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  1. I think that was just a rumor someone started.
  2. Booked my tier offer earlier tonight, the offer itself never showed up on the clubroyal website, but someone on the Facebook forum have us the heads up that it's apparently in Royal Caribbean's system and available for booking. Called 20 minutes before they closed and booked my offer (combined with wifes offer for a JS) with kids sail free applied which expired tonight. Thank goodness I saw the Facebook post.
  3. If we let Covid-19 run rampant like the Flu, you're probably talking about deaths in the Millions.
  4. That's the thing you never know, it could even be that only one person brought it onto one of the ships, and the other person caught it while in Costa Maya. Heck it could even be someone from the TUI Mein Schiff that gave it to people on both Oasis and Harmony.
  5. She posted on Facebook and informed everyone last Thursday 3/19
  6. Many folks knew already, there was a couple thousand people on the Facebook group for that sailing, the lady that tested positive informed everyone last week as soon as she found out the results and also informed Royal. Thus why we got the email. Good thing is, so far no other confirmation of positive cases among the large Facebook group.
  7. Btw Harmony and Oasis were docked together at Costa Maya on March 12th. And passengers of both ships were stacked pretty close together in that crowded port.
  8. Starting to get serious! If this keeps up, Royal will be banning Californians by the end of next week. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/02/28/coronavirus-live-updates/
  9. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if within a few weeks, the entire European cruise industry shuts down like it did Asia. I'm not sure how the cruise industry survives. Especially if some experts predictions come true that the Coronavirus is here to stay for the long haul.
  10. Good info for those making decisions based on at risk factor https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-age-sex-demographics/
  11. Royal did update their travel guidelines and added Japan, S Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Iran to list of countries that needs extra screening . Also, study so far have shown children seems to be the least affected by the Coronavirus, with older folks most affected.
  12. Precisely why me and my wife decided to not try to convince my in laws to go anymore
  13. Yea pretty much, did anyone seen what that Japanese whistleblower doctor said about the Diamond Princess Quarantine? Basically the people in charge don't even know what they're doing and didn't even follow the basic quarantine protocol. The entire thing was ran by bureaucrats, and the Health workers onboard likely have already spread the virus into Tokyo/Yokohama.
  14. Why do you get triple the points? Is it because you're in a Suite?
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