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  1. Just read on a website called cruiselawnews.com or something like that ... that a guest on SD1’s last voyage tested positive ... ugh. If true, very sorry to hear this news as it certainly makes it less likely that the planned and popular Norwegian voyages will continue as planned.
  2. Indeed ... thanks to your post I checked just now and the Norwegian voyages there yesterday have been removed ... the first voyages shown are in mid September in the Med which seems quite unlikely. An inside source had said the other day, before the Norwegian restrictions, that only one of the two ships might go to the Caribbean this fall. Or at least one first and hold the other back depending on demand and conditions in the region. Anyone have further insights?
  3. Heard that SD can complete the voyages already underway but no one can leave the ship along the way. Unclear if those now on board disembark this weekend as scheduled or stay on to complete the 14-day quarantine on the ship. Future voyages will have fewer than 100 guests to avoid the new restrictions. No doubt SD is holding itself to higher health standards.
  4. Thanks ... best to you and Blondie ... spot on about the crew ... hope to share TOY table with you all and the mate from down under someday again ... soon? Or even 2021. Hopefully Americans can travel at least to the Caribbean by then ...
  5. Nice to see SD1 and SD2 together today in Oslo ...
  6. Ho-Hum is in the top class all by himself of course and we miss him ... so this is a far distant second or third at best! Little birdies report over 90 passengers on the first SD1 voyage that ended today Norwegian time. SD2 starts its first voyage today also with over 90 guests. Rest of voyages pretty full as well. Some newly arriving crew were in quarantine on SD2 but well taken care of. Today is a bit of a realignment with both ships together again - some normally on SD2 were on SD1 etc. but will return to usual posts so all is soon well in the yachting not cruising universe. Those residing in countries such as India and South Africa have not yet been able to make it to Norway due to travel restrictions. From afar it certainly looks as if SD’s nimbleness is putting it in a much better position compared to much larger ships that won’t operate for months, if at all in 2020. Hope to hear here from HH and those on these voyages.
  7. We too received the last of multiple refunds within recent days. We are relieved but sad since we had bookings out through 2022 we were looking forward to. Had SD management bothered to make any constructive outreach at all these past few months we might have held on for at least some of the planned voyages. Mind you we have done dozens since 2008. Despite pleas here and directly to SD management, nothing has improved all these months. I’m not one to say never in these situations, so I won’t now, but SD has a lot to do to earn back the trust and confidence we & so many others placed in them all these years.
  8. Totally agree as has been said many times by many people over recent months that the owner should have long ago been more forthcoming about those issues you identified above. The lack of communication and departure of those we had been dealing with in the Miami office pushed us toward refunds over credits. For the most time since 2008 we now have no future voyages booked when once we had 2-3 per year going two years out. SD was to be a central part of the retirement travel plan we started only last summer. As to the Norwegian voyages this summer, I tend to doubt many of those going are using up credits. Only those who reside in Norway and Denmark can get on them, for now anyway, and the voyages booked up fast as they like the rest of us are eager for a vacation. While we’ve had past SD voyages with good folks from Norway and Denmark, the numbers were very low. It seems highly unlikely that a lot of the credits SD issued for cancelled voyages due to the virus went to folks in those two countries. Jealous they now get to sail. The real question is what kind of SD experience will be offered. Based on intel that all the usual crew are not being recalled to work, it seems for now like voyages will have far fewer crew to take care of guests.
  9. Yes indeed - thanks for the correction as to the dates. Marine Traffic does in fact show arrival in Rotterdam on June 11, I mistakenly wrote arrival Norway by then. Assume Norway several days later. All good. Will be interesting to see how many crew will be recalled to work on both ships given demand for the new voyages. There may be logistical issues getting them to Norway., There are also rumors about lower staffing levels, perhaps due to those logistical limits as many SD regular crew are home far away from Norway at present. We all look forward to reports from those of you closer to the upcoming voyages once they commence.
  10. Oh my ... short answer, one word YES!!!
  11. Glad to hear about high demand in Norway ... good for refunds to the rest of us and also for the future of SD beyond this summer. The website now says that SD2 will start Norwegian voyages on June 27, not in July as I had read (misread?) somewhere else. As I posted on another thread, SD2 left Lisbon yesterday (June 6) and after a technical stop in Rotterdam is due to arrive in Norway on June 11.
  12. Haven’t been on SD1 in awhile but have been on SD2. I know from crew reports that they’ve been using the time with no voyages to do lots and lots of maintenance work on top of what they routinely do. There has been no recent dry dock to change out the rooms in any way so they are still on the small side with older furniture. But we love the classic look and always look forward to the top notch service, food and fellow passengers on a smaller vessel. I can’t comment on the Crystal ship from personal experience but hope to learn from others here.
  13. Helpful. I seem to recall problems in the past when there was a voyage with paying guests right after a dry dock - perhaps they don’t want to repeat those?
  14. The difference here is the TA is cancelled AFTER the supposed dry dock not before. The reason Spring 2020 TA was cancelled was to prep the ship before the dry dock work. Why cancel a TA after the work has been done, especially if as claimed the Caribbean schedule is unchanged? Perhaps it is to finish the work in some fashion or allow any bugs to be fixed? Seems a bit odd that dry dock with any extensive work would go forward when SD claimed there were so many refunds requested for future voyages they couldn’t process them on time. Maybe SD finances are actually stronger? Wish SD would speak up but I’m not going to wait for any official word.
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