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  1. Applied for the credit a couple of months ago for two cruises in October 2021 and received it within a week.
  2. I received it a month ago for two cruises in October 2021..
  3. Electronically submitted my brokerage statement on May 3rd for four cruises (two cruises in December 2020 and two in October 2021). Received shareholder credit for all four yesterday. I’m surprised how quick it was. Now, if we can only get things up and running!
  4. Thanks. We have two cruises booked for this December and two in October 2021. I suppose it’s too early to submit the statement for those. I’m just a bit cautious that this perk may disappear.
  5. Did I read somewhere that the statement is to be submitted a few weeks before sailing?
  6. Then I wonder why out TA said they were taking the final payment on 1/28 of the payment wasn’t due? Yes, tomorrow it will be 90 days. Either way I’m glad we made out better.
  7. We made the final payment on the day it was due, not before. I didn’t think we could get any refunds, let alone OBC after that date, but we did. We have to thank a member our Roll Call for bringing it to our attention.
  8. Received a $272 refund and $100 OBC yesterday, a week after our final payment for a May 2020 cruise. We were surprised. Give them a call.
  9. Just for the fun of it, I called Royal today to inquire about booking the three day cruise between our Hawaiian/Alaskan cruises. The rep told me we could. I mentioned the Jones Act and he told me it was only for cargo. I went along with him. We went through the whole booking process including a deposit. Before the end of the call I was put on hold. The rep returned and apologized saying we could not take this cruise due to the Jones Act. I told them this was what I thought. Even if the booking went through I was going to ask to speak to a supervisor to confirm the booking.
  10. No, Ovation cruise, Hawaii to Vancouver 5/7-5/19 followed by Ovation cruise, Seattle Alaskan cruise 5/22-5/29.
  11. This option was not mentioned to us as an alternative. That’s okay, we’ll spend extra time in the beautiful city of Vancouver.
  12. Well, we must have been considered ‘cargo’ because I went through a few scenarios with RC our TA and neither would allow us to take this cruise. They all used the ‘Jones Act’ as the reason. I guess it depends on who you speak to.
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