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    who is this mysterious host you refer to?????
  2. glad you are now sorted as we are, merry xmas x
  3. Vicki pleasure to help, have a wonderful Christmas x
  4. our refund appeared back in our card account this morning , also got a cheque for £1024 from BA for the 18 hour delay in getting home, so hope you get all yours soon vicki x
  5. yes vicki it is disgusting how they are treating loyal customers, going the right way about losing them too, like i said we are not holding our breath on our refund actually materialising... if we see ours we shall let you know
  6. please read my original stating we could not put it into dispute because a full refund was made to our on board account but then 2 mystery drinks charges were added therefore only approx half the amount was refunded to our card after the drinks were taken off impossible to put into dispute as far as i can see
  7. we used a different email address provided by our Ta customerrelationsuk@azamaraclubcruises.com although we didnt get a reply to any of our emails we did get the phonecall from rc on behalf of Az saying the refund would be processed, as yet nothing has appeared in our credit card account, wont hold my breath
  8. Hi Vicki just got a call from Azamara stating they have been authorised to refund me the missing money, should be back on my card in 3 days or so, so hopefully you will get same call, nick and cheryl
  9. Vicki, we also have still not had any reply from our 2 emails to uk customer services or our complaint to Richard Twynam / talking to Usa based customer services was a total waste of time. our mystery charge was only for $20 odd and $30 odd within minutes of each other in spirits bar but im still Gdam very annoyed. we cant put ours in dispute because we had a cancelled shorex refunded to our account while on board but then followed by the 2 mystery drinking sessions so when they refunded the shorex from the on board account back to our credit card it was missing the 60 odd dollars which had b
  10. hi vicki, have you had any luck, i have emailed uk customer relations twice and not even an acknowledgement and also mr twynam i do hate being treated like they dont care once the cruise is finished, perhaps this will be our last with az, standards have dropped so much,,,,
  11. same for us denise i still have it and did for most of the cruise but i have a lower immunity due to heart failure, wife now has it and it didnt start until 2nd day in rio it was as far as we were concerned a cold which spread rapidly and nothing in that case could stem the tide x
  12. thanks, i just googled ba delay compensation but make sure you choose an actual ba page, the form is on it, we got 1200 euros compensations because both flights if booked at the same time on the same reference count as one. so our delay was a total of 18 hours on a long haul flight . yours should be the same if it was over 3 hours delay to destination on long haul,
  13. couldnt wait on customer services getting their fingers out and starting to do somethinig so ive gone for the jugular and emailed richard twynham already
  14. we were also thinking of emailing him , do you have his email address????? i will give customer relations until tomorrow to at least acknowledge my email, oh by the way immediately on return i filled in a Ba compensation claim form online and received an email back this morning informing us that we would be receiving a cheque for £1024 as we were delayed by over 3 hours to our final destination, dont forget to claim if your flights were on the same booking reference with Ba
  15. hi denise see my reply to vicki, i wont hold my breath. obviously there are several if not hundreds of mistakes on this cruise with regards to bar billing etc that we wont be aware of because they are not on cc. perhaps bonnie can take a note also,
  16. hi vicki we only found out because we were checking for a cancelled shore excursion refund to our card, on checking it was short of approx 60 customer services told me it was because i owed them the 60 for drinks (spirits) unsure if they meant we spent it on spirits or in spirits bar. either way we didnt have them. i emailed uk customer relations on the advice of my ta but they havent replied or even acknowledged my email. keep us posted how you got on
  17. Agreed and to make matters worse customer services weren’t interested. Said if I was billed for the drinks then I must have had them !,,,,,Have had to try UK customer services. Awaiting reply. Will post result if I ever get one.
  18. Lucky them. We got home at 10am this morning having been transferred to the 7am flight this morning after staying overnight at grotty hotel near Heathrow. BA never again. And to cap it all when we got home was sent final on board account from Azamara and we were billed 60 dollars for drinks we never had. Complaints already in the pipeline
  19. Also got the same cold at same time as the dreaded Az air con throat. But hey ho still enjoying life on the ocean wave x
  20. Reached LA palma unscathed. Couple of rough nights. had all sorts of weather today from very wet on sailing in, to sunshine , the showers then brilliant sunshine again. But nicely warm. Missed the ccc meet due to bumping into old az friends, so apologies Denise etc wherever you are, only complaint so far is the internet is still in the dark ages and the APP is a waste of time. Have spent all day trying to read the Discoveries menu only to be presented with a totally vegan menu.., gave in at 4pm and went to photograph it for wife. Never mind.
  21. finally got on after 25 attempts magic
  22. have now made 23 attempts to log in online to look at excursions, tried chrome, microsoft edge etc. just keeps booting me out before i get to them, fed up with the way it is handled - where do they get their IT specialists from. their loss is my gain. i will save a lot of money.
  23. received email re the upgrade for cruise on pursuit in november. Min bid from inside to Balcony was £990 per person with strong bid at £2470pp !! the lowest possible bid would make my total cruise only price £200 more pp than someone booking new now - no brainer No bid made. its another kick in the head for loyal customers.
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