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  1. Thanks guys that's really helpful. @JohninDC will one of these do the Brewery is 2 minutes from my office!
  2. We were on this cruise our first time on Princess and really enjoyed it. I'd agree with the OP that the food was nothing special but was ok we ate in all 3 specialist restaurants. Crown grill was good and Sabatanis was good. We had a poor experience in Sur Le Mer and won't be returning. We liked the App and it seemed to work for us we ordered food and drinks on it, checked schedules and even used find your shipmate. I didn't think the wait for drinks was too much most times either via App or ordering from waiters but that's my personal opinion
  3. We've booked a Celebrity Cruise for February 2023 that leaves from Tampa which will be a first for us. Could we have some advice on following? 1) We will fly in at least the day before but is it worth coming a few days earlier? My wife has limited mobility and we don't do Theme parks so is there much suitable to do? 2) Can you recommend any hotel either for a one night or several night stay before the cruise? 3) Can you recommend any transfers from hotels to ship and ship to airport? Many thanks in advance
  4. We are on Sept 11th sailing we have Xpress Pass, PCR etc but luggage tags still greyed out
  5. We will try and leave her in decent state there may be a gin shortage lol and wave as we get off!
  6. We've booked the Sapphire 12th July 2023 14 day round tip have transfers to sort
  7. Thanks guys the Alaska Tour Co looks awesome we will definitely consider that. We are thinking July 2023 at moment with Princess for the cruise part
  8. Alaska has long been a bucket list destination and as we are booked up cruisewise this year and 2022 we've decided to plan for 2023 probably between June-August. Our favourite cruise lines are Celebrity and Princess and it looks like Princess will be better as they offer longer trips and Glacier Bay? My main question relates to land tour everything I read suggests this shouldn't be missed. My DW has limited mobility she is fine boarding busses and boats and short walks so hiking is out. Of the Land Tours offered which would be best for us? I noticed that Princess do an escorted tour for example. We are very happy to view from a coach or train but want to experience as much as we can. Budget isn't really an issue. Any advice gratefully received.
  9. Sorry to raise another testing question but I know some of you have become experts over the last few weeks. With our Ireland/Iceland cruise cancelled we are thinking of taking one of the new September Seacations when they are released. As we have holiday from work booked and dog care booked we were looking at using up both the weeks and saw a 4 night Princess Cruise which we could take before Celeb. So this would dock on the Friday morning if we then got Fit to Fly 4hr PCR test is that suitable for Celeb purposes?
  10. Have you managed to book we have been told we can't book until 15th
  11. It's even worse you have to use the FCC by 30th April 2022 for a sailing no later than 30th September 2022. Not amused we had received 3 reminders to pay for this cruise over the last few weeks
  12. This one is deadlly! Triple Expresso Vodka Kahula Baileys Expresso
  13. Premium package brings the Martini Bar into play lots of choice so try until you find your favourite mine is a Sapphire London Club my wife likes the Decadence Martini. As mentioned above if you like gin then Hendricks or Tanquery are good though my favourite is the Bombay Sapphire (you may notice a theme). Cocktail wise I tend to drink Mojito's and it's always interesting to get one of the inside bars to make one with better quality ingredients than poolside etc. Your Bailey's is on the list and Cafe Baccio do a nice Irish coffee. Disarronno is also in that section which my wife loves. The tequila's were Cazadores Reposado, Don Julio Reposado, Herradura Reposado, Patrón Citrónge, Patrón Reposad, Patrón Silver, Patrón XO Café it may have changed Don't drink whiskey so can't help but there's a big choice
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