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  1. We rec'd the dreaded email/text from Celebrity on 3/24 regarding our 5/1/2020 cruise out of Southampton. We took the 125% FCC and with the help of our wonderful TA, booked the same exact cabin for the same cruise departing from Southampton on 4/30/2021. I can't wait for this cruise and will attempt to rebook the same hotels and etc. I hate what this is doing to the travel industry. Donna
  2. This should be the most followed or "HOT" topic on CC...just my humble opinion. I do need this right now...I am "virused-out" right now. Sorry, I will go take my multi-vitamin now with some Tito's and wash my hands... Donna
  3. Dr. Fauci is not a CDC spokesman, he works with USAID, just an FYI.
  4. I do believe the number of cases in the U.S. will increase as new test kits are released. Many people here are also "self quarantining" to prevent future cases. There are conflicting statements about cruise travel for U.S. citizens and I believe some of those statements are politically motivated. That being said, if two healthy adults with no underlying health issues want to take a cruise... Also given the increase in PRE SCREENING for cruise ships and (this should also be at airports) I do believe that there won't be many more extended cruises due to infected passengers and crew.... I am not an infectious disease MD but I did work at the CDC for a while including the Ebola, SARS, and MERS outbreaks... Donna
  5. I'm 56; my husband is 67 and we are taking our cruise in May. I wouldnt consider either one of us "elderly" (especially my hubbie) and with no underlying health issues we feel quite safe cruising. His parents are in their early 90's and with their health issues I wouldn't put them on a cruise ship right now. BTW, we all bathe daily after our trip to the gym. And since my hands are clean I am enjoying this thread with my popcorn 😘😘😘😁, Donna
  6. Y'all are awesome! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful suggestions. I can't wait until our May cruise! Donna
  7. I have very sensitive and 56 year old WHITE skin. Looking for a gentle and subtle self tanner/bronzer for my legs and arms.. Thanks for your help! Donna
  8. I had to read this just to get away from the virus posts...
  9. Sorry...I placed a MOVEUP bid on our upcoming Silhouette cruise..just a few hundred dollars and thank you for the help! Donna
  10. Is it worth it for two people in a deluxe veranda cabin (regular class) to upgrade to Family Veranda cabin? TIA
  11. I am doing the same thing with the stock market. BTW, Bo1953, I love reading your humorous and insightful comments..thanks for always making me smile! Donna
  12. Thank you. My 3 children attended the same camp! It is beautiful up here. We purchased an old horse farm with 90 acres. My girlfriend's make lots of "Green Acres" jokes. Doesn't have the shopping that I am used to in Atlanta where I grew up but Toccoa is a lovely small town.
  13. This is an hysterical topic...thanks for the chuckle. I just pack and shop for my husband. And I train him with cute high heels (for me) but that's just us.
  14. Remember when we were only worried about norovirus and hangovers? And no, it will not keep me off of a ship. I think we are more at risk driving to the airport.. Donna
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