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  1. Thank you. Cruise Critic has been great for getting prepared. I'm sure that we'll be that wide-eyed family that does all the newbie stuff. My Dad is crashing our party. He's been on numerous cruises also
  2. My family will be on the Miracle next week also! Our first cruise
  3. Is it ok to share my gmail on here?
  4. Where do you have this file? Any chance you could send it to me?
  5. We used AARP cards for just about everything. Its a great deal. And thanks to everyone's advice we signed up for Cheers! Thanks for all the help
  6. I'm pretty sure we're going to get Cheers. I have a question for all of you who've done this. Quite often when we are out, I'll typically go up to the bar and get her drinks. Will bartenders let me use her S&S card to get her drinks and my S&S card to buy mine, or do they need her to be at the bar with her card? Not that big of a deal, I'm just curious
  7. I don't think the prices are quite accurate on the spreadsheet. I'm not 100% sure that we will drink quite enough alcohol to make it worth it, but the fact that all the other non-alcoholic drinks are included, and the peace of mind that it's all paid for and I don't have to be concerned about my drinks is probably what is pushing it over the top for me
  8. I always tip- I probably "OverTip". I just needed the info for comparison shopping. I'm pretty nerdy, and I was trying to do a spreadsheet to determine how many drinks a day would compare. I was comparing the individual drink prices to the cost of the package. However, I compared the individual drinks before the gratuity to the package after the gratuity. It makes a difference... Thank you
  9. Can someone confirm this for me? I’ve been on the fence about the Cheera program, but it looks like it might actually be a fair deal for my wife and I
  10. Just bought one. I was able to pay for most of my cruise using these cards.
  11. Hey- Someone has to beat that liver into submission...
  12. Has anyone done this Zipline excursion? I know this may be a dumb question, but what kind of shoes have you worn for this? I hate overpacking, and I was hoping to avoid packing a pair of regular shoes for this trip. I've posted elsewhere that I like to avoid wearing socks on vacation, and I usually wear sandals or flip flops the whole time (I have to wear heavy workboots at work, so I try to let my feet take a vacation also) I've never ziplined before, so I have no idea what is really safe, also, my wife will be waiting at the bar or the beach at the end, and then we were planning on a beach day. It seems a little much to have second pair of shoes...
  13. Thank you. I'm not much of a gambler. I doubt I'll hit the free drink threshold. Interesting though. I'll have to pay attention to it
  14. How much would you say you've played before you get free drinks?
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