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  1. finally got on after 25 attempts magic
  2. have now made 23 attempts to log in online to look at excursions, tried chrome, microsoft edge etc. just keeps booting me out before i get to them, fed up with the way it is handled - where do they get their IT specialists from. their loss is my gain. i will save a lot of money.
  3. received email re the upgrade for cruise on pursuit in november. Min bid from inside to Balcony was £990 per person with strong bid at £2470pp !! the lowest possible bid would make my total cruise only price £200 more pp than someone booking new now - no brainer No bid made. its another kick in the head for loyal customers.
  4. exactly the same happened to me
  5. thanks anyway and enjoy your cruise November next one for us
  6. sorry I think you misunderstood me, I have ios 10 not ios 11 - wont let download to any device below ios 11 thanks again.
  7. it doesn't download or work on ipad or iphones which cant run ios 11
  8. not much of a boon to anyone who is already booked under the original share and save offer
  9. just spoke to customer services and they state that free shuttles will still run into Dublin city centre but may suffer from long delays due to the visit.
  10. cheers - don't think I could manage roughly 1 hour in each direction walking from where the ship will be docking . I think we will just find the nearest pub for a few hours lol
  11. the point I was making is that they have conveniently forgot to mention the fact to anyone that they may not even run a shuttle into the city and or it may have an effect on any excursions to the city...…. I am totally not interested in the pope only getting into Dublin city..... the Garda website for the visit explains with maps etc of major road closures and diversions and suggests anyone visiting the city centre area use their feet and not public transport or taxis which may be full and are all operating a limited service . cheers
  12. well thought out cmv management - the pope is in Dublin on Sunday 26th August and so is Magellan, I doubt very much if Cmv are going to provide any sort of shuttle into the city as dublins own website says heavy traffic congestion and most roads in the city and into the city closed for his visit - hey ho - wasted 2 day cruise to Dublin
  13. yep - only up to 6 pound odd a drink and single measures only and also one drink per order and one drink every 15 mins lol
  14. [ NEW Drinks Packages Pilot A range of new drinks packages will be piloted on Azura from 21 July 2018. Please see below for details. Please note these packages are not pre-bookable and can only be booked once on board. Drinks packages The Ultimate drinks package Hot drinks package Non-alcoholic package Children's drinks packagequote=grapau27;56515236]Wow bearing in mind how reasonable the bar prices are £39.95 pppd Is steep and they are taking RCCL idea that all adults in the cabin must take it. That is an awesome number of drinks between you to even break even. I wonder if they will have a £ limit per drink too like RC.
  15. the trialled drinks package will be £39.95 per person and both in the cabin must take it.details are on the faq new drinks package trial all
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