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  1. A week later and still waiting to hear back from my travel agent. Ugh.
  2. Any idea how to tell if it was refundable or not? I have a voicemail to my travel agency but their turnaround time right now is 1-5 business days.
  3. Hi all, I currently have a cruise booked for early 2021. It's not final payment date yet. I paid that cruise off already with a FCC so I have the $500 deposit invested and the FCC for the balance. If I were to straight up cancel it, would I get the $500 back and my FCC would just get reinstated? I'm trying to avoid lifting and shifting to 2022 if I can get my $500 back. I made this booking in April of this year.
  4. I'm guessing if my booking with my travel agent is in a group booking, I'm going to be SOL?
  5. Anyone have any idea how this would work? Our Alaskan cruise in August is paid off via a future cruse credit, and there was about $1,000 left. My understanding is once we sailed, we'd get the remainder in another FCC. With us potentially moving the August Alaska cruise to August of next year, that cruise happens after our March 2021 cruise which I was going to use the remainder. Any idea if I'd have to ability to "take back" the FCC, use it to pay off the March cruise? Not sure..
  6. My Oasis cruise next March is sitting at $89 a person right now 😂
  7. We booked an Oasis cruise for next March. Deposit is only $500 so even if the cruise line went under and we lost out, it's only $500 I'm out.
  8. They did include that portion in the "rules" when you get the email. Kind of crappy but it is what it is I guess.
  9. blockquote widget Had my TA apply my FCC to the outstanding balance today. They would not allow it to cover the deposit and get it refunded back to me, so it paid for the remaining balance. Once the ship sails (or gets canceled), I'll get the remaining FCC to apply to my March booking. Now we wait and see if Alaska cruises happen at all this summer.
  10. We booked about two weeks ago for next March on Oasis! The travel agent seemed surprised we were booking 😂 we got a balcony on Oasis for about as cheap as we've ever paid that I can remember!
  11. Since the FCC would cover the entire $2700, would I get refunded the $500 I paid as a deposit?
  12. If I had to pay cash for the final payment of the Alaskan cruise I'd for sure cancel, but I figured if I can even get a small portion extra when they cancel the cruise, right? It's not money out of my pocket since it's a FCC that won't get used until March anyway. Even if the extra 25% is on the current cruise fare. I think the total cruise fare for Alaska is $2,700. Already paid $500. I'd apply the FCC, and then when they cancel it, my original fcc would be restored and I'm thinking I'd get an extra $675 fcc (25% of the $2700) right?
  13. I'm thinking this is my best option but want to make sure I'm not missing anything. We have an Alaskan cruise booked for August. I paid the deposit and final payment is due in a few weeks. We also have a cruise next March on Oasis that I've only paid the deposit. I have a Fcc from our cruise a month ago that didn't happen. I'm thinking I'll apply the FCC to the Alaskan cruise that's due in a few weeks, even though I'm fairly confident it won't actually sail. The FCC covers the entire cruise plus left over. I can then wait until royal cancels the August cruise, and if it's still the same, get my original fcc back plus another 25% of the Alaskan cruise (if they don't change that) and then I can apply that entire thing to my Oasis cruise for March. Right? Am I missing anything?
  14. I booked an Oasis cruise for next March through my travel agent a week ago. On royals website, the same cabin we got was an extra $700 per person because of a group booking the TA had. Plus my free gratuity, dinner for two in chops and $150 obc, I'll take that all day every day!
  15. Anyone have any idea how this would work? I have a fcc from a few weeks ago valued at $3600. We have a cruise in August that has $2100 remaining. If I pay the balance off with the FCC and end up canceling, will I just get my original fcc restored to $3600??
  16. Must be different for us in the US because this was included in my email with the FCC
  17. With all the posts about cancelations and just rough times right now for the cruise industry, we went ahead and booked Oasis for next March and I can't wait to get back to cruising after our canceled cruise this March! Honduras, which will be new to us, coco cay which will be new, and costa Maya and cozumel which we've done before! $900 a person for an ocean view balcony during March prime spring break time? Couldn't pass it up! Let's keep our fingers crossed our Alaskan cruise in August can happen, so we can be diamond on Oasis! I got the vibe the sales team wasn't real busy right now! 😂
  18. Update: I got an email today from royal apologizing for an it glitch (shocker) and attached was the corrected FCC. What I got out of that was everyone needs to ensure they weren't shorted fcc. Ours was $600 shorted originally
  19. If there fcc left over, my understanding is another one will be issued for the remaining amount?
  20. I dug around but didn't see this anywhere. I have a fcc from a cruise a few weeks ago that got cancelled. We have an Alaskan cruise coming up in August, and final payment is due in about a month. Am I going to be able to use the FCC that I received to pay off the balance of that cruise? I'm getting conflicting information on if it's allowed or not towards an already booked but unpaid cruise. I'm assuming if it can, whatever is left is then issued as another FCC? I briefly remember during the release of cruise with confidence they said it could be applied to an existing booking but.
  21. Still waiting to hear back from my TA but also haven't seen the refund of taxes and port fees to our credit card. How long has it been taking for others? We're at business day #12 since we canceled.
  22. No I won't hear back until Monday unfortunately
  23. I'll be irked if I lost out on $600 dollars for no reason l
  24. Anyone else get their fcc within the last day or two? Correct amount or less?
  25. Has anyone fallen into my situation yet where they didn't get the full amount of fcc expected??
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