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  1. Thank you for the information, just what I needed to hear. All feedback will be taken in consideration and another review of the deck plans before booking. Again, thanks so much!!!!!
  2. Hello All!! Our family is planning a Reunion Vacation on the Horizon for January, 2020. I am a light sleeper and have been reviewing the deck plans before booking to determine the best balcony for my husband and I on Decks 8 or 9. Has anyone stayed in the Havana Aft Balcony on Deck 8? How much music/noice will the cabins get from the pool area and for how long? Also, the Premium Balconies (Deck 8) are close to the Havana Aft Balconies; does this cabin get music/noise from the Havana area? Thanks
  3. Cisco Kid

    1st Alaska Cruise - Need Help!

    Thank you all for the information, as it is very helpful. I will continue to research the boards and ask others, as we prepare for Alaska in 2018
  4. Hello CC, We (myself, hubby and another couple) will be taking our 1st Alaska Cruise, July 2018 on Norwegian Bliss. We are not new to cruising, as we have been on several Caribbean cruises. We are excited, yet many decisions to be made. - What hotels are most cruisers staying at? Is it near the airport? Is it downtown Seattle? Is it the cruise port? Is it Bellevue? I would like to keep the cost, $260 - $200 range (or under $200 for a great hotel with breakfast). We only need a room for one night. Also, besides cost, what is the benefit of staying, near the airport, or downtown Seattle? Is it shopping, Space Needle, Museums? - What about shuttle service? Are they reliable? Is it more economical to take Uber or Lyft? What about transportation from the hotel to the cruise port. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  5. Cisco Kid

    Escape 3 Day Bahamas 11/11/15 - 11/14/15

    I was also on this cruise and enjoyed myself, but here are my quick hits and misses. HITS - Ship is beautiful - Million Dollar Quartet and After Dark were great. - Manhattan (Dining Room) - enjoyed the music and danced with my hubby. - Waterslide - tried one and it was cool. - Loved the bathroom, shower and double sinks in Mini-Suite. - Savor (Dining Room), service was quick, food was hot. MISSES - Check-in process was horrible, stood in one spot for over 20 minutes, took approximately over an hour to complete. Not enough staff on hand - Internet was horrible and I paid $13.90 (9.95 for 15 minutes and 3.95 to sign up), just to check-in 4 people on Southwest. After completion, I had 4 minutes left. It is SLOW. - Margaritaville wait was 1.5 hours and this was after 2pm. - Not enough staff to accommodate those with the Unlimited Beverage Package, there were times you just had to wait. - Service in Taste (Dining Room) was slow and the restaurant was half-empty at 6pm. - Bank of elevators appear to be smaller. - Wait at O'Sheehan's at night (after 10pm) was not good. Not enough staffing. - Comedy club was good but the room is not big enough. - And, later found out that if you use the Unlimited Beverage Package before the ship leaves Miami, you will be taxed again. Reviewed my bill and saw, (.58, .52 and .88) charges. These mini charges were from the bar on Deck 16 Sail Away Party as the ship leaves. I would cruise on Escape again but months, later.
  6. Cisco Kid

    Comfort Suites - Dania Beach

    THANK YOU!!!! I really appreciate the pictures and information of the Comfort Suites. You have made a questionable decision, a lot easier. Again, THANK YOU!!!
  7. Cisco Kid

    Comfort Suites - Dania Beach

    Thank you!!!!
  8. Need feedback on Comfort Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport South & Cruise Port, located at 191 South West 19th Court, Dania Beach FL? Is this a safe area? Is the hotel near restaurants and shopping? Information would be greatly appreciated as I am considering have my group stay there pre-cruise, November, 2015. Thanks!!
  9. Cisco Kid

    Anyone else have trouble with value trips

    On, 7/10 received e-mail confirmation, and it was in my junk. Total waiting time was 2 weeks and 2 days.
  10. Cisco Kid

    Anyone else have trouble with value trips

    I booked with Value Trips, last week. I have not received an e-mail that they received my request for 8/29/15. And, I also sent Value Trips an email and still no response. Also, I read the website to ensure my date was not listed as a blackout date, and it was not. Any suggestions????
  11. Thanks for the information. Just what I needed options.
  12. My husband and I are cruising on the Independence of the Seas (8/30/15 to 9/6/15) and need shuttle/transport recommendations to Miami Airport? Our flight is scheduled to leave Miami at 3:25pm, so we have adequate time to get through customs to catch our flight. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!
  13. Cisco Kid

    MJS Transport Experiences

    Last year, we used MJS Transportation for service and it was great!! Prices were reasonable for the six of us. Jeremy was on time and the van a new Mercedes. Good experience from the hotel to Miami Port and from Port to Fort Lauderdale Airport. We will use them again this year.
  14. Cisco Kid

    Millie 11/14 - CC or Suite?

    I will speak with my husband and let you know. This sounds great! And my name is Shirley. :)
  15. Cisco Kid

    Millie 11/14 - CC or Suite?

    Thanks for the feedback. We will make a decision very shortly whether or not to upgrade to an unassigned suite.