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  1. Which side of the Seaside faces OC when docked?
  2. So 222 out of 2,712 were Sapphire or above. That is 8.2%. I am assuming Platinum number will be higher than 196. Say it is 300. That is 522 out of 2,712 or 19.2%. So we may be talking about 20% or more on a cruise just to get an idea. How did you get those numbers?
  3. I was specifically referring to priority boarding. If the order goes as you listed it sounds like it makes sense to go to the area of priority boarding to beat some of the crowd although 1-5 does seem like it has to cover the majority of people. I think bronze needs 1 cruise? The only people in general boarding will be first cruisers.
  4. Great point. We typically sail out of Florida, although we did do POA once, so I guess my question should be directed at Florida departures. We tried using priority tendering on our last cruise and it seemed like there was no such thing.
  5. I guess that is why I am asking. Is it better to go in the regular line if you are waiting for people who trump you in the priority line? How realistic is it to get a benefit if you are platinum? I understand everything varies cruise to cruise but there may be trends or averages. I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the numbers or even any specifics for past cruises.
  6. Does anyone have any information for the typical percentage of passengers that are platinum and higher? There are perks like board first for this group. I just wonder how exclusive this group is. Do 50% fall in this group or 5%? I just wonder how easy it is to use the perks. If the number is 50% then you are competing with a lot of other guests.
  7. What made you book this cruise? I thought you had sworn off NCL? Glad you are back. Always fun reading your reviews!
  8. You would think they would send something explaining why they are refunding. Oh well what do I know.
  9. Did not miss any ports. I did complain about an excursion but that was before even we took it. We did the falls at DR and a beach resort. The beach resort came with an open bar when booked. When we got our tickets after boarding they had in bold print "does not include open bar". I went to excursion desk to question it and showed them my paperwork from booking (lucky I printed it and brought it with me). The excursion people seemed surprised, took the paperwork to the back room, looked at it for a while and came back out and told me there was nothing they could do about it. I asked for a little off the price and they said the only option was for me to cancel. We really wanted to do the excursion so we kept it but I did tell them that I thought that was poor the way it was handled and I was not happy. Maybe after thinking about it for 3 months they refunded me? It was probably around that total. I did not ask for a refund and would not have expected one. Just wanted a few bucks off. Whatever the reason was you would think they would tell us somehow. By the way we completely enjoyed the excursion although I did spend extra money at the bar. I think I dropped $30.
  10. We just had $133 credited to our credit card from NCL. We cruised on the Getaway in the end of July. Anyone else have this happen. We are not complaining but have no idea why.
  11. I just booked a land trip to Ireland. Until the price of cruising comes back down I will most likely be vacationing on land. 21 cruises under my belt. I do know there are alternatives.
  12. What I do not like is trying to price out a cruise and all lines are going the same route. You get the starting at price, next you need to add for picking a floor, getting the free stuff, any other upgrades etc to get to your price that is no where near where you thought you were starting at. I hate doing all the work to end up at a price that I say "too much". MSC used to be different and a balcony was a balcony. Now they have different prices per floor etc. Takes some work to get to a bottom line and makes it very hard to compare any cruise line with any cruise line without doing a lot of work. Doing a land trip next - Ireland.
  13. Sorry I looked back and saw AARP gift certificates. I assume these can be purchased. Any discount or monetary benefit of having them?
  14. What are AARP certificates? How do you get them?
  15. You wish the policy was she can't bring it. You do not want her to bring it. I guess that means you do not want her to come since she will not come if she can't bring it.
  16. My point was that some posters say things like "you can book a cruise for $599". Not really. I am not saying that NCL is the antichrist. I have cruised with them many times and enjoyed every cruise. It just isn't cheap any more.
  17. Balcony was $1,000 more per person. Hitting around $6,000 total.
  18. I looked at Panama Cruise in March 2023. OV starting at $599. This was sail away price. After selecting lowest OV non sail away (OV with obstructed view) at $913, added free stuff, added BOGO airfair ($558), added standard insurance ($238), less 10% discount ($183) total came to $3,848.72. Of course I would need to book excursions on top. So starting price in OV category at $599 gets to $3,848.72 with lowest OV room. Only posting so people see what I am saying about deals sounding great. Now maybe some people still think $3,800 is a great deal but it isn't me. Not that I wouldn't think about booking (great itinerary) but is is not a "great" deal. Just a regular, fair deal.
  19. My discounts that expired yesterday are still there with a new expiration date of 9/30/22.
  20. The "starting at" prices refers to all categories of rooms. The balcony starting at $699 ends up costing $3,500 for 2 once you add on port charges, "free" benefits, insurance, flights, pick your room and getting my $140 discount for 10% off.. Just getting too costly to get me excited. I will cruise again but need to get excited and motivated.
  21. Funny, I did get a call from NCL last night. I didn't answer but they left a message saying that my 10% discount was ready to expire and I should book ASAP. They did not mention the 20% discount which is obviously more valuable. I will cruise again (21 under our belts) but nothing is really exciting me these days (price, itinerary, etc). Cruises seem pricy and same old itineraries or long expensive flights. I see threads pointing out "great deals" but these are "starting at" prices. Try to book the room you want with all of the free benefits and airfare and it adds up quickly.
  22. The discounts are only on my account. They do not show up on my Wife's account. I wonder if the discounts apply to both fares or only mine? Big mystery. Too much work for me to figure out right now. If I had a cruise in mind I would work harder to get answers.
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