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  1. Jo our 2 booked cruises are showing the 3 Night ackage in sterling at 3101.91 presently. We tend to book the 4 night package at £117.71 as this is £29.42 per meal (the 3 Night is £33.97)
  2. @katie64 You can book via a US TA from the UK most of the big online ones have a box to tick to say you are out of the US. Obviously exchange rates can be an issue and always check for final cost including taxes and fees. We book with Celebrity direct as we get a 10% discount by using a Blue Light Card. If we are sailing from the UK we then transfer to our online TA as they give us port parking. We often book onboard to get some extra OBC and low deposit
  3. Thanks you @Icon901 that's a great guide I've been samplng Maki and Nigiri and really like it
  4. and of course the only shore excursion I want is the only one not reduced at the moment
  5. So I'm a real sushi novice (don't ask) and really looking forward to trying out Sushi on 5! However, I've no real idea what to order to get the best spread any suggestions? what are your favourites?
  6. @Denny01 Thanks Den I thought that would be the case but you never know with the vagaries of Celebrity admin. Concierge isn't worth £500 x 2 to me so whilst the points would be nice unless prices fall I will pass.
  7. Thanks @miched I thought that was probably the case so thanks for confirming
  8. Quesion: got what seems to have been a great deal on my next cruise for various reasons. Say I'm paying £1200 for a Veranda 1B and current cost 60 days out is £1600. However, I could do with 17 more points. The price of concierge is £1700. If I upgrade do I pay the difference between what I paid and now, ie £500 or the price diffeence now £100?
  9. We sailed first 2 times in insides and enjoyed it. We've had balconies since and do prefer but wouldn't hesitate to go back to insides if economics demanded. what we find importand is to look at the packages. The drinks package is importnat to us and if it's not included with insides we factor in. You'll love it!
  10. We are late 50s and it does depend where the cruise is for age range. Sept Med cruises from the UK we were in youngest 5% but Asia cruise was much younger. We went on our first M Class in Feb, Milennium which had been "revolutionised", the music around the ships in the various bars from 2 solo guitatists, a classical duo and a swing bar was so good we missed most of the Main Theatre shows. Add to that the Martini Bar which was always rocking and late night in the Cosmos Lounge with the house band dancing and games. We reallly enjoyed and hope to get as good on the Equinox in Sept
  11. and perfect for you each to their own!
  12. and now it doesn't matter as all cups can take the hot water! Does taste different though if milk is in first it's a but creamier as the hot water emulsifies the milk so it's water then milk, if I have it, for me :)
  13. This is right but wrong way around. The fine china could take the hot water so it was "posh" to pour water first. The "lower" classes used clay cups etc so put milk in first to cool the brew
  14. Could be worse the Welsh version has 4 vowels, Ieuan lol
  15. Agreed for normal medical my wife was an A & E matron and gets asked all sorts
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