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  1. Not a problem at all - Almost all Danes have English as their second language - Copenhagen will be an excellent choice. Copenhagen is a relatively small city with majorly of the sights in short distance from City Centre. Walking, Ho-Ho Bus, Canal Tours. You can also consider to visit some of the castles north of Copenhagen at a day tour by train. - lots of ideas and help available in this topic.
  2. No - not required - this was a Norwegian Coastal Voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes - the requirements you’re referring to is “Special requirements apply to our guests joining voyages to Svalbard” - different from the Coastal Voyage.
  3. I'll suggest March rather than October - January to March are probably the three most popular months for Aurora hunting because they bring long dark nights. Aurora might more likely appear in colder nights. January is cold, in February the weather is improving and in March, the temperatures begin to rise. Also the sky must be clear - more likely with clear nights in March than October. Also in March more daylight, however still possible to see the scenery while dark At the end the likelihood of seeing the lights depends on solar activity and clear skies.
  4. Thank you for the update and link - interesting concept - as I see it this voyage is only available at the Hurtigruten German web.
  5. Here is the link to South Bound voyages Trollfjord is sailing coastal voyages beginning of 2021 - from May she will sail 12 dats expedition voyages from Bergen. Kong Harald will also be a good choice.
  6. Think it's a good decision to re-schedule in the given situation - do not know when travel from US to Norway will be possible. Correct - you can rebook sailings before September 30 As I see it coastal voyages up to April 2022 available at the web - Are you looking at the Norwegian web? Just note that Hurtigruten is only sailing 7 out of the 11 round trips. From January 1st, 2021 Havila Kystruten will serve four of the 11 sailings.
  7. Yes - call +47 810 30 000 - I often contact them by email at booking@hurtigruten.com to avoid additional costs due to waiting time (Depends on your phone plan) I have good experience with quick feedback. Quite drastic change for both ship and itinerary. Cabins on MS Trollfjord are, with few exceptions, quite small. See if you can get a YA or upgraded to Q2.
  8. Now you have posted this question three times!
  9. Looks like they have replaced Otto Sverdrup with Trollfjord for the Expedition voyages in beginning of 2021 - cannot compare a QJ with a P2 - two very, very different type of cabins. I assume they will offer a reduction in price for the change. Alternative is an upgrade to Q2 mini suite at Trollfjord. Have you checked prices at the Hurtigruten norwegian web? - the cost of the Q2 mini suite at the February 13 sailing i USD 6.615 pp (NOK 64,149) at the Norwegian site. Still available so it might be a possible offer rather that P2 down grade.
  10. Certainly it does matter which ship and size of cabin. Primarily with Hurtigruten where ships and cabins are very different. MS Trollfjord is a nice ship and MS Otto Sverdrup is former MS Finmarken - both ships should be renovated in 2020. Which itinerary and date are you booked? What cabin type have you been assigned on Trollfjord?
  11. I'm a bit lost here - what is Saga Iceland and Saga Greenland - thought you were referring to Saga Cruises or Saga Travel / GeoIceland which is a tour operator in Iceland
  12. I also want to cast my vote on Norse Legends - highlights are Geiranger and Bergen - August rather than September
  13. Good initiative despite the pricing. Looks like the voyages only are available at the Hurtigruten German web.
  14. Just for information - Spitsbergen is part of Svalbard. As I see information at the web only expedition cruises with MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen have been canceled - for example, there are still scheduled trips with MS Fram, MS Nordstjernen and MS Spitsbergen (might very well change) Norway expects to open borders to Schengen countries on July 20 (with Some restrictions). I doubt Greenland will open ports for cruises this year. Denmark is not expected to open the borders before August 31. Borders open with some limitations from June 15 in Denmark while still restrictions on travel to and in Greenland including a requirement for Covid-19 test.
  15. I think the best option for a group is to take the train from Airport to Amsterdam Centraal and the book either Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City or DoubleTree Amsterdam. Both hotels are walking distance from train station and cruise ship terminal and also close to city center - then you’ll avoid expensive taxis. You might also consider to post you question in https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/148-british-isleswestern-europe/ - local people might check that forum rather than this Northern Europe Forum.
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