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  1. Tedferg, first time in NYC, cocktails at sunset, at the Marriott Marquis!
  2. We had to cancel our Cape Cod that should have started yesterday. 😢 We recently retired, so lots of cooking and baking, which we planned to do anyway. We just made our first sour dough bread, starting with making our own starter!
  3. Are there any Passengers. I thought that all cruises were over?
  4. We have have cruised the Caribbean in the past, but want to stay in the US for the short term. Did anyone have problems disembarking during the corona virus crisis? I would love to cruise, but don’t want to get stuck on a ship.
  5. For the folks that had been confined To their cabins. Could those with a balcony go out there, or did they have to stay inside the cabin?
  6. Has anyone booked a cabana on the ship yet? Is it by the day or for the cruise? I could not see any info on the pricing.
  7. If money is not a consideration, Hotel Del Coronado, On Coronado island. It is where they filmed Some like it Hot. It is a beautiful old classic with gorgeous views.
  8. No, we had 2 lounge chairs and rented one of the little pop up covers on HMC. Not a chair, a little tent where you had to sit in the sand. My husband had been on his lounger until he had to use the restroom. I would use the chair until the sun got to be too much. I would sit under it for a bit, then go back to the chair. He was gone for maybe 10 mins. So we each had 1 lounge chair. There were tons of other chairs. No other ships were at HMC Are you insinuating that you cant leave a chair to use the restroom? As to leaving a towel or flip flop on the chair. We each had a towel on our chairs, which were thrown on the the sand. As to a flip flop, as I mentioned before. I am both bigger and louder than a flip flop and spoke up as soon as they started to sit on our chairs. Outside of a physical confrontation, there was no deterring them. We are a little too civilized to get into a fist fight. No. See above
  9. We always pay for the lido cabanas so we do not need to worry about chair hogs And/or chair thieves. We have our shaded lounge chairs whenever we want them. They are ours for the duration of the cruise. I burn very quickly and always seek shade. People can be so rude in claiming their spots. Once on HMC, we had 2 lounge chairs by the water and also rented a pop up sunshade. My husband left to use the restroom. (Maybe 10 mins) I was in the sun shade, next to the 2 loungers . Two people came and started to pull our loungers away. They claimed that since I was not currently sitting in the chairs or had a flip flop on them, the chairs were up for grabs. Considering that I am both bigger and louder than a flip flop, I vehemently disagreed. Outside of tossing them off the chairs (which I was sorely tempted to do) they planted themselves 2 feet away from us and stayed. Honestly, I expected better of HAL customers
  10. The Neptune is a little bigger, has a bigger balcony, and you have access to the Neptune lounge. Overall, just a little more luxurious. That being said, I love the Signature Suites. A nice step up from a regular balcony.
  11. Does anyone know the weekly cost of a cabana on the Oosterdam? I need a place out of the sun.
  12. I was looking at the deck plans for the Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam, and did not see the Lido Cabanas, Did they do away with them?
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