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  1. Thanks. That seems to be a very well written article.
  2. It was great to read this article by a Doctor who was immersed in the Princess Covid infections. https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/coronavirus/ruby-princess-health-expert-it-is-safe-to-go-on-cruise-holidays/news-story/c1888fbac60c88ae45e87ef31d8bcb31 EXCLUSIVE: The doctor sent to contain the coronavirus outbreak on the Ruby Princess said there is nothing to fear about the ground zero pandemic cruise ship and said he would definitely holiday on the vessel. Australian doctor Dr John Parker was sent in to contain coronavirus outbreaks on the Ruby Princess in Wollongong, the Diamond Princess in Tokyo and the Grand Princess in San Francisco. And while he said cruising would never be the same, he was adamant he would go on a cruise on those very ships in the future.
  3. Yes. That very much changes the scenario and it's unfortunate that the locals were put under stress and scrutiny. A random positive test in a remotish area didn't sound right given no other people ill in the area. I did mention days ago that a second test was negative. I'm not sure why the Health Dept was so adamant that the positive test was the correct one. Does make Health Depts insistence on border closures seem rather shaky too.
  4. Some states never had the TB vaccination schedule and pretty much Australia wide it was discontinued in the early '80s. This was discussed in another thread where the TB immunisation was given to Aussie medical workers to see if it was useful Covid preventative tool. But we never really were inundated to check this theory out.
  5. Sorry. I no longer believe a word that comes from CCP. They do not deserve my trust nor respect. There is nothing they do, even as recently as today, that lends it itself towards anything to do with integrity and honesty.
  6. Yeah, Nah! Agree, it has to be a direct flight which is of course, meaningless. If China wasnt on the list then Australia being there would be a good thing but that one kills off any celebration.
  7. Why does this only happen with Princess. There is something that is very much amiss here.
  8. What does price have to do with anything?
  9. Id expect they could operate the same as ships do under Noro alert which is no self service but someone serves you with your selection. It's a painful process when you get cruisers who are extremely picky as to which piece of food they want. From experience. Some people are just anal about the fruit.
  10. I did hear that from the sad story of the 30 year old passing away in Qld that there was also a negative test. That was dismissed as being contaminated but if that's the case, then positive may also have been a false positive or likewise contaminated. The thing that makes me think it was not a true positive is the current fact that no one else has tested positive so far. And he did have significant comorbidities such as convulsions and was alone when he died. Anything may have happened and usually Covid breathing issues are detected long before subsequent passing. Our SA border is closed but the thing that currently is annoying is that the Vic statistics are always referred to as number of new cases each day, completely ignoring that approx half of these are from people in quarantine. The Australian criteria for the next stage, which is 10 new cases Australia wide, does not take such cases into account. We haven't had a true positive in weeks, over a month now (I'm going to wipe out that person from UK who arrived into SA as a positive having not completed 14 days iso in Vic) and the only other case was the guy who wasn't infectious and not symptomatic but had arrived from UK four weeks prior.
  11. Yes. Those are all good points as well. I'm not sure of the experience in the US other than it seems hellish but I think less than 2% in Australia have ended up in hospital. And just 103 deaths Australia wide. I think there is only one person on a ventilator in Australia at the moment. So unless we experience the second wave, it seems likely our usual flu season may actually be worse although currently even that has been suppressed thus far. But it's likely our Australian Border will be closed for many months yet to ensure no second wave.
  12. Agree. I expect though that most crew would have been vaccinated - or is that inoculated - as many developing countries still vaccinate. And why is he being treated in Sydney? He must have had Covid.
  13. But unless it's a raging pandemic, actually getting the virus for the vast majority of people is not that significant. Older people and those with comorbidities of course are at the most risk. And yes I personally know of three people who developed the virus.
  14. I did read today that for the major Australian Health restrictions to be singificantly eased is to have a pattern of only 10 new infections Australia wide, excluding those in quarantine from overseas. Thank goodness they arent playing tribal wars!
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