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  1. I had just retired and was not being too creative. The avatar was my work ride, I couldn't be a school teacher...
  2. We had actual weather on the Central Coast. This was at Shell Beach, CA
  3. After some bad experiences with "photo tours" I had given up on them. Two years ago I relented and signed up for one while at Denali and again at Skagway. They were both excellent. In Denali the guide was a professional photographer who took us to her favorite places. My wife and I were the only people on the tour and it was great. In Skagway we went on a little bus with about ten others. There was a pile of tripods in the back of the bus. The guides on this tour we also great and took us to very good locations. If I can find the information on those tours I will post it.
  4. Boarded the Crown Princess in San Pedro for a trip to Mexico. We were a bit early so we picked up lunch at the buffet and went out on the aft deck to enjoy the SoCal weather for lunch. The bartender, Reynaldo, saw me and said, "Welcome back Tom, can I get you a drink." Should I be embarrassed that he remembered me?
  5. This may be cheating, but... The transparency had been missing for a bit and I just found it. Zion Canyon in November a few years ago. So it's kind of like it is from this week because I just scanned it.
  6. I have used Shutterfly for family and group events. It works okay and lets others add their photos. For my photos I use Smugmug. I don't sell photos through their plan but it gives me a web option that I can deal with.
  7. Gyro stabilized camera on a helicopter over the Sunset district of SF.
  8. Thanks. I have been playing with an R-72 filter. It is much cheaper than a dedicated IR camera, but you can't use a camera with a built-in IR filter. The filter is pretty dense so a tripod helps.
  9. No snow here. We did a quick trip to Cabo on the Royal Princess.
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