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  1. I alternate between cautious optimism one day and cynical pessimism the next day. We don’t have an SD trip until October but it is supposed to end in Venice which is touch and go at best (rest of the stops are in Croatia so I’m anticipating a change in the final port). Based on hearing from friends who live in Europe, I’m not too optimistic for the summer. We in the USA who have been vaccinated are on the leading edge of getting back to normal. Most of the rest of the world is way, way behind us - and we have a long way to go to get to herd immunity here in the USA ourselves.
  2. Hmm ... a Windstar submarine cruise ship announcement dated April 1 ... LOL
  3. Good points from those who commented so thanks. Seems like the key is an electronic platform for vaccine documentation and test results, etc. that is interoperable across platforms, like passports are today. That way it works like Global Entry etc so airlines, governments, and others will be able to access it as needed. Even with vaccines, some countries including the USA may still require recent negative test results to enter/return.
  4. Just finished reading today’s NYTimes travel section story on when cruising will return to U.S. and other ports/waters around the world. This raises the interesting - some might say thorny - question whether vaccinations should be required for all crew and passengers on future voyages, at least until the pandemic is declared over. Some cruise companies are doing this as a matter of policy, at least for now. In other cases it could be as a matter of government policy. Are vaccinations even available to crew in countries with limited supplies and priorities for vulnerable populations not you
  5. Jealous you are booked and hope it works out. We have one in October that also ends in Venice and remain concerned about Italy as you are now. As you know, most of the stops on your voyage are not in Greece (4 of them) but most are in Montenegro and Croatia before the disembarkation in Venice. It is entirely possible the voyage ends somewhere else. An early sign will be if the crew are told for sure when to report back and how to get vaccinated. Thus far it seems all that return to work stuff is tentative.
  6. We recently booked a round trip out of Barbados a few weeks later, in mid-December. However, we read today that Barbados now has among the toughest restrictions on visitors including a nightly 7 PM curfew. Sure hope the restrictions ease by Nov/Dec so these voyages occur as scheduled. Please keep us all posted since you live there and can shed light on the state of things later in the year.
  7. Perhaps banner is a better word? It is a diagonal marking in the upper right hand corner of the voyage on www.seadream.com - a few say “limited” across that upper right corner (e.g., Sept. 11, 2011) voyage and some have “waitlisted” in that same upper right corner if the entire voyage is now sold out (e.g., Nov 2011 crossing). Like you, we too have seen “call for availability” when you look into specific decks and rooms for a given voyage. Hope this helps. In any event, it is so encouraging we can start to look forward to greater likelihood of future voyages yet this year, and certainly in
  8. Looks like the wait list status on some of the newly posted 2023 voyages was only temporary - as of today all showing available in some form - none say waitlisted now.
  9. The waitlisted status shows as a sash across the voyage when you look up voyages in the main voyage search area if the entire voyage is waitlisted. Decks and room types show up once you scroll down for a given voyage. The color for that voyage’s box is also less vivid, kind of shaded, in addition to the sash, if the entire voyage is waitlisted. Short of it being shown as waitlisted for an entire voyage or room type I’m not aware the public website shows exact number of rooms booked/available. I think what the original posting person and others, including us, find out is that supp
  10. Zimmy, thanks for the info. The other interesting thing I noticed is there is only one ship showing up as making a fall crossing from Europe to the Caribbean - SD2, but not until November and it too is already showing waitlisted only. From the schedule, it appears SD1 will be in dry dock then cross without passengers before starting its Caribbean season. I keep wondering how many ports will actually be accessible this summer. Suppose we won’t know until the vaccines continue to roll out here and elsewhere, plus seeing how these new virus strains unfold.
  11. Hadn’t looked at the SD website voyages section in several weeks. Just did now. Looks like all the May voyages have been cancelled. The first ones that show now are a June 5 departure for SD1 and a June 12 one for SD2. Is that what others understand is the present state of affairs?
  12. See you like we are in Florida. My wife got her first shot and they booked her second shot while she was there for the first. Others in Florida have had the same experience. You might want to check with where you got the first one so they know to book you and save supply to get you the second shot! Jealous of those here booking or keeping already booked trips - hope to join you soon! We are among those couples where one of us is eligible now and the other is not eligible for who knows when. I was quite (sadly) surprised that if a state follows CDC guidance, and on this point I
  13. We keep being tempted, as like all here we are getting cabin fever, haven’t left the county in almost a year now, etc. ... but absent a vaccine, not just for us but for many others, the cold reality is at least for us the risks outweigh the benefits of booking ... we keep in touch with some crew, who are struggling, and we hope to come back to SD soon ... but only when it is clearly safe to do so!
  14. Vandrefalk has a good memory! We were on one of the Black Sea SD voyages prior to the Sochi Olympics. Indeed we were on the one with the very badly behaved children/teens and even more badly behaved adults with them. While annoying at the time, and SD staff did what they could, it was truly an adventure to see the Black Sea despite the antics of the difficult group. We highly recommend the itinerary, which now understandably omits the Eastern Black Sea ports. Going up the Bosporus past Istanbul is quite an adventure, especially when you get to the mouth of the Black Sea where
  15. Very sorry to hear about this turn of events. Difficult circumstances all around. Quick question, though - I seem to recall that the future travel vouchers were for more than 100 cents on the dollar. Meaning SD was giving people a bonus of what around 20-25 percent (more? less?) to accept the future travel voucher in lieu of a cash refund. That’s how I remember it in the early days of Covid when many of us were in contact with SD on our options as to future voyages. If that was the case, one could argue those who accepted the future travel vouchers with the bonus c
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