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  1. I can't even remember the last time I was allowed to eat in a restaurant in Michigan. But 30 miles to the south in Indiana, everything is open. I'm thinking Indiana's restaurant business consists of most of southern Michigan's disposable income right about now.
  2. I was gonna point this out in my response to your "what about Yoopers" question. We use both hands for both peninsulas.
  3. Every good Michigander automatically points to the proper spot on the back of the left hand or the palm of the right hand! LOL
  4. Not necessary to take the phone away -- just make sure that the phone is in Airplane Mode (with or without an internet plan) so that it's not pinging off the ship's (or shore's) cell towers.
  5. The bungalows on Labadee are a much more economical option than a cabana.
  6. I'm about to drop some more in the next day or two, so buckle up! LOL
  7. AMEN! And all of that's only going to get worse if 90% of the ship is taking RCL excursions. I picture something like this: 7am: Ship gets into port. People are supposed to report to their tour-gathering location on the ship. Lines snake the entire length of the ship as there is only one entrance to each space. 8am: Theater and balcony and all three levels of MDR are utter chaos as the entirety of the ship attempts to squeeze into locations not intended to hold that many people. Various ship employees are trying to direct people to different locations within the room based
  8. The waiter on Explorer didn't let us do our own, he stood there the whole time. I was disappointed in that part.... if you're gonna cook it and serve it to me, just cook it in the kitchen and bring the plate out!
  9. Especially if your daughter can sleep in a Pack-n-Play, the walk-in closet on the JS could be a sleep-room for her (they really are that large!) which would allow you to be able to watch tv, read, etc., in the room while she's napping or sleeping at night. If she were older and had a sibling and would be more interested in the bunk beds, that might sway things in the other direction, but I vote for JS all the way in your circumstance.
  10. I did L&S on my November cruises, and just checked out some pricing in the cruise planner.... HOLY MOLY COW! REALLY hoping for a Black Friday Sale, because the Refreshment Package is $30/day (plus grats) and the 4-device Voom is $57.57/day. Definitely trying to make up for lost revenue there!!!!
  11. No, full suite is needed (or Pinnacle status).
  12. For one person, yes. But generally the price for the two-device Voom is significantly cheaper than the price for two Key packages.
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