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  1. Pushka

    Frightening number of new ships on the Horizon

    There are many untapped markets in Asia. The huge untapped middle class markets of China, India and Indonesia.
  2. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    The thread here indicated everything was fine now.
  3. Pushka

    Viking Jupiter crash

    There’s an excellent video catching the impact. Search Zero Deficiences on the usual social media. The aft swings into the dock.
  4. Pushka

    Tips for New Viking Ocean Cruisers

    On Celebrity, access to the cabins is blocked by a door so you can’t check if it’s ready. All cabins are ready at 1pm. I take it we can check earlier on Viking just in case it’s early?
  5. Pushka

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    Bali will be much hotter than anywhere else.
  6. Pushka

    Swimming pools on Viking Ocean

    Im going to try it just because it looks wonderful. Probably not the day we go to Hubbard Glacier, but it might make for a great photo op.
  7. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    Agree, she’s having a great time. I think if you are doing a bucket list trip and had planned on visiting a particular port, while we know things go wrong, it can be really disappointing. If it’s just a port, then you can blow it off. If you’ve experienced a bad case of noro then of course you will be concerned. And it does change the atmosphere when a ship is under noro alert. Plus you never know when it may strike you, or the person next to you. There is no such thing as Cancel for any reason Insurance in Australia plus travel arrangements getting to the northern hemisphere are usually quite intricate and involve more than a cruise in order to maximise the cost of the flights.
  8. Pushka

    Tips for New Viking Ocean Cruisers

    You should be able to order an Invoice through MVJ.
  9. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    Sadly we have all seen adults whose hygiene is pretty much appalling. Caviargal and Philw and I are getting the info from the same FB page and we aren’t allowed to post any more details about that as CC will delete. The update of 2 hours ago said there were no new noro cases overnight and that the ship will be repaired on time for the next departure. It was a warranty repair.
  10. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    Im no doctor either but would suggest this isn’t simple noro which can be debilitating but not for weeks.
  11. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    We’ve been on a cruise ship when there was active noro the cruise before ours. There was a deep clean before we boarded. We were fine and no outbreaks. So the food handling restrictions were released mid cruise. Yes it was unfortunate but it’s what happens on any cruise line. Last I heard they were travelling at 11 knots. I don’t know the distances involved. I hope you receive better news soon.
  12. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    Noro is unfortunate but out of their control. I can see the ship is heading towards Miami off the northern coast of Cuba. I hear and understand your concerns, I have a few of my own with our Alaska cruise.
  13. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    Have you seen the email received from Viking and posted on FB? It stated that the issues will be resolved and new cruises will not be impacted. I also read they had flown in someone specifically for the repairs but that could be whispers.
  14. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    Others have received confirmation from Viking that any repairs can be done at Miami and future cruises are not impacted. People onboard feel confident that Viking has handled it very well on both counts. They don’t seem worried about the missed port, I think Santiago.
  15. Pushka

    Viking Star - Current Mechanical Issues

    I didn’t know about the noro but did read of the mechanical issues from one of the Face pages. And just found the noro info too.