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  1. Shippy, do you have a family member who is tech savvy and could do it for you? You could provide them pictures of (or the opportunity to take photos) the cards weeks before your cruise. Also provide your MSC login. Then once you get the email notification, forward that email to them. easy peasy
  2. Thank you - I was not aware. This is a good thing to know.
  3. Hi, is there a way to tell if a specific balcony cabin on Seashore will have a glass or solid balcony? We have a shorter person traveling with us who wants the glass balcony. Thanks
  4. Thank you very much for posting about your experience. We were booked on the 2.20.22 Meriviglia and I would not have known about the ship and date switch except for your post. May I ask how you are resolving this? And did you get the same price and any onboard credit on the revised itinerary?
  5. I was looking at Northern European cruises on the MSC website. When I click on a specific cruise showing a price in the $700 range, the price per person jumps to nearly double. I would understand if one date was a loss leader, but each time I click, I can see just one date. Is anyone else experiencing higher rates on the website?
  6. Yes, I was on that cruise. I wish you the best with your test.
  7. Sometimes I search for cruises by using *****. The site requires a free signup, but it has a very nice advanced search page.
  8. Thanks for the balanced review. We were on the Meriviglia cruise one week earlier. Sounds like you handled all the last minutes changes with grace and good humor. And congratulations on your wedding! I hope you have many happy years together.
  9. I really miss the feeling when we are checked in, through security, and walking on the bridge to the ship. It's a happy moment to be that close to the ship and then get to enter an atrium for the first time.
  10. You're welcome. We had beautiful ocean and sunset views. We did not have direct sun on us. We also did not feel like it was too windy. Only you can decide what is likely to make you happiest. The cabins on the same deck as the life boats had direct sun, but a limited view. We could look down on them from our balcony.
  11. We had our driver's licenses with us in addition to the cruise card. We were never asked to show the license in the ports. YMMV
  12. The app MSC for Me connects for free to the ship's wifi. I suggest downloading it at home before you get to the ship. Then, it is very easy to connect and use the free chat function for passengers over 18.
  13. I forgot to mention that poolside offers free ice cream. It's soft serve vanilla, chocolate, or twist. The cones are waffle cones. It's nowhere near the quality of handscooped gelato, but if you have a voracious teen with you, it is just fine!
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