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  1. We're middle of March on the Spirit - then a week in Moorea at an AirBnB, then Oceania - then I guess we have to go home. Also hope the craziness has subsided by then. Ready to do what we need to do for this trip. Enjoy!
  2. Ahhhhh! Thanks for unconfusing me! When are you booked in 2021! Maybe you can unconfuse me in person! 🙂
  3. Nope - I just checked the Windstar website - and the three 2021 Spirit cruises to Tahiti are still there. I'm confused as to what you're looking at.
  4. Windstar Spirit has 3 Tahiti cruises in March, 2021. What schedule are you looking at?
  5. When in March? I'm the 11th on the Spirit - and have Fare Suise booked the 10th.
  6. If it all blows up - shadow us! Windstar - 7 days in that great AirBnB on Moorea, then Oceania! (although I noticed this am, the Oceania is almost entirely sold out - so cabins left are expensive! I'm trying to get United to commit - that if our flight has to be cancelled, I don't want a voucher! That's too much money. I told them I'd book right now, if they'd refund cash if Tahiti closes down. Waiting to hear back . . . .
  7. I did a Lift & Shift - Same ship, one port changed. But no 6D's were available - so had to go to a 4D. Had to go from Deck 9 to Deck 8 - maybe they should have compensated me with a Drink Package! 😆
  8. A vaccine would be nice. Until then - rapid test everyone before they get on the ship. Have Rapid tests onboard. Anyone have early symptoms - dry cough, fever, lack of taste - test them. Quarantine them for the remainder of the cruise. Yikes if you have an inside cabin. Locally - 71 agriculture workers living in the same facility. All were tested. Not one had any symptoms. 36 tested positive! This was just announced today. I'd like to know where they got the test kits. My husband works with seniors and has been told he can't be tested unless he has symptoms. Grrrrrrr. We need to realize that asymptomatic people are dangerous to us all - but the lack of available testing is a real problem. I have a cruise scheduled for late October . . . . we'll see.
  9. Petoonya - Trying again in 2021? I've already booked March 2021. Maybe we'll see you onboard.
  10. MASA - (Medical Air Services Association) I see good and bad reviews - hopefully I never have to test them!
  11. My husband and I have purchased lifetime Medivac insurance. Before we travel, we need to report to them where we will be traveling. I sometimes travel and cruise solo. When I am on a cruise ship - and if something were to happen - how will the cruise know I have insurance? My daughter is my emergency number. What if she can't get to her phone immediately? Can I go to Guest Services and let them know my insurance information? Seems that would be a good thing to ask in our pre-cruise information. It would be great to just enter in all insurance information before I cruise. Thoughts?
  12. I now cruise solo on a regular basis. Sometimes I cruise with my husband and/or daughter. Several years ago my daughter and I met up with a solo woman cruiser in New Orleans. Via Cruise Critic - the woman asked if someone on our Roll Call wanted to walk Bourbon Street with her. the night before the cruise. We volunteered. I admit, I quizzed her about cruising solo. She talked me into trying it - now I cruise solo at least once a year. This past Thanksgiving - I was cruising solo. The cruise activity person - interviewed people asking what they were thankful for. This was to be played in the theater that evening. Some comments of course were: thankful for family, for the drink package, for the ice cream machine, etc. Almost all mentioned family. They caught me - I mentioned I was thankful for the ability to travel - and for my family - and then I mentioned - I left my husband at home, but was still thankful for him. When this was played in the theater - my comment drew a cheer! I'm booked for my next solo cruise. You will have a good time. If you've thought about cruising solo - go for it!
  13. I agree with those that say - 'be careful' what you send in. I have had items ruined - colors changed. I have used the shower gel to hand wash items and hang to dry. I cold wash some of my clothes at home, since I don't want them to shrink. Not available onboard ship.
  14. You know what happens when you get 'Corona'? You get 'lime' disease. Hope a little humor is OK.
  15. Concerning the Viking Crown Lounge - just finished a cruise. The ENTIRE Viking Crown Lounge was used as the Diamond/Diamond + Lounge from 4:30 - 8pm every night. This was in addition to the adjoining Diamond Lounge. Also - there was a 'special' group on board that often utilized the Safari Lounge for periods of time. They didn't want to hear noise from the pool tables, so when they utilized Safari - no pool was allowed.
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