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  1. Cruise ships, hospitals and schools are all suffering at the moment with a flu type virus, antibiotics don't treat it. They only treat a secondary infection that you may contract whilst your body is vulnerable. My daughter attends a local secondary school in the North of England, 400 of 1200 pupils plus many staff were off one day last week. The tabloids were phoning for news but the school refused to comment. It is the most pupils absent in their history.
  2. Just checked waves heights on passageweather.com....not looking good.
  3. Have you seen that RCCL have amended their itinerary for Explorer over the weekend seemingly to avoid the storm. They extended the cruise by staying down in Malaga allowing the storm/hurricane to pass now arriving Southampton 3 days late thus the following TA reduced duration too.
  4. Following this lovely trip and it is bringing back great memories of a similar itinerary we did on the Journey in 2016. What is so good about Azamara is the actual port/docking points in the cities of Bankok and HCMC and their overnight stops/duration in port. Personally for such an itinerary I wouldn't choose any other line, we really fancy booking this again - so much to see and do on this route. However there is nothing listed yet for the upcoming years?? Have I missed it somewhere? If anyone else is looking at Bangkok Tours - I found Parry Happy Tours on Cruise Critic Port info and TA advisor reviews - we used her for two days in 2016 (her reviews are still superb!) for Ayutthaya Sunset tour and river cruise with a fantastic local dinner included and a full day tailor made tour around BKK including lunch and 'treats along the way!' She is an amazing guide, great to listen too and so caring and genuine and well priced too. Loving reading your well balanced review 'hubofhockey' - thank you for taking the time out to post it.
  5. Hubofhockey, enjoy the tour with Water Buffalo Tours, we used them on our Azamara Cruise in 2016. The exact same tour...very immersive! Excellent value and one of the best guides we had thoughtout our cruise. We ended up driving through the start of a wedding reception, and all the catering staff had to raise the decorations and decorated gazebos, yet no one wasphased by it! Fortunately the rear windows of our van were blacked out so they couldnt see two westerners in the back! Lunch at the house with the family was delightful! Can't wait to see your photos!
  6. The dispensers can be 'lockable' not the key type but a tamper proof type lock closure that uses a disctreet two prong type 'key' to unlock to prevent people pouring in unsuitable liquids etc. The exterior is wipe clean. Surely hygienic? There are some quite attractive contemporary style dispensers available....more attractive than those on main stream cruise lines. As long as the product type and ingredients were printed on a sheet on an info sheet in the room then this is the way forward.
  7. So looking forward to this 'Live from' Hadn't realised you were a Northern Lass?!
  8. santrah

    Dream job??

    https://www.allcruisejobs.com/i21916/land-discovery-staff-and-bike-escort/ More positions....who likes selling!
  9. santrah

    Dream job??

    Looks like they are bringing back the bike excursions....I would like this!
  10. Just received the LCV newsletter via my email inbox....it shows Quest 8 days Alaska cruise 28 Dec..is it really or is it another typo?!
  11. We were disappointed in the ship and sorry but only gave it a 3 rating on my review https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=640898 However the staff are so friendly and our room stewards were probably some of the best we have had, we cruise for itinerary and TUI really do some fantastic itineraries, ease of access from check-in at Manchester is really superb too, already found an itinerary on Discovery for late this year that I like and the reviews for Discovery and speaking with others on the Explorer cruise they much preferred Discovery. If you can get a good price on Premium Club (we paid £300 each return! then do so. The disappointment on Explorer was the waiting times, inconsistent service and food quality in the main restaurants. The ship not having a main Atrium feels a bit disjointed. Our cabin a junior suite was fine,, the bathroom was quite modern for the age of the ship and we did not have any problems at all with the toilet, other lower down did and there were smells in the corridors too. We found the bed very low and one mattress was softer than the other!. It was very clean indeed, in fact one morning whilst in port we returned to find two different housekeeping staff who had dismantled the bed frame and were really cleaning every nook and crannie around the bed and bedside tables. Go with the flow, hopefully they will be rectifying staffing issues in restaurants and food quality. We were supposed to receive an email questionnaire, this still hasn't arrived in my inbox!
  12. A few more pics by Keegans sign and Explorer in the bay
  13. Yes it is, quiet with just a few TUI towels and a few locals too.
  14. Turn right as you leave the tender, walk along the shoresde path passing a narrow beach and cafes/restaurants continue on the path which is stepped and steep in places. Ignore any boat owners selling transfers to the beach at Jack's bar saying the coastal path is impassable!. Continue on.the path your feet may get wet as you negotiate it! The path was just being finished being rebuilt. You will come to the beach where Jack's restaurants is, this beach area gets very busy and talking to others there the food and drink service at Jacks was slow even.on Caribbean time! We continued to the end of this beach and took a few steps up a scruffy path to join up with a quiet road, help right on the road down the hill and you will come to a superb quiet beach. There are a few cafes and bars, we used Keegans which is midway along the beach. The service was good and the cafe was clean as were the toilets! The cafe straddles both sides of the road. Food was ok, service friendly and WiFi free and fast! Photo from Keegans.. took about 20 mins walking time. They even have a swing attached to a palm tree! We were there in December on the Explorer, this was one of our favourite ports.
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