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  1. hallasm

    Help: Oslo, Skagen, Copenhagen, Bruges

    I can comment on Skagen and Copenhagen - I have added two links to other useful threads. Both ports are easy for DIY - in Copenhagen you can visit Royal Palace, Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens and ‘my must’ is the Canal tour - Link to Things to do in Copenhagen Skagen is a small fishing town - main attraction is the art museum and the Northern tip of Denmark named Grenen - link to thread Skagen Denmark question
  2. hallasm

    Repositioning cruise

    Yes, you can book your Flights on dates significantly different from the start/finish dates of your cruise.
  3. I partly replied to your question in this thread where you also posted the questions Olden is in a Fjord - Molde partly and from Stavanger you will have the possibility of Fjord excursion. so yes when Svalbard and North Cape also has your priority.
  4. Unlike the other cruises, this cruise goes to Svalbard (Longyearbyen). If Svalbard is of your interest, it does compensate for Flåm and Geiranger.
  5. I have updated my list of West Coast ports - list is not complete - I have marked the fjords with 'senoc sailings only' with bold. Ports from South to North: Stavanger (Port - larger city) - The Pulpit Rock and Old Stavanger Hardangerfjord (scenic) to Eidfjord (Port - Small town) Bergen (Port - larger city) - Old Bergen , Bryggen, Mount Fløyen (Fløybanen funicular) Sognefjord and Aurlandsfjord (Scenic) to Flåm (Port - small town) with scenic train Innervikfjord to Olden (Port - little village) - scenic area Storfjorden (Scenic) to Geiranger or Hellesylt (Port - small towns) - Seven Sisters waterfall - Scenic and panoramic views. Ålesund (Port - City) Picturesque city Molde (Port - Town) - scenic and panoramic views Romsdalsfjord (Scenic) to Åndalsnes (Port - City) scenic region / Trollstigvegen Trodheim (Port - larger city) Brønnøysund (Port - City) Bodø (Port - City) Lofoten Islands /Trollfjord (small ports: Gravdal/Leknes, Stamsund, Svolvær Harstad,) scenic area Narvik (Town) Scenic Tromsø (Port - larger city) Alta (Port - City) - The Rock art of Alta Hammerfest (Port - City) scenic Honningsvåg (Port - City) visit to North cape Kirkenes (Port - City) 10 km from Russian Border
  6. Geiranger is not easy accessible from any other ports - Hellesylt is the only port close to Geiranger and sometimes used as an alternative to Geiranger.
  7. hallasm

    Repositioning cruise

    Not a problem. When your cruise has reached the final destination you can stay as long as passport/visa does allow. You must have a valid passport and an onward/return ticket for tourist "visa free" stays of up to 90 days in Japan for U.S. Citizens.
  8. I have tried to make a list and marked the if scenic sailing or port (City / larger city) All the fjords aer Scenic sailings and you have to sail through the fjord to enter the city - examples are: you are sailing through Sognefjord (Scenic) to Flåm and through Hardangerfjord (scenic) to Eldfjord. In general the scenic fjord sailings are magnificent. But you have to be at the upper deck early when entering the fjords. My preferences are Bergen, Flåm, Olden. Ålesund, Lofoten Islands and Honningsvåg Ports from South to North: Stavanger (Port - larger city) Hardangerfjord (scenic) to Eldfjord (Port -City) Bergen (Port - larger city) Sognefjord (Scenic) to Flåm (Port - City) with scenic train Innervikfjord to Olden (Port - City) Ålesund (Port -City) Molde (Port -City) Romsdalsfjord (Scenic) to Åndalsnes (Port - City) Trodheim (Port - larger city) Lofoten Islands (small port) Hammerfest (Port -City) Tromsø (Port - larger city) Honningsvåg (Port - City) visit to North cape
  9. hallasm

    Earliest flight from FCO Rome

    Several factors - earliest disembarkation time, week day, airline and destination. Assuming Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino it will take an hour by taxi (traffic dependent). You need to be at airport two hours before departure (Airline and destination dependent) . I would recommend no earlier than 10 am.
  10. hallasm

    Early booking catastrophe

    I have three times experienced quite big price drops - twice I was upgraded to ‘comparable new priced’ cabins and once I got OBC.
  11. Yes - has been covered In a earlier - Where to buy Wine In Baltic ports. Here is a link to the thread. Again depend on your Hotel Or where in Copenhagen .
  12. hallasm

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    Certainly. Cities like Kirkenes and Tromsø have a few hours in the middle of the day with twilight but if you go further north it's full night 24 hours a day. In return for the polar night in the winter, they have midnight sun in the summer - are at least as fascinating. Kirkenes has the midnight sun for 65 days during June and July. Link to more information.
  13. hallasm

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    In Winter 2018/2019 they do have 8 Astronomy Cruises from October through March - Trollfjord and Finnmarken https://www.hurtigruten.com/destinations/norway/astronomy-voyage/ Just checked time for sunrise and sunset for my cruise in January 10 January Departure Bergen 11 January Ålesund - Sunrise: 09:52 - Sunset: 15:34 12 January Trondheim - Sunrise: 09:44 - Sunset: 15:09 13 January Bodø - Sunrise: 10:27 - Sunset: 13:55 14 January Finnsnes - Sunrise: 11:16 - Sunset: 12:37 15 January Honningsvåg - Polar Night 16 January Kirkenes - Sunrise:10:39 - Sunset: 11:39 In Kirkenes january 16 is the first day with sunshine after 50 days of Polar Night
  14. hallasm

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    MS Polarlys is an older ship (build 1996) than MS Trollfjord (build 2002) - however MS Polarlys was renovated in 2016 - I have not been sailing MS Polarlys but MS Kong Harald - build in 1993 and also renovated in 2016 - I did have good experience with MS Kong Harald and would expect the same standard for MS Polarlys - also comparable in size. Auroral activity is considered being higher in October/November and March/April than in January - however the sky tend to be more clear when cold in January - I have booked at cruise on MS Trollfjord in January - hope to experience the Northern Lights - but you can never be sure. Hope other CC members can comment on MS Polarlys - an their experience with Northern Lights.
  15. hallasm

    Caribbean cruise ship temperature

    I have after every cruise made a complaint about temperature for public location on the ship in the survey - really don't know why A/C is running at so low temperatures. I've always thought it was because if not from US that I feel the cold - glad to hear US people having the same feeling.😰