower rate? Why would you pay them earlier than just prior to sailing if there is no financial benefit? $40 savings is worth it if you can prepay the week before sailing.
  9. Just weighing the options for a 10 day cruise next year. $2 savings x10x2=$40. Is it worth $40 to prepay?
  10. Please explain prepaid gratuities (to get the old rate). Do you actually pay them now or are they added to your final bill to be paid with the balance of your cruise? If you pay now and your cruise isn't sailing until say 8 months out, do you get a refund if you cancel the cruise (I am assuming you would). I have never prepaid gratuities. Thanks.
  11. The guy who took my bag was an older gentleman with an English accent. He called me and told me he went to get his pajamas out of the bag and said to his wife "This isn't my bloody bag". I had to laugh and couldn't even get mad.
  12. This happened to me at the airport once. My bag was not there and all the bags were gone except for one that resembled my bag. I concluded this bag was the person's that accidentally (but foolishly) took my bag. I told the airline that I was going to keep their bag to make sure they would return mine. The airline assured me that the bag would not be released without the owner paying for the return of my bag. That is what happened as the other party paid to have my bag shipped to me before their bag was released to them. Seems like a good way to do it. Of course the airport was local to both parties which makes it easier.
  13. Interesting. I wonder if the day will come when passenger history suggests they will not be spending money onboard and they will not be able to book a cruise. If a couple does not spend anything with the cruise line on "extras" will they be flagged and prevented from booking?
  14. Do they really charge if you don't return? I see towels laying all over all the time. It looks like someone was done and just left it on the pool deck. Are there a bunch of people getting towel charges? The system seems so lax. I am not sure if they really are cross checking or just giving the appearance of keeping track to keep people above board.
  15. Sorry RyderJ201. Okay aubreyc1988 - how do you know how many people are removing auto tips? I think I have it right this time?
  16. Thanks. I appreciate the insight. 15 months away but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead😀
  17. Does anyone know the times for the shows in the main theater? We will be sailing in the Caribbean in Nov 2024. Thanks.
  18. I see. That is the earliest available reservation time that I see on the app. Maybe I do need to change to the early set dining time although it seems awful early. Might need to in order to make the first show in the Palace Theater.
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