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  1. Looks like aiport and cruise terminal fairly close. What's the need to knows about terminal if any? Any recommendations on hotels near the port or central location to see any sights the night before(what did you do when there?). Preferably one that offers shuttle to port or walking distance to. Thanks in advance.
  2. Correct, the Panama Canal. Have to assume more to come, just odd pretty much nothing listed now. I find it helpful to read through those for research and ideas what we will see/do.
  3. I'm booked on the Norwegian Sun in October 2020. When I look at the cruise planner it only shows 16 totals excursions for a 14 day cruise with a decent amount of ports. Obviously I'm sure many more will be added, when does NCL normally start to populate their full selections?
  4. I've done a Partial Transit from the Atlantic, under the bridge, into the locks, into Gatun and back out. Fascinating and had a great time. Doing I full transit starting from the Pacific next. What stands out from this direction? What sites to look for, etc. Thanks.
  5. Couple questions for everyone. Freestyle Dining sounds similar to anytime dining on other lines. Can you request tables for 2 or is it show up and they fill table by table like they would do MDR lunches on other lines. Internet, how is it generally on NCL? I do need to be connected so will want more than social. Is there a big difference in standard versus premium? Hoping its faster and more consistent than Carnival.
  6. About to book my first cruise on NCL. Not new to cruising so dont need the cruise basics, but looking for any tips and need to knows specific to NCL that you think will be helpful. My main question to start is how do they handle price reductions? If it goes cheaper do they reimburse, give credit, etc. Thanks in advance for helping me get a good feel for NCL. Thanks.
  7. Let me know if you have any questions on the ship or the ports. Cruise went to Grand Cayman, Belize, Roatan and Cozumel. Few thoughts... * Yes, the internet is as bad as everyone says it is. Verizon Travel pass is such a great alternative when in port. * Did private tours in both Belize and Roatan, felt safe at all times. Highly recommend Manawakie Park in Roatan to see Sloths and Monkeys. * Overall experience, service, food, entertainment was good, not great. Overall an enjoyable cruise but not a lot of Wow moments. * Ship did have some smell in the halls as
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