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  1. Hi y'all!!! We just rearranged our travel plans and are sailing on the EDGE on 9/11. We booked AQUA class with OPEN dining. As we had never had either one of these before on our many cruises, can anyone give me some tips/how-to's on how to make the best of these options? I think I might miss our standard late sitting with the same table group each night BUT my husband is thrilled 😃 See you soon and thanks in advance for your help! Can't wait to sail again!!!! Donna
  2. I don't want to get dinged by CC but I am confused by the postings regarding masks and the requirements as to when and where you have to wear them. We are sailing (fingers crossed) on the Apex on 9/11. We are vaccinated and I have read/seen various posts about the requirements for masks. Can anyone advise? Thanks! Donna
  3. Morning y'all! Sorry for the delay in posting, busy week and time on the houseboat. I am down 2 pounds from my weigh in last week. I will take it but I know it could've been better if I had focused more. I was down 4 pounds but alcohol and not working out eroded my progress. Tomorrow is Monday..have a great week everyone! Donna
  4. Welcome to the party. I gained the COVID 25.. I was down to 152 in February of 2020 and then...today 180. Wine and carbs are my poison. I got down to my 152 (3 weeks pre cruise fyi..it was cancelled) by logging on my fitness pal and trying to stick to my macros with calories of about 1200 per day and exercising. And that is what I am doing now...you can do this too! My cruise is in 91 days! Fyi, its 7:41 pm and while I truly want a glass of wine I jumped on here instead...thank you for being here. Headed to bed soon 😂😂😂😂 so that I don't drink and stay within my macros. Donna
  5. Good morning! I didn't want to post (as I am up a pound) BUT accountability is key in this journey so here I am. Leveled with my hubbie that I can't drink wine EVERY night and lose weight so I will have only a glass on the weekends. I did try on a couple of my cruise dresses and while they are not perfect at least I can zip them BUT i know they will look better after I lose more weight. Hope everyone is doing better than I am BUT I will keep up the good fight. FYI, I am reading a very book by Liz Josefberg, TARGET 100. It more about the psychology of weight loss and habits, very interesting. Thank you for letting me rant! Happy Thursday! Donna
  6. Well at least I know that i am not alone with my sleep issues. I struggle every afternoon with fighting naps but then by 8 pm I can't keep my eyes open. Between potty runs, i can sleep until about 4 am. I am moving my workout clothes from the end of the bed (I put them out every night) to the floor of my gym. Since I'm up so every I might as well workout. So frustrating! Take care ladies! Donna
  7. Thank you for the inspiration Belle. No progress for me, the scale keeps going up and down within the same 4 pound window. I know my clothes are fitting better with my workouts but I'm starting to feel a bit frantic.... Happy Thursday y'all Donna
  8. Morning new friends! Headed out to get the grass today and atone for all of the drinking and eating I have done. Hope y'all have a lovely Monday, remember Thursday will be here before we know it!! Donna
  9. Me too! I can "see" them in the brochure but actually only select a couple of them for booking.
  10. Maybe I am an "old school" but I love to download the shore excursion brochure for cruises to preview and read descriptions before we book. Also it's a nice "keepsake" for our cruise...I have done this many times in the past. I have attempted twice on two different computers to download the one for our September cruise on the Apex. FYI, I am using the link from the "Manage your Vacation" page on the Celebrity website, just under the Shore Excursion pictures. We are currently at 105 days from our cruise... I continue to get the DNS dreaded blank screen... Is anyone having issues with this and/or has Celebrity pulled this option? Thanks so much! Donna
  11. Happy Thursday! I am down almost 3 pounds. I was down 4 but I went out yesterday for lunch with a girlfriend and then last night my husband wanted to go out for dinner. It's so difficult to track and watch my macros when I eat out. I know I can continue my progress, I will just work harder this week. My fitness level has been consistent so I am proud of that! And of course, the day after eating too much, I am starving today!!! 106 days until we cruise!! Have a great weekend ladies! We can do this! Sweat On! Donna
  12. Hi ladies!! I'm still here and I have been exercising. It feels good to be a little sore. I am going to set my starting ***** weight at 180, I will post my "official" loss this Thursday. Keep up the sweat and smiles!!! Donna
  13. A trainer told me many years ago that the best workout plan is the one that you will do!!! Donna
  14. Mel, your pool area is amazing. Maybe I should start babysitting youngsters as my hot flashes and bladder wake me up about 3 times a night anyway! Our cruise is in 110 days! The nice thing is that I worked out almost every day last week and my husband noticed my legs so I will take it. I know the weight loss will come but the weekends are a struggle. Started doing silly but Shaun T program! Its cheesy but I'm moving and its inspiring me to add other workouts. It helps the steps add up and the sweat come so I will take it. Have a lovely Sunday ladies and thank you for making me feel so welcome. Donna
  15. Thanks for the welcome Miss Melmar! Since wine and carbs aren't working 😁 I am going back to logging and my macros and working out everyday. I have enjoyed the Thinner Leaner Stronger workouts by Michael Matthews and I do Beachbody classes for fun. I love Tosca Reno and her clean eating plans. My biggest problem is consistency and cheating on the weekends. What about you? How are doing it and making progress? Thanks again! Donna
  16. Can I join this party? I was down to my fighting weight 2 years ago at this time and packed for my cruise with lovely new clothes...sound familiar? And now POST pandemic, we are leaving for a cruise in 113 days and I can't lose any weight!!!! I have gained 20 pounds and I am absolutely miserable Do y'all post everyday or every week? Just checking... It's so nice that this thread is still around, I was very active on it a number of years ago for another cruise. Thanks for letting me share and vent... Donna
  17. This morning, I was "cruising" the Celebrity website looking at upcoming cruise schedules.... We had a lovely time at the beach and things were pretty "normal" in SC. We are very careful with hand sanitizers and where a mask when we feel it's appropriate. Prayers to ya'll! Hopefully soon we will be cruising again! Donna
  18. We live on a gentleman's farm in the mountains/hills of the Southeast and have been enjoying too much time on the lake. Next we are taking a quick trip to Pawley's Island, SC. Its nice but it's not the same as cruising. I wonder/worry about the employees and secondary businesses impacted by the cruise lines extended shutdown.
  19. How is everyone handling the "cruise withdrawal" issues. I haven't been on this site for awhile or allowed myself to dream/plan for our upcoming cruise in May of 2021. What about y'all, are you doing sort of any travel until we can board our favorite mode of vacation? Donna
  20. We rec'd the dreaded email/text from Celebrity on 3/24 regarding our 5/1/2020 cruise out of Southampton. We took the 125% FCC and with the help of our wonderful TA, booked the same exact cabin for the same cruise departing from Southampton on 4/30/2021. I can't wait for this cruise and will attempt to rebook the same hotels and etc. I hate what this is doing to the travel industry. Donna
  21. This should be the most followed or "HOT" topic on CC...just my humble opinion. I do need this right now...I am "virused-out" right now. Sorry, I will go take my multi-vitamin now with some Tito's and wash my hands... Donna
  22. Dr. Fauci is not a CDC spokesman, he works with USAID, just an FYI.
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