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  1. I don't think it is necessary to use insect repellent in Copenhagen and Oslo as well as a cruise along the coast of Norway in June. I have sailed several times along the coast of Norway in June including Honningsvåg and have never experienced that insects were a problem. Mosquitoes can occur but not in large numbers in June along the coast and in the cities.
  2. Depending on what you’re booking. Coastal, expedition or port-to-port you might be more specific. if you book a coastal voyage Bergen to Kirkenes voyage all meals as well as coffe/ tea included. No excursions or wine. Expedition cruises Hurtigruten HX) are different.
  3. As a Dane, I would naturally highlight Copenhagen, but in the same situation I would go to Amsterdam - primarily because it is not advisable to fly from Copenhagen to Amsterdam on the same day as you are going to sail. So if you want to stay overnight in only one hotel, it must be Amsterdam. Enjoy Amsterdam and your day in Copenhagen on the subsequent cruise.
  4. Mainly The fjord. The Aurlandsfjord into Flåm (as well as Nærøyfjord) are two of the worlds most beautiful and dramatic fjords. Together with Geirangerfjord they are UNESCO’s World Heritage. The train is one of several attractions in Flåm. From January 2026, 'Zero Emission zones' will be introduced in the Norwegian UNESCO Heritage fjords and the possibility of visiting these fjords on a cruise will be severely limited.
  5. Yes, it is possible to walk from Geiranger to Flydalsjuvet - it is a 4 km quite steep road - it will take just over an hour. It is possible to walk along the road but there should also be a footpath, The climb is very steep, slippery and overgrown with plants, caution is advised.
  6. Both itineraries have two deep fjords - 10 May has the best fjords to Flåm and Geiranger, but Olden is a really good substitute for Flåm. Flåm has the railway and Olden has Loen Skylift. Almost same fjords - Aurland fjord into Flåm is a UNESCO heritage fjord. That said, 17 May has a better itinerary as it also includes Bergen and Ålesund - two very nice and interesting coastal cities - the extra night allows for one more port. Nordfjordeid is a small and less interesting port. Personally I would chose May 17. Weather-wise, there aren't that many differences from May 10 to 17 - roads to viewpoints in Geiranger are probably closed throughout May.
  7. Are you on the official .gov ESTA page? - https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov Has payment for ESTA been debited from your credit card? Have you received an email with information. If not, you can simply register for ESTA again.
  8. When you have to choose a Norwegian cruise, it is also important to evaluate the individual ports. Many cruises do not enter the iconic deep Norwegian fjords at all, but visit small, not particularly interesting ports. Especially from 2026, several ships will not be able to sail the deep UNESCO Heritage fjords at all. List the two itineraries and get an assessment of the fjords and ports.
  9. Loen Skylift There is a shuttle or you can purchase transfer and Skylift from Olden Cruise
  10. As a starting point, you do not need cash. You can use credit card everywhere. However, I would recommend a contactless card - alternative chip. Magnetic stripe only works in a few machines in hotels and restaurants. ApplePay on mobile phone will also be a good solution. Best is MasterCard or Visa. Amex is not that widespread. I have not used cash for several years in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Also note that tips and VAT are in all cases included in prices - also in restaurants.
  11. July is a holiday month in Norway and Iceland - clearly fewer tourists in June.
  12. You’ll check in at Filipstadkaia.
  13. Yes, I recommend contactless credit cards or ApplePay. Chip will work in many places. Problems can arise with magnetic strips, especially at smaller merchants and vending machines.
  14. As a general rule, you do not have to show ID when purchasing with a credit card in Norway. It is possible that you must show ID when purchasing where a VAT Refund is requested if stores offer 'tax-free shopping'.
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