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  1. We have rented Lido cabanas in the Eurodam and Niew Amsterdam, Each has been in the middle of the row. We have never had rowdy neighbors. Although I would prefer the individual lounge chairs, the round lounger, was comfortable. We always tip our attendants, they are very attentive, and very nice. We have not tried the Retreats yet
  2. We always request a table for 2, we typically request the late seating, however, even we have done anytime dining, we have been able to get a table for 2
  3. Tonight’s dinner was Eggplant Parm and homemade bread
  4. Here in NJ, they opened the Vaccine to us “over 65”, but no idea when we can get it. My husband are in the queue, but no appointments available 😢
  5. Pork will be tomorrow nite, on the grill with sweet potato and roasted broccoli. Tonite was chicken with Boursin in puff pastry, with broccoli and rice pilaf.
  6. I second The Queens Gambit. It was fascinating
  7. I have been reading this thread each day for a while, and even posted once or twice. We retired in Dec 2019, and expected to cruise in 2020, well, that “ship sailed”. 😂. My husband and I have been trying new recipes, making our own sourdough starter and bread. For New Year day, we had a Soufflé’, with homemade bread and Caesar Salad We will miss our ski vacation this year also. We are looking forward to the vaccine, so we can travel again
  8. To Durangoscots: if you can't find yeast, make your own sourdough starter. Google King Arthur Flour, sourdough starter. It makes great bread, and is fun. It takes about a week of feeding it, before it is ready to use.
  9. This peaked my interest, since I love cooking and wishing for a vacation
  10. I just found this thread! We had been planning a cruise to Alaska to celebrate retirement, then “this” hit! I have been reading a lot ofthe HAL postings
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