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  1. I usually do inside, but have also done Oceanview (window), Promenade (window), Central Park balcony, and Oceanview balcony rooms. I have to "force" myself to look out the window or go out on the balcony. On a 7-day cruise, I *might* spend a grand total of 30-60 minutes on a balcony the entire week, and most of that time is hanging up wet clothes/swimwear to dry. (I have magnetic hooks that I hang from the ceiling in the room to dry items that aren't actively dripping.) If I'm going to be outside, I want easy access to a pool, hot tub, and bar.... you'll find me in the Solarium on a non-Oasis class ship, or under a covered part of the pool deck on an Oasis class ship. (The Solarium on Oasis class ship is beautiful, but the lack of shade is a problem for a redhead.) I have 17 booked from November 2021 to January 2023, and will probably add at least one more. Of those, 13 are insides, one is an Oceanview balcony, and three are Central Park balconies. I'm stringing cruises together in groups of B2B/S2S to limit my airfare/hotel costs, so those 17 cruises are only five actual trips. I'm planning on working a few contracts in between some of my trips, but I know i'm fortunate to be able to afford to cruise this much -- that wasn't the case in the past for me, and it won't always be the case going forward. No vacations for two years due to COVID, plus lots and lots of hours worked during that time (I'm a nurse), means I have a healthy cruise fund saved up at the moment. The Double Points promotion that is currently running is an extra incentive to get in as many cruises as possible before the end of 2022 (I'll be adding 400 points by the end of these 17 cruises).
  2. I work overnights (I'm a nurse) and I'll email him after midnight and get a response, or at 5am and get a response. Starting to think he's an Android like Data on Star Trek, TNG!
  3. I've used a portable battery as an overnight charger before, no problem.
  4. Well, The Key is per person, per day... so for two people in the room for a 7-day cruise, you're talking more like $350. That's a good chunk of change.
  5. Like in any profession, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Sorry you got stuck with a bad egg!
  6. What if they're not a Pin in their own right, but only by marriage????
  7. It DEFINITELY depends on the TA. A big box store or online agency is totally different than the experience you get with an individual TA that you actually know. I handle everything via email, maybe one phone call in the last couple years, and that was because he had some questions that were faster/easier to discuss on the phone. Price drops, room changes, bookings, payments, weird questions -- I just send a quick email and it gets taken care of. I estimate that his agency affiliation has group rates on about 80% of the cruises I'm interested in, so I get some combination of a reduced fare and/or OBC in addition to a refundable deposit without paying the higher refundable fare. But if I had huge wait times like the OP, I'd be dropping my TA in a heartbeat. What's the point of having a TA if you have to do a bunch of work / waiting on hold????
  8. Do I get double points for a Pin in a Suite? Or just an extra point?
  9. I've picked up so many tips and tricks here, I'm happy to be able to pay it forward! 😁
  10. According to a friend, if you off a suite passenger, you can use their corpse to block the light coming in under the door.
  11. Private, suite-y stuff that the peasants in third class have no business knowing about!
  12. That won't give the husband access to the Suite Lounge, etc.
  13. You reminded me of the tail end of this Mervyn's commercial of yore:
  14. No, switch the actual names on the reservations, so hubby is in with you and Mom is in his room. You can get extra keys so that Mom can still get into the suite, but she won't have the fancy "Suite" card.
  15. They're so affordable that I have to book MORE cruises to use up all my money!!!!!
  16. If check-in just opened up for your cruise, keep checking back every few days. It took about two weeks for my Allure cruise and about three weeks for my Freedom cruise for them to open up earlier arrival times. Just go in to "edit your check-in" on the Cruise Planner and click on the little pencil icon by your SetSail Pass to make changes, then in the upper right corner will be a link to the Arrival page, and then click Select a Different Time. If there isn't an earlier time yet, you can just close out of it and it will keep your current time. Keep checking back. I checked in for my Freedom cruise about ten minutes after check-in opened at midnight, and 3pm was the only time they offered. Now they have everything from noon on, in 30-minute increments.
  17. As long as your CAS number is on your booking, you're good. It doesn't matter if it was on there "at the time of booking" or if it was added later.
  18. Given the (white-haired) demographic on HAL, I wouldn't be surprised if there just isn't as much interest in cruising until the perception of the pandemic changes. While cruising itself is safer than pretty much anything else you can do outside your own home these days, flying elbow-to-elbow to get to the cruise port is likely putting off a lot of people in that age group. As for children, I'd like to point out that cruising during the school year (and not on holiday/spring breaks) significantly reduces the number of kids on a sailing. And even on a ship with a water slide, as long as you avoid the slide area and the kiddie-pool area, the other sections of the ship are pretty child-free (at least on the various Royal Caribbean ships I've been on). Between the kiddie program, the kiddie pool, and the waterslides, the kids are pretty easy to avoid (especially if you choose late-seating for dinner).
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