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  1. Does anyone know if adjoining balconies on Deck seven can be connected on Pacific Princess? On some Princess ships a door between adjoining balconies can be opened allowing people to move back and forth. Just wondering if we can connect our three balcony cabins pb our Tahiti Cruise Greg
  2. I've created a Roll Call for the 10 day PPT-PPT portion of the 8 February 2022 sailing. Just FYI.
  3. I want to add my thanks for posting this. The file talks about "amenity points." We've only been on Princess a couple of times and I'm not familiar with this term. Could someone please explain a bit? Thanks, Greg
  4. Received mine this AM, from a 4 April cruise canceled by Princess in the initial 60 voluntary pause. FCCs credited to account some time ago.
  5. We're looking forward to the cruise as a family vacation.
  6. It reappeared this AM. FWIW, my FCC has been decremented by the exact cost of this cruise (less taxes and port fees).
  7. This cruise that we booked for next year has dissapeared from my manage your bookings page. Any ideas why?
  8. I certainly didn't mean to imply, the Sea/Sun Princesses are bad ships. We REALLY enjoyed Sea on our circumnavigation of Oz (including the draft beer options and wrap around promenade). Just meant that we didn't think the balconies were worth the premium. Plus (this is our 3rd trip to Alaska) we believe outside devks with 360 views are best places to view Alaskan scenes.
  9. We were on the same cruise out of LA to Alaska on 27 June 2020, as you. We've rebooked for 2021 (late July). The ship they're using next year is the Sun Princess. I think she's a sister ship of the Sea Princess that we sailed in Australia last year. If that's a good assumption, she has relatively few Suites and MiniSuites (but the Mini Suites are really nice). So its possible that they were snapped up by folks anticipating Alaskan cruises being canceled this year. I guess its possible Princess is holding them either for increased prices or to use as upsell bargains. FWIW, if Sun has same layout as Sea, we would NOT recommend a balcony. They are the "cut out" type and small. We hardly used ours sailing around Australia. Greg
  10. Last year the Sea Princess had paddles and balls and a net strung across the BBall court. Not reg but DH and I could bat the ball around in the wind😁
  11. Appreciate the answers. Son took option 1 and had booked EZ Air and some excursions and a photo lackage on his Credit Card. While we xan both stand the cash flow on port taxes and fees, he cannot stand loaning over $1,000 in excursions for his family to Princess. Greg
  12. Can we bring "holding accounts" out as a stand alone topic? Right now it seems buried in several threads. Starting questions: 1. Do they exist? 2. Can passengers "view" the balance? 3. What goes into accounts? - port fees? - taxes? - excursions charged to credit cards? - drink packages, wi fi, photo packages, etc. charged to credit card? - EZ Air chrges? 4. Can passengers request accounts to be paid out? If so, how? I appreciate everyone's patience as I suspect most of this is buried somewhere in other threads. Thanks, Greg
  13. Does Princess typically offer a "Back to Back" discount? If so, any idea of amount or percent? Thanks, Greg
  14. Any speculation on whether draft beer/ale/stout etc will be available on Sun during next year's Alaskan Cruise Season??
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