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  1. You mention being in a category 4D …which deck were you on? We have a 4D deck 7 forward cabin…but really preferred deck 12 & centrally located. Just curious if the view will be ok looking out & just lifeboats looking down. 🤔
  2. Our “guess” is bed by the bathroom, but cannot verify 100%. If you have time and see the door open, that would be great! Appreciate your help! Good luck on your bid for an upgrade!!🤞🤞
  3. Thanks for taking us along! We are booked for an 8 night in Feb. I’m wondering if anyone can help…I’m trying to figure out for an ocean view balcony, if the bed is by the bathroom or balcony. For cabin 7524. Any help is appreciated!!
  4. It's really only a fail for Harmony - not all Oasis Class.
  5. I cannot help with Australia, but we were recently on Harmony and paid $10 for a beer, $15.34 for a mojito and the same for martinis with grey goose. A mojito without alcohol was $10.34
  6. We did this on Harmony recently. Every evening we’d go to the bar and each order 3 beers & put them in our fridge for the next day.
  7. Your wife should have no trouble purchasing a drink if she should choose to. I have clients in the same situation and I called and spoke to a Royal Caribbean representative and was told they will allow just 1 to purchase even if you just say it's a "personal choice". It does not have to be a medical reason.
  8. Oceanview would be my choice...hands down! We stayed in a Boardwalk balcony and it was too noisy. The bell from the carousel drove us crazy! Also the Aqua Theater shows and movies were a bit loud.
  9. Can someone please confirm for me: 12144: bed closer to the bathroom 12560: bed closer to the balcony Are these correct?
  10. Can you tell me what the process is when you do have to change rooms?
  11. Were you there this week? If so, was the water super cold? Just curious...as that is my hesitation. We will be on the HOS for a B2B in February and we stop there both weeks.
  12. I'm sorry to hear this has happened. As a TA I know a lot of time and planning goes into finding the "perfect" cruise and then when you throw in coordinating with family, etc...that quadruples the time! Then to have the cruise line cancel your sailing, just tosses all of that hard work (and excitement) out the window. 😕 Not sure where all your family is coming from, but did you consider switching to the Adventure out of Galveston? Same dates and it's a Western Caribbean itinerary. The Navigator and Mariner are also good options. Best of luck to you and your family.
  13. As others have said...it’s really ideal to submit your request less than 1 month out as they usually apply about 3 weeks out. I’ve always submitted mine early (3-5 months out) and just had this conversation in the last month. I called and requested the OBC be applied right away so I could use it to make purchases in the pre-cruise planner. It was applied same day, but I was reminded that it’s really intended to be used on the ship and it’s best to redeem closer to sailing.
  14. Another consideration is this... Once your cabin is assigned, you can request to move to a different cabin within the same class. As long as there are still cabins available within that class.
  15. I used to request a fan each cruise, however, the last couple they've replied stating they are no longer available but I can bring my own. I usually stop at Walmart or Target and pick one up for $15 or less. I have a battery operated travel fan, but it does not make enough noise. (which is the reason we use it) 🤨😐
  16. The newly revitalized Oasis is an awesome ship...your kids will absolutely love it!
  17. Yes that is true, however IF you booked a Central Park Balcony your employer can pull the connecting cabins into their group and release the 2 cabins you have. So that’s why I asked you if you booked a Central Park View Balcony OR a regular Central Park View (window cabin nonbalcony). It has nothing to do with what you paid, as long as the category was the same. I apologize for asking the same question, but hope this helps explain it better to you.
  18. Ok great...the rate I posted did not have any discounts (C & A, etc) & is for a Central Park balcony. Either way, if you happened to purchase a Central Park Balcony vs a Central Park View, like I mentioned there are 2 sets of connecting cabins available. (Decks 10 and 12) If this interests you, call & see if they can switch your cabins. Have a wonderful time on your cruise!⚓️
  19. Just curious if you booked direct or not? I have no clue what you paid, but through RCCL’s TA website, I’m showing there’s a group rate for 2 Central Park View Balcony cabins. The 2 cabins are coming in at $5016.16. There are 2 connecting cabins on decks 10 and 12. Did you book CP view or balcony?
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