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  1. No - time and table assigned when boarding - but as mentioned just ask for different table or time. Bottled wine quite expensive also as package. Wine by glass is my preference.
  2. Time will show however I cannot see why the BREXIT should have a huge impact on Schengen agreement and the requirements for passport control is Arlanda airport when traveling to UK. OP is traveling to London but not necessarily a UK citizen. After BREXIT UK travellers will become “third-country nationals” and subject to the standard rules of admission for citizens of nations such as the US, Japan and Australia. (but still not expected that UK citizen will need a Schengen Visa). That means they can remain in the Schengen Area for max 90 days and there must be at least 90 days left on their passport beyond their intended date of departure.
  3. Don’t worry about BREXIT - UK is not part of Schengen today so already passport check for UK - no change do to BREXIT. Passport control in Europe is when leaving the Schengen Zone and not EU.
  4. .. and gratitude as well. Thank you for the detailed review. Did you see Northern Lights and how was the waters along the coast?
  5. I’ll believe you might be able to get off the ship before 9 — just note that UK is not Schengen Area and you’ll need some time for passport control.
  6. Don’t forget to add the cost of the ferry at Eidsdal - NOK 220 for two people - NOK 70 for additional person (return) - and also need to take waiting time for ferry into consideration- departure every 30 minutes. Geiranger is a tender port but some ships are using the SeaWalk pier. For Honningsvåg a tour might be a better option than renting a car for a relatively short distance if only North Cape - renting a car you need to add parking and entrance fee. Off cause with a rental car you can also visit Gjesvær and maybe have time for a boat trip to Gjesværstappan - a nice bird reserve.
  7. Very tight but possible - assuming Arlanda. The answer will however depend on airline and destination - Europe or USA - Schengen of non-Schengen (additional time for immigration/passport check) - also which week day. If overseas or outside Schengen I’ll say not possible - if SAS within Schengen should be possible I have been traveling a lot out of Arlanda to Copenhagen and normally calculated with two hours.
  8. Terminal 1 is primarily used by Lufthansa and partners including SAS. It hosts international and domestic flights worldwide - concourses A, B, C and Z.
  9. Bring some Euro and US$ - CC widely accepted in Denmark, Norway and Sweden - but a CC with pin highly recommended. Also note that ‘Krone’ for Denmark, Norway and Sweden are different currencies.
  10. I’m sure Cruise Lines does take security very, very serious. I have been crossing the Bay of Aden few time and the level of security has been different - probably due to different thread levels, but quite sure there were armed personnel onboard, however didn’t see them but outside deck 5 was not accessible. In 2011 an armed private patrol boat did follow Brilliance of the Seas during the Bay of Aden passage and we did have some safety drills.
  11. Also make sure that you use the Official ESTA site price is $14 for the two years - you can get ESTA from other providers at a higher price. if you plan other visits to US within the next two years then get you ESTA few weeks prior to your trip.
  12. You do Enter Schengen area In Germany - immigration will be in FRA - your luggage will be transferred to your CPH flight and you will collect you luggage at arrival in CPH - customs in CPH. There will not be any special customs check - you just use the ‘green exit’ in CPH. i do not expect any additional security check in FRA.I do find FRA easy to navigate. Lufthansa flights from FRA to CPH can be operated by SAS (codeshare).
  13. hallasm

    October 2020

    The train from Bergen to Oslo does stop in Myrdal - the Flåm train from Myrdal to Flåm is another train. Assume you need to purchase ticket from Bergen to Flåm and then another tricket from Flåm to Oslo, You can buy train trickets here 90 days in advance. In both situations you need to change train in Myrdal. Bus service NX450 from Bergen to Aurland (Gudvangen) is also an opportunity where you can explorer the UNESCO Nærøyfjorden and also Aurlandfjord - might be a good opportunity to see some of the ‘big fjords’ - in October Hurtigruten does not sail into Geiranger.(does require overnight stay in Gudvangen or Flåm). This is my train ride from Flåm to Myrdal - at the end the train to Bergen/Oslo.
  14. If driving from Geiranger you can do the Eagle Road on your way to Troll Road (Trollstigen) and a detour to Dalsnibba. Driving from Geiranger to The Troll Road will require ferries - driving from Ålesund might be more convinient 1hour 45 minutes - do not know the exact time from Geiranger - the shortest route is closed now due to snow - but I guess it time wise will be the same due to the ferries. Might be easier to rent a car in Ålesund but also possible In Geiranger. I would rent a car In Ålesund for the Troll Road and then do the Eagles Road and Dalsnibba by the HoHo bus. Hope someone who has done the tour from Geiranger will respond.
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