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  1. Another option would be to go to the buffet, or O'Sheehans, grab whatever you want and bring it to your cabin.
  2. My two cents...…..Royal, 2, 1. ABC's are incredible.
  3. After we took our first 11 day cruise more than a decade ago on the Dawn, and we never looked back at 7 day cruises. A lot depends on what you like to do, whether it is bingo, etc. I don't do bingo, deal or no deal etc., but still enjoy the down time. My wife and I are readers, and we love the promenade for walks. We try to go to any talks that the captain and staff offer, ship tours. Be aware, it doesn't have the bells and whistles the mega ships have. As the other poster mentioned, you my run into high winds on sea days. We like the "Jewel" class ships because of their size. Bottom line, if you like the "smaller" ships, I think you will as well. They offer laundry service about the 4th day of each week.
  4. We used the airport transfer to get to LAX. We did "self assist", got off the ship (8ish) as soon as possible, and were able to get on the first bus . You might also consider a taxi. It is roughly a 30-40 min ride. We waited at the "Local" to get off...get there early, because it will be BUSY.
  5. We have been sailing NCL (almost exclusively) for 11 yrs, and I too have been watching the prices continue to go up. I know the "free" stuff is part of the reason, and I too am looking at other lines to cruise. The cruise that we took 8 yrs ago has the same value that my last cruise did, but for double the cost. NCL continues to do away with any incentives for us to remain "loyal". We will continue to look at the cruises they offer, but other cruises lines are now drawing our interest.
  6. Cleveland...….from your summery of the cruise, I think you will love the Bliss. We have been on the Dawn (10 yrs ago), and loved it. Our last cruise was on the Bliss. Beautiful ship, a lot of people, but tons to do. I loved the slides, and the go karts.
  7. We have sailed both.....much prefer the Gem. Newer ship, better layout, but it has roughly 400 more peeps on board (if that is an issue). Both have a great crew, and staff.
  8. Enjoying your review!! I am looking forward to the pics of Jos Van Dyke, have wanted to go there for a long time.
  9. The prices NCL charges have gone way up in the last few years. With all of the added "free" stuff, it continues to go up. The chance of it going down after the final payment date is slim from all the observations I have made. The only reason it will go down is if the cabins don't sell out.
  10. You should consider the Bliss, if that is an option. The Bliss has the observation lounge, which neither the Breakaway, nor the Escape have. Either side of the observation lounge was better than the forward section when we sailed her. It also has the waterfront, and it has plenty of sun areas. But, I must say that the Dawn/Jewel class ships are our preference.
  11. Make sure you bring the voucher with you to the restaurant. You will also get to chose a bottle of wine.
  12. We have only sailed Carnival twice, but I'm curious when they release the 2021 Journey cruises, in particular the S Caribbean. We are currently booked on a Hawaii cruise in 2020. Also, as far as the Hawaii cruise, which is better, port or starboard? Thanks!!
  13. What are their rates? Do they go to Newark (Liberty) as well?
  14. I have looked at N American homeports trying to find out the best option to get from Brooklyn Cruise Port to LGA, or JFK. For those of you who have disembarked from the BCP, which is best option, Uber, or taxi? Any other options would be appreciated! Thanks!
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