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  1. I am still waiting on my Cheers refunds from the first round of cancellations (cruise was supposed to sail 3/15 and we were cancelled 3/14). I have called multiple times - 1st time the rep told me I would have it last Thursday, waited until then and of course nothing. Called Friday and rep said he had to escalate and I would get a call by today, waited until then and of course nothing. I have no idea what to do, this has made my husband super upset and now he wants me to just cancel all 3 of my upcoming cruises and sell our stock in CCL. Very disappointed in the way they are handling this. I w
  2. I am still waiting on my 2 cheers refunds from the first round of March cancellations. I have spent 4 hours on the phone with Carnival over the last week trying to figure out what is going on. I LOVE Carnival and have 3 future cruises scheduled now. Sadly, I think 2 of those will be in the cancellation announcement tomorrow. I really want to take advantage of the OBC to book further out next year but the way they are handling my refunds is VERY frustrating and now we are thinking of just requesting full refunds. Any advice?
  3. I also think they will further delay or cancel altogether the Radiance. I am scheduled to sail on that ship Thanksgiving week.
  4. My mistake everyone! It was only one question...yikes. I will make sure its all Carnival only related going forward.
  5. Sorry to ask here, that's kind of what the post is about though. I was just curious.
  6. I had an amazing deal with RC for Symphony Thanksgiving week so I took it, I am now double booked for Radiance & Symphony. If Radiance is ready I will have a big decision as Symphony is 1/3 the price of Radiance cruise. I decided to double book because I really an not confident Radiance will be done in time and another announcement is coming soon.
  7. I just booked the Magic for 8/1. I have had 5 cruises cancel on me since March, its been crazy. The first 2 I had already purchased cheers and still waiting for the refund. If 8/1 cancels I will get another $600 OBC for one of my future cruises I already have deposits on. I am hoping we are good on this one! Its the last opportunity to cruise since my daughter starts school on 8/10.
  8. Radiance has 8 days scheduled out of Pt Canaveral... I am currently booked Thanksgiving week
  9. Have you been to Alchemy bar? Curious on who the alchemists are...love that spot and will be on Horizon next week. Sorry to hear you have had rough weather and seas! Enjoy the rest of your cruise and thank you for the live review, its really helped me prepare for mine.
  10. Basil drop and cucumber sunrise are the best! We will not book a ship that doesn't have Alchemy.
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