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  1. Just to let you all know, it’s now policy on board for NO TRIVIA on Edge. I have confirmed this with the new CD! This can’t be true?
  2. The blind goes as far up or down as you like if you use the control panel in the veranda. If you use the app or the panel in the room, it automatically goes all the way up or down
  3. 2 of us Elite b2b that’s plenty of minutes. We might go ashore and find a Macie D or something for a FaceTime to family if time allows. Really must enrol for our CC meet and mingle! That was the only good thing about MSC. The meeting was fully catered with bar snacks and cake. Otherwise it was dire but amazing itinerary.
  4. We each have iPhones. They’ll live in the safe except for a couple of ports.
  5. Same here I assumed because I am in U.K. Happy Brexit!!!
  6. We were originally booked on March 10 and 17. We saw that the sailing was removed from sale after about 6 weeks and it was rumoured on here that it was cancelled. Eventually we discovered that we had been bumped in favour of a charter. Later we heard she had been chartered by a medical company. Yes we were compensated to bring forward the trip from 10 and 17 to 3rd and 10th wevould just as easily have chosen these dates anyway Bob
  7. We are on 3/3 and 10/3. Both were quite full last time we looked. March 17 Edge is full as she has been chartered. Bob
  8. Slight panic today. American Airlines changed flight times for our flight to FLL via Philadelphia making the connection impossible. Travel agent re routed us on BA via LHR and LGW with overnight at Gatwick. Extra days holiday... and no cost to us. Obviously made enough on original booking!
  9. I read on here or Facebook that it was a planned stop in Azores. They left France early to avoid poor weather and the stop was to check latest forecasts. Makes logical sense but whether it’s factually correct I know not. Bob
  10. The bed in staterooms can be split.
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