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  1. This.⏫ Use the elevators or stairways as a reference point, regardless of which deck you're considering when choosing a cabin. We try to pick one that's not right around the corner from any elevators and stairways. It's not uncommon to be rudely awakened at 1:00 in the morning by cruisers that have had one too many alcoholic beverages and are talking and laughing very loudly while staggering to their cabin from the elevator. That can be almost as bad as having noise from over head. 😲
  2. A few things we especially like on the Breeze, which helps make it our favorite ship. In the Lido buffet seating area, along the inside wall on both sides, there are high top tables. It can be difficult to find an unoccupied window table at breakfast or lunch. Sitting at one of the high tops makes it possible to see over peoples' heads and be able to look outside while eating. There are large red patio umbrellas in the seating area that give it a more tropical feel. And, if you like to have a latte or some other specialty coffee with your breakfast or lunch, there's a small kiosk set up in the rear of the buffet area where you can get your specialty coffee without going to the coffee bar on Deck 5. The Dream and the Magic (sister ships to the Breeze) don't offer this. Also, we love the decor on the Breeze. If, after cruising on the Breeze, it doesn't become your favorite, it will definitely be in your top three.
  3. We had cabin 2276 on the Breeze, which is just a bit forward of 2294, and no lifeboat directly overhead. I'm pretty sure that 2276 is just below the Excursions Desk. We had no noise from above. However, we did have some noisy neighbors next to us. No way to predict that. All in all, a pretty good location.
  4. This may be a moot point, but what about those of us that don't have a device (such as a smart phone) to install an app on? Or, what if someone does have a smart phone but chooses not to take it ashore? Prior to booking a cruise, if I learned that a certain country on the itinerary was having a problem with some sort of virus or communicable disease, I wouldn't book that particular itinerary.
  5. Our favorite place to go for a land-based vacation is Hilton Head Island (South Carolina). We always go in late September. We typically make our reservation about 9 or 10 months ahead so that we can get the condo we want. Our last cruise was this past March, just a couple of weeks before everything started shutting down. Our next cruise isn't until Nov. 2021. So, at least we've got HHI to look forward to in the meantime.
  6. After seeing several adults in the pool drinking beer and not getting out for a long period of time, I quit getting in the pool several cruises ago. It's not really a pool. Just an over-sized toilet.
  7. Yeah, I know it's two months old, but that's the most recent information I could find. Let's hope it's correct and that there won't be any further delays.
  8. With all of the cancellations and delays of Carnival cruises, including the Mardi Gras, that has caused people to rebook their pending cruises, I'm not a bit surprised that the Mardi Gras is sold out for Nov. & Dec. 2020 sailings. As demand for bookings on the Mardi Gras increase, so do the prices. We booked a cabin on her for a Nov. 2021 sailing back in Feb. of this year. The cost for our category (cove balcony) has gone UP $30.00 pp, and will no doubt continue to increase.
  9. This is the latest report that I could find. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-provides-update-on-mardi-gras-inaugural-cruise-season/ Unless there are any other delays, it looks like the Inaugural cruise date will be Nov. 14th 2020.
  10. Thanks JohninDC. I'd forgotten how far it is from Orlando to the port. We may opt to take an Uber from the hotel to the port on embarkation morning.
  11. Our Carnival Mardi Gras cruise is still several months away, but I know eventually I'll have to start researching hotels. The last time we cruised out of Port Canaveral was in 2008. We flew in the morning of and took the Carnival shuttle bus from the airport to the cruise terminal. We'll be flying in the day before, so we don't need to be worried about parking. Here's what I'll be looking for. Obviously, a hotel that is clean and well kept, and is not outrageously priced. A hotel that offers shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the port. A store within walking distance of the hotel where we can buy some sodas to take with us, One or more restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. What can you recommend?
  12. I could be wrong, but I suspect the ads you see are prompted by whatever else you have looked at on line. Her's a way to test my theory. Let's say you're interested in purchasing a certain dress shirt. Go to Amazon, or Macy's web site, or any other web site that might have what you're looking for. Look for that item on 4, 5 or 6 different web sites. Then come on here, and unless you have some sort of ad blocker, you'll see ads on here for that shirt (or similar). In addition to having an ad blocker, you may have to turn off "cookies" in your settings. Or, just ignore the ads like you would in a magazine.
  13. Are the reps who answer 1800-Carnival PVP's? No, they are customer service agents, not PVP's.
  14. One thing that really does need to be eliminated from the buffet is the flat iron steak. It would almost be easier to eat a broiled tennis shoe.
  15. Our next cruise isn't until November 2021. I feel pretty confident that wearing masks will no longer be a requirement for everyone by then, with possibly the exception of nursing homes and certain areas in hospitals.
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