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  1. I saw that. I’m sure it will be a blast. I was looking for a club like on many of the other ships. I think the Limelight Lounge actually makes more sense, because the nightclubs were mostly empty throughout the day, so maybe they’ll get more out of this space
  2. Has anyone heard anything about whether or not there will be a nightclub on the Mardi Gras? We're more Red Frog people than "Nightclub" people, but there have been a few nights when we've gone, and had far more fun than we thought we would.
  3. We were on the Breeze in February, and we loved the Aft Balcony. We only do them. The view is amazing, and they are so peaceful in our opinion
  4. My wife and I love the Red Frug Pub. We loved the vibe, and the music. We're curious if anyone has any info about the Red Frog Tiki Bar, and what that's going to be like. Also, any idea on what the bars and potential music is likely to be?
  5. Thank you everyone for clarifying. I just realized that the video I watched was for the Horizon, and that is where I got confused
  6. We're looking at booking soon, and we've seen a number of video walk throughs that seem to suggest it is part of the Havana area. Does anyone have any ideas
  7. We didn't think we were big drinkers, but apparently on a cruise with no responsibilities we just might be. LOL I got it after doing the math and nerding out on it, I figured out 6 and half drinks a day apiece would break even. I assumed that we'd have a couple glasses of wine at dinner, a beer or two each day, and likely a drink at a show, and we'd be close. I also thought we might end up "overpaying" by about $200 for the whole cruise by getting Cheers! I decided that the peace of mind that came with not having to think about the bar bill at the end of the cruise, combined
  8. Casino Gift Card question. Has anyone used Gift Cards in the casino for table games? Could you load them on your S&S card, and then use them to play table games?
  9. When were you last on the Breeze?
  10. I was on the Miracle last March, and we spent a little time in the casino. Not a big gambler, but my wife enjoys playing the slots, and I like to play craps and sometimes blackjack. The tables in the casino all had $6 minimums which seemed weird, especially for craps and the way the odds pay out. We are going on the Breeze next month, and I was wondering if anyone knew what the table minimums were on the Breeze. It's a lot of fun to be bale to go and play the tables for a while without loosing a boatload of money- $5 craps can be a blast with the right crowd
  11. We had an Aft View Balcony on the Miracle (I know, different ship), and loved it. There was a bit of vibration, and we did feel some motion, we kind of chalked that up to the fact that maybe we had "celebrated" too much. Truthfully, after the first night, neither of us noticed it much. We booked an Aft View Balcony on the Breeze for February because we liked it so much. I should note, that our friends had an aft view balcony also, and she is sensitive to motion sickness, and they liked it so much they booked another one on the Breeze also
  12. The las tnight of our cruise on the Miracle, they did an "80's Glow Party" on the Lido. It was kind of tied into the Pop to the Max show on the last night. DO they do anything like this on the Breeze?
  13. We're booked on the Breeze February 29th, and I'm wondering what the shows are. We were on the Miracle the last March, and I'm wondering if the shows will be different. The Miracle was our first cruise, and now I think we're hooked
  14. I was on the fence, as Wife and I are not big drinkers. I did some time on the web and found drink menus (I don't remember where). I did some rough calculations and figured out that 5-6 drinks a day would break even or get close for us. We had. 7 day cruise and the total was $860 for Cheers! We thought that we might get close to breaking even, and felt like prepaying would alleviate any worry about a big bill at the end of the cruise. Plus, without work tor responsibilities to keep us busy during the day, we were likely to enjoy a couple more drinks than we would otherwise. We als
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