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  1. Morning y'all! I am getting conflicting advice so I thought the best place to confirm would be here 😁 On other trips (China and Europe) we only carried copies of our prescriptions and meds in an organizer BUT I was recently informed by another traveler that Canadian customs requires to have the prescription pill/med in their original bottles Is this true? Thanks!
  2. I have found my people! Sorry to be late to this party/discussion...this is great. Quick question, we have traveled/cruised a great deal but this is our first trip to Alaska. Regarding our jackets and heavy stuff, I plan to use those vacuum bags. I did this years ago on a trip to China and it worked great. Does anyone know if the cruise lines will give me a hard time about my tiny portable vacuum for the bags? It uses AA batteries and I am bit worried about the Suitcase Police sending my checked bag to the naughty room on our ship. Would it be better if I carried this on-board in my carry on. Thanks in advance! Donna
  3. Our group of friends have been together for 20 years so I'm doing a collage of our pictures together from various parties and etc...making a copy for each cabin door with our name and cabin number...(darn we were so skinny and young) ANYWAY.... And BTW, I always use the elevator/stairwell mobiles and art to help me remember FORWARD/AFT and to determine which direction to go on the ship...
  4. I know...that's why I am little nervous about doing them. We are traveling with three other couples...wanted to do something fun to celebrate.
  5. Please don't roll your eyes but I truly did search on CC..I couldn't find any info on whether these are allowed? We are cruising with a large group and I want to do something for our doors. Does anyone know about this? Thanks for your help!😂
  6. We are cruising in May with 3 other couples. I called Celebrity and had no trouble in making a specialty dinner reservation for eight in the Tuscan Grill. Each party was charged for their dinner
  7. Darn it...I hate that! I loved my little countdown clock and also seeing all of the other cruises that posters have enjoyed in their signatures! Please update/repair this feature!
  8. Is this different than the Royal App with your cruise details? Thanks Sent from my VS995 using Forums mobile app
  9. And what about your favorite bar? There was a ICE bar on our last Celebrity cruise and we loved it..hoping to fine that "perfect" nightly spot on this ship...
  10. And what is everyone's favorite place for dinner? Sent from my VS995 using Forums mobile app
  11. Awesome...thank you! Sent from my VS995 using Forums mobile app
  12. We depart soon out of Barcelona and I can't wait. Any tips would be great! Also best place for lunch on the 1st day...hate the craziness in the Windjammer. Thanks so much!!!! Sent from my VS995 using Forums mobile app
  13. We just booked the W pre cruise Sent from my VS995 using Forums mobile app
  14. See you on the cruise! Sent from my VS995 using Forums mobile app
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