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  1. I've always seen them standing on the coping around the pools. never in the water itself.
  2. I think it lets you book each show only once. There a few smaller shows that don't have prebookings. A stage show and another dive show are first come that come to mind. I just booked all I could when I could
  3. the one I used and got a fairly quick response.
  4. had an issue a few years back and sent an email to Mr Bailey. I received a telephone call a day or two later from his rep. Issue was handled well and resolved. they even threw in a few bucks on my account for the trouble. Couldn't have been better handled.
  5. Don't smoke but am an early riser and explorer. When I found the cigar bar on Liberty I thought it was awesome. At that time of morning its empty and quiet. I would just sit and read or whatever. And loved the smell of cigars.
  6. I'm with Liberty as well. Been on her once and booked for November. I like Carnival but feel Royal definitely has better shows. Have also sailed Harmony and Allure.
  7. I've worn shorts I've worn pants. To be honest at this point in my life I don't care what others think of me. Really, I have never cared. Me eating in shorts with my legs hidden under the table will not affect anyone's appetite. And, I've always had decent looking legs. Shorts are always to my knees and dressy type. I;m 57 and still working my tail off. My vacation is just that. MY vacation. Now if I were to stand by your table and do the Hippy Hippy Shake I could understand you being a tad upset. Trust me, I won't do that. Promise.
  8. Have cruised Carnival 5 times and had a great time each cruise. Would do it again in a heartbeat
  9. have only seen them while in or near port of Galveston. pretty cool
  10. food was fine for us, some excellent. i sure didn't complain. such a subjective thing. certainly not inedible.
  11. very pumped about this. we love the big ships.
  12. Ive heard only Royal employees and family are onboard
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