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  1. Great choice! Getaway is one of my favorite ships because you can't beat the entertainment and activities, plus I still dream of the food at Flamingo like the chimichuri sauce and tres leches cake! Mmmmm
  2. AttilaTheFun

    Broadway show on Anthem

    Nope. The shows are tied to the ship - has nothing to do with where they're departing from.
  3. AttilaTheFun

    Arrival at bayonne

    By searching for the transatlantic itinerary on RoyalCaribbean.com, you can see that Quantum is scheduled to arrive in Bayonne on November 10: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/cruiseDetails/itinerary.do?state=&packageCode=QN08T002&hasFireandPolice=&hasMilitary=&hasSenior=&date=201411&cruiseType=CO The arrival time is listed as 6am, but I would also assume it will get in earlier than that.
  4. Thanks for posting, so intereresting!
  5. AttilaTheFun

    New Technology on Quantum......Thoughts?

    FYI - for those of you who are concerned about the wristbands not being removable, you are thinking of shackles and not a wristband. Do you really think Royal is going to give you a wristband that cannot be removed? I have tried Disney's MagicBands and enjoyed the experience - I agree with the other poster who said they are very easy-to-use and unobtrusive. I also like not having to handle a keycard all the time, which just spreads germs everywhere. For those people who don't use a wristband, the keycards must also be RFID enabled as this construction photo looks like the rooms only have RFID readers and not a keycard slot: [URL]https://www.flickr.com/photos/poguenyt/14847317138/in/set-72157646844626312[/URL]
  6. AttilaTheFun

    New Unveiling Announcement Coming August 25

    [quote name='UCF_Knight']An example of Royal Caribbean's incompetence which makes me wonder why they are trying to be have a "smart ship" when the rest of the company is so "technology dumb": At 11:23 AM EDT today I received the following email: "Join now! Our next Quantum reveal starts at 10am EST" A few problems there: a. The email was sent after the event was over b. The email said the event started at 10am EST, when it was 10 am EDT (9 am EST) c. The link inside the email redirected to "http://quantumoftheseas.royalcaribbean.com/quantumoftheseas/" Unfortunately, that address can't be resolved by DNS. Tried on both my corporate and mobile networks. The site does not have a functioning DNS entry.[/quote] I had the exact same issue happen, but the email (at least in Gmail) says it was sent at 9:30am, so I'm wondering if it was a Gmail delivery issue of why I got it around 11:30am. The link also did not work for me and I thought the EDT thing was wrong too. Glad I'm not the only one :)
  7. AttilaTheFun

    What gets changed for China??

    [quote name='OfTheSeasCruiser']I read somewhere that there are no shows? That doesn't really make sense to me, but is that true?[/quote] A quick Googling of the phrase "Quantum of the Seas shows" quickly and easily refutes that misinformation. Not sure who told you that at all: [URL]http://www.usatoday.com/story/cruiselog/2014/06/12/quantum-of-the-seas-entertainment-shows/10365449/[/URL]
  8. Thank you for the kind words! Glad to see my review was helpful :)
  9. If you pose specific questions, such as which excursion between two, that would be easier to advise. I cannot comment on the quality of the drinks now that Uniworld has gone all-inclusive as they used to only have one beer, red wine, and white wine option at meals, but I didn't have any issues with any of them. From what I remember, they said the lounge would stay open as late as the passengers wanted (most turned in right after dinner, unless there were entertainers onboard) and I don't believe they will deliver anything to your room, unless you are in a suite and then have a butler.
  10. AttilaTheFun

    Norwegian Breakaway Solo Experiene - GLBT Review

    Great review, thanks for sharing! I liked the Breakaway a lot, but loved the Getaway, if you ever get a chance to sail her too! Their version of the Uptown Grill on Getaway has Latin food including amazing tres leches cake.
  11. gadsue, we just took the included ship tour in both Salzburg. There was some free time to explore and walk around, plus you had to find your own lunch that day. In Vienna, we took the included ship tour and then used the subway to get back into town. Our instructions on how to get to Schonbrunn Palace on your own are also included already in the review. Were you looking for other suggestions? My review is fairly detailed on what we covered :)
  12. The museum also warns that there is an extra 10-20 SEK fee for buying tickets over-the-counter, which I assume means not online, in advance. There is a MasterCard offer for 5% off admission when you buy online in advance. All ticket info is on the museum site: http://www.abbathemuseum.com/en/
  13. Thank you again for your help! I thought of a few more questions, if you are able to assist: If we are tendering from the ship, what would be the best place to buy a 24 or 72-hour card? Do the machines at the bus stops offer these types of tickets? Is the tram you mentioned included in the 24/72-hour cards? I saw the SL site mentions that the 24/72-hour travelcards are valid on "Djurgården ferries between Slussen and Djurgården" - it looks like this ferry runs fairly frequently. Would it be a faster option than the bus to get to Vasa in the morning?
  14. Thank you so much for this fantastic advice! Apologies, I should have provided our docking dates are July 2-3, so we should miss the midsummer holiday. Our cruise starts on June 26 out of Copenhagen. Knowing that, how would you recommend incoroporating Östermalmshallen? I would love to do lunch there as they close by 6pm, but the location isn't very convenient to Vasa/ABBA Museum or City Hall.
  15. Would love some advice for our upcoming stop in Stockholm. We overnight there, arriving at 8am on the first day and leaving at 5pm on the second. We are tendering from the ship though, with people assuming we will get dropped off on Skeppsbron. I would assume we would not be on dry land until 9am at the earliest on the first day. The places we'd really love to see are: Vasa Museum ABBA Museum Östermalms Saluhall (food hall) City Hall (tour) Changing of the Guard at noon My concern/stress is around planning how to get to these places, which are fairly spaced out. The Vasa and ABBA Museums are very close to one another, so I was considering pairing those together, with lunch in between. We are not opposed to walking (we live in NYC, after all!), but walks of 25+ minutes seem excessive, especially if it's hot outside. Are there recommendations on which public transit to use and approximate cost? It sounds like we should avoid taxis from what I've read as many tend to rip off people. Thank you in advance for your advice/help!