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  1. Just off the Westbound M910 SOU-NYC crossing. I was ready to purchase the hot drinks package on board ship (day2) deck 7. I was going to purchase package for myself only , as my spouse does not drink coffee. I was advised that you must purchase a hot drink package for each of the passengers in your stateroom. Quite an unhappy surprise. I presume this applies to cold drink packages as well. I must admit this is not made very clear in the 'fine print' on the website. Why oh why, can't they go back to the coffee punch card.
  2. We like the Premier Inn West Quay- which is directly across street from the large shopping mall. Makes it convenient to pick up a few last minute items to take along the crossing
  3. In 2016, we stayed on deck 10- inside cabin. Yes, the white space is for the stewards. BTW, we loved the inside cabin. Very quiet, perfect for an afternoon nap.
  4. QM2 westbound April 28 2019 Mark and Clay will be there...looking forward to seeing you all at the Commodore FOD events.
  5. from the FAQ within the Cunard.com website : Can I bring alcohol on board? You may bring wine or champagne on board to celebrate special occasions. However if it is consumed in any of the dining rooms, alternative restaurants or bars then each bottle will be subject to a corkage fee. The Cunard accountants have raised the corkage fee -per bottle- from $20 to $25 USD . Still a great deal and fair to all concerned.
  6. For anyone arriving LHR T-5, I just discovered Fortnum & Mason has a shop - after security- in T5. This will works out perfectly for us. They have a great wine list.
  7. Njguy, I had exactly the same question you ask. I might add that Costco has a warehouse in Southampton. I see the costco uk website has lots of champagne . In fact, I was pondering taking a taxi to costco en route to QM2 . In 2017, I walked to marks and spencer and bought 6 bottles and hand carried them to check in. please keep us posted on how this works out
  8. Thank you all for the replies. I was afraid getting to LGA was going to be a mess.
  9. Hello all, Our last crossing was in 2017. Highways were a mess (construction) between Brooklyn cruise terminal and LaGuardia (LGA). We used the Cunard transfer bus and were off the ship, luggage in hand by 10 am. But, due to traffic and bus issues (luggage in bus cargohold was at full capacity but only 40% passenger seats filled) In fact, we were within minutes of missing our 12:30 flight. Does anyone know if construction at LGA is still causing traffic delays? We seriously are thinking a taxi may be a safer bet, as they can maneuver a bit fast than the bus. Have a 1:00 LGA departure this time.
  10. I must second what Shepp said. We have a few blue dots (dallas, austin, houston) in a very red state. The current poisonous political climate is emboldening the anti lgbt crowd. I would not worry about leaving out of Galveston, but know the vast majority of pax will be Texans. Just a hunch, but the shorter the cruise maybe has more redneck anti lgbters? I believe the cruise lines have a high ratio of lgbt staff and crew. The lines should be sensative to this. I would not hesitate to complain to mgmt if you get harrassed by a redneck bigot.
  11. A frind who made a QM2 crossing with us is a former travel agent with lots of cruises under her belt. She told us the biggest difference that sets QM2 apart is the amount of open space in public venues. Unlike other lines, Every Open space is not dedicated to selling things 24/7. Also , the lack of constant intercom announcements with sales pitches and drink specials.
  12. Our very first QM2 crossing was May 2012. The number of secret service folks we spotted on board was our first clue that George Bush (#41) and Barbara were on the crossing. We never met them but they did get their picture taken with the kennels attendant. In May 2017- another crossing, we shared an elevator ride with Jamie Lee Curtis. At first I did not recognize her, but the voice was a dead giveaway. On same 2012 crossing, another elevator encounter. A UK celebrity. We had no idea who he was. Upon his departure the other occupants (also UK) were mighty impressed and said as much. Guess you never know who you will see on QM2 !
  13. dfwguy


    True enough. FOD or 'Dorothy' are probably meaningless to these younger ones. Which , in a way is a pity. Younger LGBTQ generations won't know of -or- largely unaware of our historical usage of slang /code words..
  14. Purely anecdotal, but last night I had a $12.00 cocktail (Manhattan) in a Dallas 'quick casual' chain restaurant. Paying $10.50 for the same drink - in the Commodore club -of the QM2 - does not seem too bad.
  15. We have mailed post cards on QM2 using the British 'Red Post Box' outside the Golden Lion Pub. We used US postal stamps (brought from home), in all cases the mailed items arrived.
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