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  1. We were on the Miracle back in May. Four cabins. We (Diamond) were on board around 11:20. One cabin of friends (FTTF) were on about 11:30. Our final group of friends (Zone 6) were on at 11:35. They were NOT, however, letting people in who had later check-in times.
  2. I am. I foolishly booked a transatlantic (which is filled with sea days) on this ship in June. I actually thought it was a new ship when I booked it. I am not looking forward to being crowded together with less space for 13 days. I swore I would never sail the Sunshine again, but I am hoping that they will learn from their mistakes on the Sunshine and Sunrise.
  3. The coffee shop closes early - about 9, and does not open again until later in the afternoon - so get your caffeine fix early.
  4. Maybe she is positive that she hates the new ship.
  5. I like the chess set - I play my grandson on it all of the time. The baseball hats were nice too. Last is Lanyard
  6. I hope that you are wrong about the Rasiance! I booked a transatlantic for next June and I do not think I could take 13 days of crowding and lines like that. Am seriously thinking of cancelling.
  7. Hopefully they will realize some of these shortcomings by the time they build the Radience. I went on the Sunshine and decided NEVER AGAIN. It seemed like Carnival wanted their guests to wait in lines. We love the comedy shows, but had to skip most because all f the seats were taken. We could not find private spaces to sit and talk, and Lido lines were terrible. After reading about the Sunrise, it seems as if they did not learn. Hope the Radience is better.
  8. There really is not much difference if they have an early check-in time. On our last cruise (we are diamond) we went with two other groups - one with an earl check-in time and another with FTTF. We boarded after a wedding party and went to our rooms first. We all had agreed to meet by the Pizza Pirate as soon as we got on. After dropping off our stuff, we went to the meeting place and both other groups were already there. The FTTF people got on about 1 minute before the other group. The new boarding system is so much more efficient!
  9. Having FTTF means that you will get on about one minute before your original zone of A01. Og course there are still the tendering, GS and other benefits.
  10. You are probably right, especially about Carnival seeking new cruisers. I just know that this diamond cruiser has been booking less on Carnival and more on other lines such as Holland and Celebrity. I still love Carnival, but they are not as cost-competitive as they used to be. That along with cut-backs, charging for items that used to be free, and scraping the book on board discounts has affected my bookings.
  11. yea, he went with us once before on the Splendor and they had that - which he liked. He just was not sure if they would have it on a smaller ship like the Fascination.
  12. We just booked a cruise on the Fascination in December and are trying to get our son to join us. He said he will book a cabin IF they have Texas holdem in the casino? Anyone know?
  13. Agree with this. We used to book three Carnival cruises a year to take advantage of the OBC; now we are down to one. Instead, we book on other lines. I think this policy reversal is actually costing them money,
  14. Totally agree with this! If you like lines and waiting for a possible standing room place in the comedy club, pick Sunshine. I will never sail that ship again.
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