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  1. People joke that Mt Fuji is very shy as it hides behind clouds most of the time. If it's clear, you should be able to see it from ship. It was not clear when I went. I'm sure at least one or more of your ports will be in full bloom. Link below will gives forecast and then live reports when the blooms start. https://www.japan-guide.com/sakura/
  2. As stated in my signiture, I only sail on Royal Class ships if possible and have been on Royal Princess 5 times. It's a beautiful ship with the best food. Did Coastal in last May and Alaska two months later in July on Royal Princess. I brought a group on first time cruiser for the July Alaska Cruise. Everyone loved the food/experience and one of them liked it so much that she bought CCL stock during middle of the cruise. Oh, we're all in our 40s or 30s.
  3. Having also been to all three, definitely worth a visit. I liked Norway the most, but would not argue at all if other claims Alaska or Iceland is better. Norway is very green compared to Iceland and Alaska. I did the two week cruise up to North Cape. Highlight of my Norway cruise was Lofoten and Gieranger (better to cruise in, but I visited by driving from Andelsnes). But all the ports were amazing. Here is youtube highlights from my cruise Also, got some amazing pictures from all three places under "Travel Pictures" in my signiture.
  4. Yea, what ship and when? Even a brand new ship can look like this right after a storm.
  5. yeah, Anything: - a cover pool with roof that doubles as planetarium - ship should be able to spin 360 degrees while maintaining speed, hate for the other side of balconies to miss a pretty sunset - zipline from Seawalk on Lido deck to wherever my balcony is located - library stocked with only Fabio romance novels - instead of painting sea witch logo on the front, paint "I LIKE BIG BOATS AND I CANNOT LIE" My opinion is so much better than anyone else's, therefore anything short of my "Anything"s, the ship is deemed to be ancient and unimaginative.
  6. Don't get this post. Royal Princess was launched in 2013. The 6th and final one is launched in 2021. That's 6 ships in 8 years. How is this different from any class from any other cruiseline? The Grand/SuperGrand class lasted 10 years. Personally, I only sail on Royal class if I can help it, as you can see on my signature.
  7. I have never been on Island, but really thought it was the consensus best ship on these boards, lol.
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