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  1. Here are a couple of photos of our room at that Doubletree. I took the room picture as we were about to leave to head to the port. The second one is the view from our room of the marina and port. It was a quick ride-share to the port. We ate at the hotel “mall” that has a few shops/businesses and restaurants. We did not need to stay at a location with nearby amenities due to the hour we arrived at the hotel (late enough that dinner, suitcase-contents-shuffling, and bedtime was all there was time for) and we didn’t need to buy wine/soda/water for this cruise as all were included.
  2. Deleted my reply as as after posting, noticed the original query is from 2018.
  3. Love the sign!! I think you’ll be able to sneak it on the door prior to going to the cabin then she might want to move it into the cabin so she can enjoy it throughout the rest of the cruise. Here is another way you may be able to get it there early: once you all are aboard, have everyone find a chair in the piazza while you go “check” to see if the cabins are accessible yet. Put up the sign then. If/when cabins are ready, you can return and get your group knowing your surprise is already in place! Please report back on how you handled this and of her reaction!!
  4. If you and I had only known, we could have introduced ourselves!!! So is what we heard at our regular table correct: that there was a CT prior to the one on 1/1?? (PS: thanks for your live from...I even tried to keep up while onboard!)
  5. We were on New Years week. Club Class was Estrella on deck 6, starboard. When that dining room was open, for example embarkation luncheon and sea day lunch, the only doors open were on port side however they had created separate sides for Club Class and everyone else. We had Chef’s Table on 1/1 but our server had been called away to help with CT on 12/30 (she helped with ours too). So there were at least two that week. I had already accepted CT and then got a later phone call regarding winemakers, which we turned down because it was also being held on 1/1.
  6. We were on Sky last week (12/28 - 1/4) and signed up for both Chefs Table and Winemakers. Would have done both if selected but CT was our primary goal. Got the call for CT and said ‘yes’. Then the next day, got a call about WM and the lady said she saw we were doing CT but also signed up for WM and which event did we want to do. She said they were still a couple of couples short of people for WM and both CT & WM were being done the same night (1/1). A couple we dined with in MDR had called for WM and were put on the list but they were never called to participate, which is odd since I was told they needed more bodies. Our new friends called a second time but still we’re never called. As we were at CT, I was unable to go see if a WM materialized or not. Forgot to add: we were told there were 19 people more who wanted CT but either not selected or couldn’t do it the night(s) they had it. You’d think those folks would have been contacted to fill in the extra chairs for WM (and maybe that’s what the did).
  7. We boarded quite early but I don’t remember the time. But I did take a selfie in the piazza at 1026 and prior to that, we had dropped carry-ons in the cabin/put stuff in the safe and before that I had been at Guest Services for UST, Chef Table, & Winemakers (in that order). So my guess is we boarded at 1000; we were the 2nd couple in the elite line to board but all the in-transit folks had already re-boarded; the clerk told me many of them had also come by already to sign up for things too, which makes me think there was a lottery for participation vs. taking only the first to sign up.
  8. I did take my tiny point & shoot camera and was allowed to take photos. I did not take any in the control room and the only ones I took on the bridge were on the ‘wings’ looking aft. I always asked first and did them quickly; if a picture was bad, then, oh well...I did not ask them to, for example, keep the freezer door open longer so I could get a better shot! So I would suggest you carry a tiny camera or your cell but have it in a little purse (mine was a cross body) or a pocket so you’ll have it in the event they say okay to a photo; if they don’t then it just stays put.
  9. YES!!! Go to Guest Services ASAP to sign up. We did it last week; they told us there were 19 other people who also wanted to participate but our group won the lottery. You may or may not get it but plan for it just in case. Really enjoyed it!! Captain Tuvo spent a lot of time with us on the bridge. As usual: closed toe shoes & long pants required however a couple of women had on long capris which were just fine. DO leave a LOT of space in your luggage for the swag: DH and I each took a medium sized checked bag and the gifts for both of us ended up filling half of one of the cases!! Ours was the eastern Caribbean cruise and the tour was held the next to last sea day at 8am.
  10. ...and Sky also has a pump dispenser of the lotion too. We did not care for their lotion so put the dispenser on the shelf below the sink. Ends up I also didn’t care for the pump liquid soap either and will bring my own (ugh!) on our next cruise. There are no soap dishes so I imagine a saucer from the buffet would have to be used if anyone prefers a bar soap.
  11. I agree with the prior posts so I will not duplicate but want to add some additional thoughts: —You can go to the Princess website and look at your specific cruise. It will allow you to see all of the available flights from your home to Seattle and back. You can see pricing too. With this information, you can see if you got the best options or not. If you decide to change your flight to the day before or another time or another flight or if the price drops...YOU can phone Princess and make the change without using your TA. (I book Princess cruises with a TA for the perks but make my own air arrangements; payment for the EZ Air flights are still made through the TA; I’ve often gotten lower prices by watching prices) —With EZ Air, the flight tickets are not booked at final payment but something like 40 days out. Please look at the Princess website to get the specifics yourself and do not totally rely on the TA to know the information: trust but verify. —Last season, there was a LOT of road construction in Seattle which could significantly increase the drive time from the airport to the ship. One of the great things about Princess is the main dining room is open for embarkation luncheon!! But it closes at 1pm and you would miss it based on your flight arrival time. And though you’ll receive info from Princess with specific boarding times based on the deck your cabin is on, that is only a suggestion and you can board earlier. —Though we have flown a lot in our lives and have been to some airports multiple times, I still look up the airport to see the layout for the airline I’m flying, where baggage claim is, if there is a tram or not, what amenities are available near the gate, etc. It’s also handy to know where the security lines are located in relation to ticketing (where you check your bags); sometimes the airport points out that some security is open on during specific hours or some have shorter lines. —DO read your airline’s website for details on how they work and what to expect. Not only will it answer your baggage questions but tell you about snacks, beverages, and/or food available on the flight; what is free/what cost extra and if they only take credit card or if cash is OK. You can find out entertainment options (screen on the back of the seat in front of you or do you use your own device); will you need to download an app in advance in order to use their system, and lots more about what to expect on your trip.
  12. Just returned from 7 day New Years Cruise, which was dressier due to the holiday. But other that one of the formal nights, I wore the same pair of black velvet slacks every single night!! I did wear them the 2nd formal night with very dressy top and shoes but the other ‘smart casual’ evenings I wore them with nice (semi-dressy) or casual tops and sandals. The casual tops were worn a second time with shorts during the day: sometimes later that week but sometimes the very next day. As we knew we’d have at least one but more likely two specialty dining evenings, I knew we could re-wear the clothes worn those 2 evenings to the MDR as our dining companions would not have seen those clothes. DH still had a dress shirt he only wore once so he could have done without it. I accidentally brought tops that weren’t all that appropriate for shorts (either wrong fabrics-too hot- or they were actually too dressy for shorts) so I ended up borrowing a t-shirt from DH and buying a couple of t-shirts. And as an aside: I love to people watch, especially clothing, and I never noticed someone wearing the same thing again. Ships tend to be so large you rarely run into someone again so very unlikely you’d be wearing the same outfit even if you did see someone again. The ship is full of people you don’t know and probably won’t sail with in the future; and those you do get to know are very likely to be rewearing some of their clothes multiple times too!!
  13. My DH used the treadmills last week (12/28 - 1/4) on Sky and the TV did not work; he said he didn’t see any of them working.
  14. We did also get lip balm, emory board & shower cap on 1/2/20; no bag but they were laid out nicely on the bathroom counter. I suppose the helicopter couldn’t make it because the weather was so nice!! lol
  15. If it shows up again, I’ll report back. We’ve spent a lot of time watching movies in the cabin (catching up!) so I imagine we’ll see it should it materialize again!!
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