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  1. Thank you. I think you should ask the question you posted at the Hurtigruten Board about GLØD Explorer in Alta in this thread - looks like a good option. Sure that GLØD will Pick-up at the Cruise pier as they do oick-up at hotels. Contact the company and ask.
  2. Please note that the concept of a a Hurtigruten northern lights cruise is very different from your cruise - Hurtigruten does not have overnight stops and do not sail to Alta. You should also post you question in the thread you already have started at the Northern Europe & Baltic Forum
  3. hallasm

    Norway and Cruise Lines Serving

    Chairsin Thank you for the update. I’ll look into the Seabourn offerings.
  4. hallasm

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    Enjoy the cruise. Looking forward to get you review.
  5. hallasm

    Norway and Cruise Lines Serving

    found it: 15-Day Scenic Fjords & North Cape - June 7 to June 22 2019
  6. hallasm

    Norway and Cruise Lines Serving

    Just curious- which cruises and which Fjords?
  7. hallasm

    Are there Fjord tours from Oslo?

    You have to be at the deck early and enjoy the sailing of the Fjord.
  8. Enjoy your cruise and please update us on you Northern Lights experience- I sailing along the Norwegian west coast in January.
  9. hallasm

    For those who have been to Shanghai

    my recommendation is JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai at Tomorrow Square - taxi from airport to hotel and again taxi to the pier. Hotel is located in downtown Shanghai. Ask the hotel to provide address printed in Chinese - taxi driver might not be able to read English - and be prepared- driving like mad and probably no safety belts.
  10. The world's first Northern Lights observatory was built on Mount Haldde in Alta, 900 m above sea level. https://www.altamuseum.no/en/altas-nyere-tids-historie/altas-historie/nordlys-1/nordlys
  11. hallasm

    Duty payment in Norway

    you might find some useful information here: https://www.toll.no/en/goods/alcohol-and-tobacco/simplified-customs-declaration/
  12. hallasm

    Insurance through Credit Card

    I'm using Credit Card travel insurance only and with good experiences - no problems with claims - however might be different from Europe to US. I do have the terms and conditions for my Credit Card insurance where terms are spelled out very clearly - check the terms and conditions for your card.
  13. hallasm

    Singapore Port Luggage Storage

    We did use Porter Express - they did pick up luggage at the terminal - later they met us in the City and brought us and the luggage to the airport. http://www.porterxpress.com/ Also this option http://meteoritelogistics.com/baggage-services/
  14. hallasm

    Phuket tender

    Tender is to Patong Beach - it’s 10 miles from Phuket City. I think you’ll need bath - US$ is not widely accepted.
  15. Here you have the forecast for the next 21 days - the Kp should be >3.5 In order for a good chance for Northern Lights - also the light from the moon will have an impact on visibility of the light - however difficult to make a good long term forecasts.