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  1. Just curious, what seems so ridiculous about it? I've always enjoyed it and wish they did it more often. For people in the lounge trying to converse, it's much easier to hear each other without the music blaring. And for the people on the dance floor, if you don't like a particular song, you can change channels and switch to a different song.
  2. I have super strong but tiny magnetic hooks that I love -- can hang wet items on a hanger from the ceiling by the air vent to dry more quickly. If you're going to want to use the pool, etc., the first afternoon, pack your water essentials in your carry-on in case your luggage doesn't arrive right away (flip-flops, swimsuit, cover-up, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, whatever). Unless you're carrying your bags off the ship yourself at the end of the cruise, plan ahead for the last night/morning -- toiletries, pajamas, clothing for last day, etc. Familiarize yourself beforehand with what eateries/activities are included in your cruise fare and what will incur an additional fee to avoid unexpected expenses, and what is generally open/available at any given time. I'm always amazed to learn how many people don't realize that the MDR is open for lunch on sea days (on Royal) -- it's not open for lunch the very first day, so people just assume it's never open for lunch. Along the lines of the paragraph above about what eateries are open.... READ YOUR DAILY NEWSLETTER! It will tell you what time the various eateries are open, what activities are happening and where, what time you can get off the ship in port, what time you have to be back on the ship, the Port Agent's contact information in case you have a problem in port, etc. You can ignore the various sale flyers if you want, but you really should read the "news" part of the it! If you have a problem with ANY employee or part of the ship, TELL SOMEONE so they can resolve the issue. Likewise, if you don't like your tablemates at dinner, ask to be moved to another table.
  3. I swear, it's like they are built like this Play-Doh toy.... it just never stops.
  4. If it's a standard scooter, it will likely fit through the door. If you're renting one, rather than bringing yours from home, it should fit through the door in a regular room. If he uses a bariatric scooter, though, it probably won't fit through the doorway of a regular room (unless you have a suite, which has a wider door).
  5. Lots and lots of Amish people live amazingly happy and fulfilling lives without running water, indoor toilets, central heating, electric lights, etc. If people are happy with their choices and it's not hurting anyone else, why should anyone else judge them or try to change them?
  6. If you read my comments -- which you quoted yourself but obviously didn't read -- you'd know that I specifically mention the FEATURES OF THE ROOM. Here, let me show it to you again: Obviously, some people who need a scooter also have OTHER mobility needs, and therefore they need the OTHER features of the room. Because they actually need the accessible features of the room, they are the people who should be booking an accessible room. My comments, which you quoted but didn't read and are shown here for you to see again, were about people who CAN GET AROUND OKAY IN THE ROOM and only "need" the accessible room because they want parking space for their scooter. There are also people who have an actual need for the accessible room even if they don't use a wheelchair or scooter -- they may walk with a cane or walker, but need the bathroom grab bars, shower facilities, etc. That's why I specifically mentioned that a need for the FEATURES OF THE ROOM should be the deciding factor in who is allowed to book an accessible room. If the person can use the regular shower and toilet and can get into the bathroom and onto the balcony okay, they should not be allowed to book an accessible room until final payment or whatever date the cruise line makes them available to everyone. If the cruise line enforced this as a policy, it would result in a lot more accessible rooms being available for the people who actually need the special features of those rooms... it would mean that accessible rooms would be accessible to the people who need them. As it is now, some people just say, "I use a scooter, I deserve an accessible room" when in reality they can function just fine in a regular room. I'm not anti-scooter at all. I am, however, anti-scooter-abuse.
  7. Just want to make sure I'm understanding this... they're wanting to buy the refreshment (no booze, but includes mocktails, specialty coffees, etc.) package for the whole trip, then upgrade it to the deluxe package for the last three days? I'm not sure, but I don't think that can be done. If they want to "pick their days" for the booze package, they're probably better off just paying by the drink. If they get a soda package or a refreshment package, they can also just "buy a shot" of whatever booze they want and add it to the soda/virgin cocktail that would be included with their soda/refreshment package.
  8. Hopefully your wish to be helpful will be accepted ... no reason for this to have been controversial!
  9. Don't bother, Ken... I know you wish to be helpful, but they don't wish to believe us.
  10. In most cases, all that is needed is to remove the armrests -- those are usually the widest part of the scooter.
  11. Again, it depends if the OBC was provided by the cruise line as part of your booking (this typically can't be refunded -- you use it or lose it), or if the OBC was provided by the Travel Agent (basically, they are giving you part of their commission from selling you the cruise). They may have said, "We'll give you X amount of OBC" when in actuality it was the cruise line giving it as part of the fare promotion.
  12. What does a luggage tag have to do with someone stealing your bag??? And why would a porter put a tag on your luggage if you already have a tag on your luggage?
  13. It depends on the scooter, but the standard scooters provided by the rental companies specifically for cruising do fit through the doorway and inside the room of a standard balcony room on the newer ships. If using a scooter from home or a bariatric scooter, you'd have to get the dimensions of that model to find out if it would fit. The bigger issue I see is people just not wanting to have to walk around the scooter in their room -- they want the bigger room so that they have room to park the scooter off to the side and still have the rest of the room to themselves. If that's the case -- they just want more room to walk around while the scooter is parked -- they should cough up the money and pay for a Junior Suite. The cost of the scooter rental is cheaper than the upgrade to a Junior Suite... Accessible rooms should be reserved for people who actually need the special features of the room, not just for people who have a scooter but are able to maneuver in the room without assistance.
  14. I blame the number of people using scooters these days for the decrease in available accessible rooms. IMO, accessible rooms should be for those who actually need the features of the room -- the roll-in shower, the no-step bathroom/balcony, the safety rails in the bathroom, the space to maneuver around the room in a wheelchair, etc. People who can walk around in their room on their own and only need the scooter to walk for longer distances around the ship, etc., should be required to book a regular room. There is room to park the scooter in the seating area (you can ask the room steward to remove the coffee table, if needed).
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