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  1. I would check again around July 4th -- the sales seem to coincide with a holiday (like this last one did with Memorial Day).
  2. But by the time the cruise is cancelled, you won't have a cruise anymore -- they'll have cancelled the cruise for the people who paid for it, but your cruise will have already been cancelled when you refused to pay final payment. I agree, it's not a smart move from a customer service angle, but that IS the contract that you agreed to when you booked it, so you would have no standing for a credit card chargeback. When your credit card company looks at the documentation, they'll see that you forfeited on June 2nd when you didn't pay for the cruise, so YOU would be the one who defaulted on the contract. If the cruise line cancels the cruise on July 13th, you would not be affected because you don't have an active reservation anymore. However, if you go ahead and pay the final payment today, and the cruise line cancels a couple weeks later, if they don't refund your money in a timely manner, then you WOULD have a basis for a credit card chargeback -- you would have had a reservation at the time the cruise line defaulted on the contract by cancelling the sailing, and then the credit card company would rule in your favor. (I volunteer with a consumer advocacy group -- I see how these chargeback attempts play out on a regular basis, and you have to follow the rules if you want it to be decided in your favor.)
  3. Yes, as @Ourusualbeach said, there are automatically two spots held in the lifeboat for every double-occupancy room, even if there is only one person in the room. The only time you can't add an extra person is if you're trying to add a third or fourth person to the room, and all the "extra" lifeboat spots are taken in that muster station. If there are 20 double-occupancy rooms in a muster station that are all booked by solo cruisers, there would be 20 empty seats on the lifeboat, even if other people in that muster station wanted to add someone to their triple or quad room and was told that muster station was full.
  4. It doesn't matter -- if you book solo in a double-occupancy room and pay the full solo supplement, you can just add the second person at any time by adding their taxes/fees and paying their deposit. You don't have to book for two people and pay two deposits right from the start, unless you're booking under a group rate.
  5. I don't think that's necessarily going to work the way you want it to.... You won't have a basis for a claim for a charge-back with your credit card company -- you put down a non-refundable deposit and agreed to terms and you won't complete your end of the deal by not paying your Final Payment. If you don't make Final Payment, your reservation will be cancelled on Final Payment Date, so the cruise line later cancelling the sailing entirely will no longer be relevant to you, because you would no longer have an active reservation at the time the sailing was cancelled. I don't know if it's possible, but maybe you could "Lift and Switch" this reservation to a future cruise, only choose a refundable deposit this time, and then cancel that cruise? (Unless you booked a suite, which always has a non-refundable deposit.)
  6. The dinner menu doesn't change, regardless of the time you go to the MDR. And as far as I know, you can't change your dining choice from the app -- just from calling (or having your TA do it).
  7. Never had luggage lost. ALWAYS take a carry-on for things that would ruin my cruise if they were lost/damaged/stolen -- electronics, medication, and contacts/glasses. (I don't wear jewelry, but if I did, that would also stay with me.) Clothes and toiletries can be replaced -- if worse comes to worst I can always wash my outfit in the sink at night and wear it every day for the whole cruise! But if I didn't have my phone (which is also my camera, my alarm clock, and my information holder), my medications, or my prescription contacts/glasses, then I would not be able to participate in the cruise at all.
  8. I think you misunderstood the OP's question. By "over the phone" they meant by voice calling and talking to a representative -- not just using their phone as an internet device.
  9. I would definitely call in for something like that -- as Biker stated, often there are rooms available that "seem" booked when you're looking online.
  10. There always seem to be a bunch of weird line items on the itemized bill.... I'd assume there were various other discounts (age, CAS, state of residence, or who knows) that were applied in addition to the FCC. But YAY for Royal Math that works in your favor!!!!
  11. Oh, we had a GREAT thread here about that... maybe four or five years ago? I think it got started b/c people were complaining about all the kids on cruises, and someone else mentioned that they took swingers cruises even though they aren't in that lifestyle themselves -- just because they are automatically child-free. Man, that was entertaining... I wonder if that thread is still around?
  12. This is actually false. Stewards use a fresh cleaning cloth for each room. But thanks for playing.
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