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  1. Hello - Just trying to pin down an additional option in Cozumel. We will be arriving on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas so that will be the International Pier, I assume, if it makes a difference. Just wondering if we could get some restaurant recommendations, especially for some seafood. Pricing and taxi cost would be helpful also. TIA
  2. Yes, you should! I've been playing with it a lot. As far as your question, I'm just seeing "Live Band Poolside" sometimes with no mention of the type of band. As far as the App - instead of requesting copies of the Compass on CruiseCritic, I've just been looking at other Enchantment cruises leading up to ours. I've made notes on the timing of the activities to get ideas on what to do, when to make dinner reservations, expected docking times at the ports, etc. I've also looked up the MDR menus for the week. I'm a super-uber planner but will go with the flow when the actual time comes. I think the next cruise that matches up with ours (#of days, same ports) is the 10/9/2019 Enchantment cruise. During that cruise, if you have the app you can see the activities for each day. You don't have to go to the app each day - just any day of that cruise you can see the rest of the days' schedules.
  3. I'm enjoying this thread and will definitely be taking some notes of cocktails to try. May I suggest Baja Bob's Mixers! At home I buy the liquid mixers from my local Spec's liquor store. My go-to at home is the Mai Tai mix with rum and I like the Margarita version also. For the cruise I have ordered some individual powdered mixes. Baja Bob Mai Tai doesn't come in powder form but I have some margarita ones. I also ordered another brand on Amazon that did have a Mai Tai version but I haven't tried it yet. (looked up the brands I ordered = RSVP Skinnies & Margaritaville = haven't tried either yet). My plan on the cruise if I have to mix it myself is to ask for a tequila (or rum) on the rocks in a tall glass and a bottle of water or a glass of water or club soda (no ice) on the side. I'll then mix the powder with the water or club soda and add it to my tequila or rum. Powders - whether they're Crystal Light or Kool-Aid mix better without ice (add ice after dissolving).
  4. I'm excited about adding a Coco Cay stop on a 7 day cruise out of Galveston, but I wish it was on the larger Liberty of the Seas.
  5. FYI - As far as the carry-on luggage - wheels or not doesn't matter, but size does. It doesn't have to be as small as many airlines are requiring now, but it does need to fit through an airline type screener. A large suitcase has to be checked for embarking. You are allowed to walk off with a large suitcase as long as you can manage it and the rest of your belongings on your own. They always say stairs may be involved. Personally we check our large suitcases for debarkation as well as embarkation.
  6. Definitely would not be worth it to me! I think I'd keep my balcony! :'):'):')
  7. It has been illegal in Texas for years to sell a one price all you can drink so I believe Carnival could be correct. See my post above - I think it comes down to interpretation of the law. In my younger days Texas bars would have specials on "off" nights (like a Tues/Wed) where you could get all you could drink beer for $5. A law was created to crack down on this over-consumption encouragement. Hey - we had to get our money's worth, right! ;p This info about Carnival out of Galveston isn't correct either. You aren't able to purchase an alcohol package for the 1st day at all. On a 7 day cruise they only charge you for 6 days. Any drinks you have on the 1st day (boarding thru 6am the next morning) are charged a la carte. Since you only pay for 6 days of the package this is "fair". Some people on the Carnival boards have complained because they can't even get non-alcohol drinks on the 1st day but it's because they haven't paid any package price at all for the 1st day so these drinks are a la carte also.
  8. I believe it comes down to interpretation of the law. I actually don't see how RCCL is allowed to sell and let passengers use a drink package in Texas waters. Though I'm certainly not complaining!! ;):D 16 TAC 45.103 ©(11) © Licensees and permittees authorized to sell or serve alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption may not: (4) sell, serve, or offer to sell or serve an undetermined quantity of alcoholic beverages for a fixed price or "all you can drink" basis; All I can think of is Carnival is going by ©(4) above and RCCL is perhaps using (d) below [Perhaps that you're required to purchase a cruise ticket is enough to make it a "private" party? ;p]: (d) The provisions of subsections ©(1) through ©(7) do not apply where: (1) the permittee or licensee has entered into an agreement under the terms of which all or a portion of the licensed premises are utilized for a private party or a meeting of a particular organization; or (2) a caterer's or other temporary permit or license is used for a private party or a meeting of a particular organization.
  9. So funny!! Just last night I dreamt we were being dropped off at the port and we opened the back end of the car and our suitcases weren't there - no one had loaded them. Fortunately we are only 1.5-1.75 hrs away so I was going to hop in the car and make the round trip (because suddenly - as dreams do - I'm driving instead of being dropped off. Planned to leave DH there to try to hold the ship (ROFLMAO) in case I'm late getting back. Leaving 4 weeks from Sunday. Guarantee the luggage will be in the car. ;p
  10. I've used Native Way Watersports twice and definitely recommend them!! They supply the snorkeling gear and we didn't have any problems using theirs. I have not gone to "Hell" so I can't speak on that. You might try e-mailing them to see if this would be an option or what they would recommend. They could advice you on the timing also to see if this detour back to the ship would be feasible. As the other poster said, you will be tendering in Grand Cayman. Pay attention to your daily bulletins and see what the procedures are to disembark with a non-cruiseline excursion. Sometimes you need to get tickets. You might research this issue on the Magic's cruiseline's board. Have fun!! :cool:
  11. Thank you so very much!!! This is what finally worked for me using Internet Explorer. Even this trick didn't work with Chrome. I'm all checked in and have my Set Sail Pass and luggage tags printed for my cruise in 6 weeks!! FYI - I have been able to login and click on "Cruise Planner" and purchase beverage packages and excursions and continue to go back to check prices to make sure they haven't gone down. My problem, which I believe was the OP's as well, was not being able to access "Update check-in/SetSail Pass". Fortunately the above recommendation worked for me using IE.
  12. $42 is a good price. If that is too much for you to want to get the drink package for a 10 day cruise I certainly understand. However, be aware it might not ever go below this price and might increase. If you are willing to pay $42/day if it never goes down I would purchase it now and then cancel and repurchase if it goes lower.
  13. Looks like a Roll Call for your cruise was started today. Try this link: Liberty of the Seas- June 23, 2019
  14. Thanks for your quick review!! Good to hear!! May I ask what excursions you went on and whom you booked through? We're on Liberty in September and I believe I have our plans set for that cruise but would like to hear about your experience. I believe you went to the same ports - Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Falmouth.
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