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  1. I being a long UL listed, non-surge protected extension cord when we cruise. It does have 3 places to plug in so it can handle a large box-type plug. This can be used in the hotel room prior to a cruise also. If the bed isn’t on the side I need, I just thread the cord under the bed to the far side. For me, this is easier than hoping I’ve selected the right room on the ship. And though most hotel rooms now have outlets on the lamp, having the extension cord in the CPAP case is good insurance.
  2. I also wondered this same thing. Here’s what the fine print says: 1Up to $250 Onboard Spending Money per qualified passenger offer is valid for eligible active first responder and medical professional personnel in the United States only. Offer is applicable to one sailing only. Maximum of two onboard credit offers per stateroom.
  3. There is a folding machine in the print shop; if you ever do the Ultimate Ship’s Tour, you can look for it or ask about it!!
  4. Thank you for the links as I’ve only ever accessed the Princess bridge cams from the Princess website. On the website list, Golden, Sun, & Sea are no longer on the list; though Star is still there this morning:
  5. Golden has already been removed from the bridge cam list. Here is what may be one of the final views from the Star while she’s with Princess:
  6. If I read your original post correctly, your son & friends are also sailing with you. Keep in mind that they will not be able to join you for dinner in the YC or in any other of the YC venues (though I think you might could have them come to your cabin but I’m not certain of that). So if you are wanting to dine with them, you and your DW will be dining outside of YC. I believe I am correct on these points but as I’ve only sailed YC once, I could be mistaken; I’m sure corrections will be posted, if needed.
  7. I’m not sure if this is the same situation you have: we’re booked on a 10-day that is also sold as a 20-day. The cabins in the category we desired were all listed as “guarantee” with no specific cabins showing. In fact, most all of the 10-day is shown as “guarantee” in any category. I initially spoke with a Princess agent, who was able to put a temporary hold on the cabin we wanted. I let that hold expire and later booked the cruise via my usual travel agency, who also was able to book the specific cabin. So I would suggest you ask your travel agent, or if you booked on
  8. Her shirt had the correct usage of “alumna” as it the the singular feminine. A group of woman who graduated from Vassar would be “alumnae” the plural feminine. A male graduate is an “alumnus” and a group of male graduates or a group of male & female graduates are “alumni”. I had to learn all of these differences in my Greek organization in college.
  9. You know, I should have bought all of my mug collection for only 20 bucks each...I take a cruise costing thousands of bucks just so I can get them at 2 for $15 plus my elite discount!!! Would have saved me lots of money—LOL
  10. As there is no Vines, I wonder if they might also utilize the 360 Restaurant for some of the tastings/special events that Vines would have done (i.e. chocolate & wine, Stammtisch, etc.) in addition to other activities? It seems to be an interesting space!
  11. I had gone looking for this episode when it was previously mentioned in another CC thread, hoping I had MeTv via antenna...alas, no. However, I did initiate a search and found it is also going to be on Sundance HD on October 7th at 1145am - 2pm Central. “Troubled Waters” was in season 4 and episode 4. It was first aired on 2/9/75.
  12. I also have checked the pricing of my EZ Air flight on the actual airline’s website for the identical flight. One time, I found a better price with the airline that didn’t show on the current EZ Air listing. I called Princess, they double checked things, and matched the airline’s price.
  13. We enjoy the classical options. One time there was a special opera performance. But as an off-the-wall choice, and very Princess specific, our favorite ‘music’ is the Love Boat tune on the ship’s horn!!!
  14. I too put it behind me on the chair but have encountered chairs not conducive to that trick. Love having a handy window sill too. Using the strap on the back of the chair in combination with tucking the bag portion behind me seems to work pretty well. I have a tiny crossbody for daytime and usually bring a small clutch for use each evening. I have been able to kinda-sorta hold it on my lap by tucking the napkin around it but that’s still pretty tenuous. As it doesn’t have much in it, I’ve been a bit more successful just slipping the end of it under my thigh.
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