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  1. We have had several cruises in Australia. But only Covid negative people and only with Australians onboard. And many planned for a few months time through WA and NT.
  2. Sad news and condolences to his family. I enjoyed his contributions on CC.
  3. Viking are currently not budging on requiring vaccination of either passengers nor crew. I wonder if the Aus Govt will make it a requirement for entry to shores and I’ve got money on many port stops requiring similar. I had AZ on Monday and very grateful for it.
  4. It's hard to get my mind around that still. I had Astra Zeneca shot yesterday and already my vaccination history through Medicare has been updated. This is accessible by any medical person who has my Medicare number around Australia plus it provides a Govt Stamped PDF that I can print off to show others like airlines etc. I will not go on any cruise where the vaccination is not compulsory for all. Not because I fear Covid, having eventually been vaccinated myself, but the chaos that could occur should a non vaccinated person develop fulminant Covid onboard. Our Egypt cruise requir
  5. Is there no National Vaccination register in the US? We have one here in Australia, all linked to everyone's Medicare number and which shows in everyone's unique Medicare app on the phone. Doesn't require a QR reader etc. Adiitionally it is likely that Qantas will have a requirement in future, I'd say by October this year if they recommence internationally by then, that all passengers must be vaccinated. We have a Viking River cruise in Egypt this December. I doubt that our borders will allow us to depart Australia by then but if there is no vaccination requiremen
  6. Australia is very protective of its current status with regards to Covid ( no community transmission and no one in hospital) but is only just rolling out vaccinations. Just 150,000 done so far but that will ramp up very soon. My prediction - If Viking does not make vaccination compulsory for crew and passengers then Viking will not be allowed to come to Australia come next summer (October). Australia has a long memory when it comes to the spread and death rate from Ruby Princess just 12 months ago. And New Zealand and many Asian countries (Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam) will be the
  7. I'd say the cruise industry would be shut down for a while. It seems almost irrational of Viking to adopt this stance. Australia has been slow to vaccinate which has been due to supply. On the other hand we don't have community spread here, and only people developing it are those people in medi hotels returning from overseas. We don't have anyone in Australia in hospital with it. And Australia will protect that until most are vaccinated. I'm getting mine (Astra) on Monday. Only around 150,000 people vaccinated across Australia so far.
  8. Then they have to implement the ones that airlines will use. In Australia all immunisations are recorded in an Australian Govt website and can be seen on their app. And for the future I don't think cruise ships sailing out of Australia will be allowed in unless everyone is vaccinated.
  9. Native country isn't an expression we use in Australia. Every capital city is built on indigenous land which is why many places are now also named for their original significance. If you do that extension it is very memorable and getting up at Dawn for Uluru sunrise is not to be missed. Also try doing Dinner under the Stars. I don't know when cruises will be returning to Australia. My guess - It won't be this year except for Australian local cruising. And even then, possibly not until November and then only small cruise ships.
  10. Given that Aussies have been told we cannot expect to travel Internationally until 2022 I cannot see that cruise happening at all.
  11. Celebrity isnt. They have cancelled all Europe sailings in three ships until October.
  12. If the cruise line cancels then even the NRD clause doesn't hold. They have to refund.
  13. This. No way will those ships be sailing either. Not allowed to switch to 2022. This time I am asking for a refund.
  14. I suspect vaccination will be a requirement to come to Australia.
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