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  1. Hamwen3839 same cruise same situation all very disappointing!
  2. Have a look at post 657 on this thread.
  3. No need to walk you can take the shuttle. Link below: https://www.heathrow.com/at-the-airport/airport-maps/travel-between-terminals
  4. Sadly the APP is even more dysfunctional if you access it on an iPad. On our recent Pursuit cruise we were unable to see any account information or menus which currently are available on both Journey and Quest. I spoke with the IT officer on board who was aware of the situation and had reported it to Miami, but his suggestion that upgrades were necessary appears to have fallen on deaf ears! The best advice he could offer was to put my concerns in writing which I duly did.
  5. Periquita was available on the Lisbon Rio transatlantic.
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