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  1. Sadly the APP is even more dysfunctional if you access it on an iPad. On our recent Pursuit cruise we were unable to see any account information or menus which currently are available on both Journey and Quest. I spoke with the IT officer on board who was aware of the situation and had reported it to Miami, but his suggestion that upgrades were necessary appears to have fallen on deaf ears! The best advice he could offer was to put my concerns in writing which I duly did.
  2. Periquita was available on the Lisbon Rio transatlantic.
  3. Couldn’t agree more, been severely burnt with prices on two of our three upcoming Azamara cruises. In future our preferred modus operandi will be to make any more Azamara bookings at the last minute. All extremely disappointing and seemingly driving many other loyal clients like ourselves to look at alternatives.
  4. Sadly the one in Petropavlovsk in August has also been removed.
  5. My query to this email address has also remained unanswered. Despite my continued custom, with 3 future cruises already booked, it would appear that Azamara is somewhat disinterested in my future business. So disenchanted with the poor onshore service provided by Azamara has resulted in the cruise booking I have made today is with one of the competition!
  6. Has anyone experience of the above following November’s changes? From what I can glean we should not be disadvantaged by these adjustments. Interested how these changes are being implemented. Do I need to go armed with a copy of which specific drinks were offered in the Classic Package, if indeed I can find this, or have MSC have increased the ‘up to amount’ in this particular package? Any updates would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi I wonder if anyone could help me with an email address of Customer Service in the UK. I have an upcoming cruise booked with Aurea experience and keen to find out the impact this will change will have. Tried using the online Form to no avail. Despite completing the Form it will not accept any entry in the 'Type of Request' field! Having just hung on for 20 minutes awaiting someone to answer the phone I'm losing the will to live. Any help, much appreciated.
  8. Probably because the weather can be very cool in April. June is an ideal time to visit the Mediterranean. It certainly won’t be too hot or humid.
  9. All is not lost! Thanks to the good offices of Host Grandma Cruising you could copy, paste and print the image contained on post 170.
  10. It would appear that the complimentary spirits list has been reduced from 31 items to 9. In a moment of boredom this morning I have compared the two lists and the results are as follows: Anisette Apricot Brandy Beefeater gin Blackberry Brandy Blue Curaçao Butterscotch Schnapps Cherry Brandy Crème de Almond Crème de Banana Crème de Cacao Dark Crème de Cacao White Crème de Cassis Crème de Menthe Green Crème de Menthe White Cutty Sark scotch whisky Finlandia vodka Gordon's gin Jim Beam bourbon José Cuervo Especial Silver tequila Kirsch Mount Gay Eclipse Silver rum Orange Curaçao Peach Schnapps Peppermint Schnapps Seagram's Seven Crown whisky Sloe gin Smirnoff vodka Sour Apple Pucker Triple Sec Vermouth Dry Vermouth Sweet All are included in the former list and the ones in bold in the new list. Hopefully, it may just be a case of misinterpretation by those who were responsible for putting the list together as the majority of removed items are liqueurs. As someone has already noted the most obvious omission is a vermouth. From a selfish perspective the only disappointment is the removal of Crème de Cassis which means that there is no way to enjoy a kir without additional expense. I'm confident in the fullness of time this issue will be resolved. In any event will still be able to enjoy my upcoming cruise without the necessity to dig even deeper into my pocket to purchase a drinks package!
  11. Just look at the first post on this Forum
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    Sounds an eminently sensible idea to me.
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