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  1. I've received a temporary credit from Chase and am waiting to see if it becomes permanent. Our agent reached out to Uniworld Monday. They are now saying another 4-6 weeks. As for being blackballed, I don't care--I've already blackballed Uniworld. The company's handling of this situation has been and remains beyond deplorable. It was a huge mistake to stray from Tauck.
  2. Thanks TikiIslandGirl. I've decided to issue a chargeback through Chase. Uniworld's non-responsiveness has been disgraceful.
  3. Has anyone actually seen any money back? We haven not.
  4. I have a group of 10 in the same boat as you radioman. I view this new policy as "if the guest cancels." I did cancel our 4/30 trip for our group of 10 back when it was 1/2 and 1/2, but seeing how they have not yet issued any refund, I'm going to argue for being able to take advantage of the original terms. I have to admit I'm very put off with Uniworld.
  5. Would love to rebook for the Fall, but will probably wait until Spring or next Fall. How long are others waiting before taking another chance?
  6. When I expressed my frustration over not being told about the price protection in 2020, I was told, "No we told you that you could rebook." If rebook means you can do so at the same price, then by their logic it would apply to the above and all other cruises. My guess is they are purposefully vague.
  7. Kent9xxx1, please email customer service and let them know your thoughts. Tikiislandgirl, I was told yesterday about the 1/2 refund that it wouldn’t be processed until next week.
  8. I'm pretty disappointed (perhaps even angry) over Uniworld's handling of this. We were a group of 10 booked 4/30 for the Douro cruisetour. When we asked about options for canceling, we were never told we could rebook in 2020 for the same price. After we canceled for 1/2 refund and 1/2 credit, we learned that we could have and every Fall cruise is now booked (except the last one in November.) I was told to go at the same time next year, we would have to pay the not inconsequential price difference because "the VP" has said no price protection for 2021 cruises. We would have to go in early March to get the same price. At this point, I have only taken a river cruise on Tauck and very much regret ever suggesting to my friends that we try a different line. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the cruise gets canceled by Uniworld since they have said we would get a complete refund if that happens. So many other cruise lines seems to be offering a 125% credit which if Uniworld did would take care of the price difference. I hope when all is said and done, "the VP" learns a lesson or two.
  9. I was wrong. I was told by Uniworld it is still 1/2 and 1/2 at the 14 day mark.
  10. Yes they have updated it. Suspended operations through 4/23. Re-bookings only. After 4/23, 14 days cancellations are re-bookings through 2021, no longer 1/2 refund and 1/2 future credit.
  11. Now I'm totally confused since my tour begins 4/30 and the cruise begins May 3. Does this mean I can't get 1/2 back now and 1/2 future credit as promised under the most recent update? Guess I'll call.
  12. I like the new policy since it was unclear whether Uniworld’s first announced policy applied to us a with a 4/30 tour date and 5/3 cruise date. Based on a conversation I had with Uniworld, I think they would have worked with us. I like that it now goes to 14 days and hope to see it shortened even more.
  13. It says it applies to cruises departing on or after May 1. Our Douro cruise departs May 3 but the Lisbon tour portion begins April 30. Wonder how they would handle this since some in our group are considering cancelling.
  14. Fantastic Review! Thanks so much for posting. We will be a group of 12 doing the same itinerary late April of 2020 on the new ship. I've shared your review with them and told them you would be a good source for any questions. I'm curious about whether jackets at dinner were needed? Thanks, Rod
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