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  1. Then how can you explain all the infections? They didnt all bring it onboard with them.
  2. Not in Australia. It’s called trading whilst insolvent, meaning you know you can’t pay debts versus liabilities and income. I saw the article about positive news for CMV relaunching in Adelaide just a couple of weeks ago and was relieved. Too soon it seems.
  3. Cunard may actually offer something like this diversion as an excursion.
  4. Ah, But you have to pay extra to use the spa so I think I'm safe! 😂. Off to the brig.
  5. The TV add where the guy is in a spa and finds a used band aid then looks over at the person who just got out and who has a grazed knee 🤮. I have never ever used a spa. I don't usually swim in their pool unless I'm really hot except for the QM2 therapy pool which is heavenly. But never get my face wet. But I like to sit around the pool and it's a case of where something is taken away you really miss it.
  6. I have tried so many times to get my money refunded. I did cancel prior to the penalty period and they agreed to refund at the time but said it might take a while as they had to work from home. By the time they got back to the office they used the EU new law to escape refunding. So damn annoying as deposit was about $1500 USD. Anyway, I'm hoping Insurance that covers pandemics will cover the loss.
  7. That doesn't sound like a cruise I want to be doing. The best pools in Celebrity ships are the solarium ones. I think I've already sailed my last cruise ever. 😩
  8. I am talking of the current policy. I have not been given the option of a refund. I have only been offered the voucher. I actually cancelled the small cruise before cancellation penalties kicked in but they took so long to process it so that by the time they returned to the office the new law had kicked in. And the cruise was cancelled by them later as well. They are adamant they won't refund me. Given Aussies are being told not to expect vacations overseas before end of next year I refuse to wait over 18 months for a refund of a deposit I made a year ago.
  9. Many companies are using the EU legislation that allows them to issue a voucher rather than a refund. We are having issues getting refunds even when the hotel/tour operator has cancelled the booking. Only in Europe is that deemed ok to mess with the customer.
  10. We did our bucket list trip to Alaska and Canada last year after having had to cancel it three years prior due to DVT then lupus diagnosis. So pleased we managed to see it. I would love to go again, Vancouver was just beautiful and Alaska weather in May stunning.
  11. Those requirements will pretty much kill off cruising for us.
  12. Yes that's exactly what I was told. I'm not eligible for the 65+ due to age but as I have Lupus I can get it on medical grounds. We wanted to have a flu shot early as last year hubby caught flu in early April and was very sick as Adelaide had a bad early burst (I note that one of the strains in the quadra is "Adelaide"). Touch wood I've never had the flu but he has had several bouts but I don't catch it from him. 🤷‍♀️Dr also said the shot only lasts for around 4 months and he suggested I have the stronger version later in July when everyone has had their first rounds. Once a couple of weeks passed there were definitely shortages of both types in central Adelaide from about mid April until end of May.
  13. I had the flu shot the first day it was available in SA and that was 30th March.
  14. I think the push to get Flu jabs was 1. Part of the usual winter incidence of flu and which does make many bedridden and obviously some deaths and 2. If you had the jab and then came down with flu symptoms (not just a cold but outright body aches, fevers etc) then it is more likely it is Covid and so people don't think they can just rest up with 'the flu' but know they should be isolated and tested for Covid and watch out for worsening symptoms.
  15. I suspect that will be the case for non business travel (holidays) but will be open for business travel and for students. And I'd suggest November - December as a date. I have no idea when cruises may start. I can't even imagine what a good Covid mitigation strategy might look like. Sad times.
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