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  1. Kraken is a spiced rum. Pretty tasty if you are looking for that sort of thing. I would not be happy if I asked for a rum & coke and received Kraken (or any spiced rum) & coke instead.
  2. Recently on the Dream, the HUB app would only allow up to 8 people on a single reservation. Was also advised that there was only one large table that would seat up to 12 people max. Adjacent tables could be used to accommodate larger groups.
  3. Disappointed with Falstaff after using them for last week's Dream cruise. I wanted to try Falstaff after a bad experience with Lighthouse last year. Upon return, I saw a huge pile of something on the car's roof. Thought it was massive bird droppings - instead found it to be a huge pile of large rusty metal flakes from the support girders above. No significant damage but disturbing none the less. Tell them no if they try to park you down that dark, dead end alley. Next time back to EZCruise I guess.
  4. Not a bad plan, however Galveston Island State Park is closed the next couple years for renovation.
  5. We did vow renewal on the Vista last year and it was great. We had longtime friends on board with us and made it very special. Yes – it was expensive, but we were very pleased with the coordination and event. You’ll work with the online Carnival Wedding Coordinator on pre-cruise information such as guest list, cake and any special arrangements. Once on board, the Event Coordinator will contact you to confirm the information, provide the details and give you an idea of the where/when it will be scheduled based on the captain’s availability. Ours was on the second sea day in the library which was perfect. Essentially, all you must do is show up. The Vista coordinator was exceptional before and after the ceremony. The delicious cake was enormous, and she arranged for it to be available for our table at dinner. The captain performed the renewal and didn’t just dash in and out. He greeted us by name whenever we saw him on the cruise. Only downside I can think of was the sales pitch for photographs a couple days later. They put together a very nice variety of photo albums and packages, however the prices were astronomical! The photographer wasn’t pushy, and we just selected a couple for pics friends and family. Same price as the usual pics. One large photo was included with the renewal price. Was it worth it? Yes, it was in our case. You could certainly do it yourself for way cheaper if so inclined. Just like a wedding.
  6. Exactly! We decided this was the way to go after an extended-aft Havana on the Vista. You get the same Havana experience for much less.
  7. Moderate drinkers here and our last cruise (7 day) was the first to use Cheers. Based on post-cruise calculations, we barely broke even including coffees and Perrier each day. Not an Alchemy fan so zero drinks from there. Literally drank the Havana bar out of 18 yr old Flor De Cana and many Patron shots over the course of the cruise. Ordering whatever I wanted without regard to cost (for the most part) was certainly good - however I eventually felt I was drinking only to justify the cost. Would I do it for another 7+ day cruise? Maybe. Definitely not doing Cheers for upcoming 5 day cruise.
  8. I've never given notice for cruise travel originating in the US and never had an issue. Recently though, I've had the CC companies notify me that they have automatically applied the alert if they see a charge related to international air travel. They haven't done that for a cruise related charge.
  9. Music (mostly bass) from the Havana Club Latin band was audible in our Havana deck 6 aft balcony until midnight or so. It didn't bother us. Loved the Havana experience but would be highly unlikely to do a Vista class ship again without it.
  10. US jingoism - really? Why did you feel the need to insult Carnival for honoring US veterans?
  11. All Citi cards are not connected to the Easy Deals program. If you have an airline card or one that uses ThankU, then no dice.
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