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  1. Fantastic Review! Thanks so much for posting. We will be a group of 12 doing the same itinerary late April of 2020 on the new ship. I've shared your review with them and told them you would be a good source for any questions. I'm curious about whether jackets at dinner were needed? Thanks, Rod
  2. Thanks all for the advice. We ended up asking a bunch of friends if they would like to go with us and now we have a group booking on Uniworld for 6 cabins in May 2020. We are very excited!
  3. Got2Cruise, I started looking at Madrid as an option which was what convinced me to book cruise only on Uniworld Gabriel May 3, 2020. I figure I can do 3 nights in Madrid and a couple of nights in Lisbon (or vice versus) for close to the same price as Uniworld’s rate for the Lisbon land portion. Plus, if we can work it out so we don’t fly in or out of Porto, we will save a few $ on airfare and have shorter flights. I will miss having the trip to Combria on the transfer from Lisbon to Porto.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback so far. Tauck is definitely out so we are down to AMA or Uniworld. I appreciate the reassurance concerning the AMADouro. The pricing on Uniworld though is actually about 15% lower than AMA so pricing may make the decision easy.
  5. Yes please restore. I went back to edit and was unable to do so. Thanks.
  6. Tauck strictly prohibits discounting. I searched for an agent who could provide a discount a couple years back when we went on Tauck for the Danube with two other couples. He had promised a small rebate (in comparison to total cost) and then refused afterwards. Never again will I use an agent with Tauck. I like being in control (and he seemed to mess up a lot for our friends.)
  7. We are looking into booking a Douro cruise with a few nights in Lisbon in early June 2020 and have narrowed our options to AMA, Uniworld and Tauck. We like new ships and the AmaDouro just launched this week and the other two will be new next year (we ruled out Scenic due to the lack of professionalism we experienced on the toll free line.) We have only done one river cruise and it was with Tauck on the Danube. It was outstanding, but Tauck does not appear to include Salamanca in its itinerary which many on here suggest is a highlight. Pricing is better on AMA since it is not all-inclusive, but the deals on Uniworld are pretty nice. Would appreciate feedback from anybody who has traveled the Douro on either AMA or Uniworld. Thanks!
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